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Top Social Media Trends for Ecommerce in 2019

Have you not started yet to strategize your social media marketing plan? Don’t worry, it is not too late yet! It is evident that 2019 is all about technologies, strategies and tactics that can help you in staying on top or become a leading brand. The recent reports show that the average time an individual spends on social media platforms is 2 hours and 15 minutes a day, which is rapidly increasing. Therefore this is sure that neglecting the power and importance of social media can never lead your e-commerce business anywhere, except with the passage of time it will just fade away like it never existed before.

All those brands who are going to capitalize on their time on social media will get a better opportunity of recognition, building stronger customer relationship and will get a boost in their sales. Nearly 70% of Americans are using at least one social platform to discover the latest trends, information, interacting and engaging with friends and loved ones. Therefore targeting social media platforms can be fruitful for your business at any cost. Social media is a low-cost platform where you can market your business at low cost and get more eyeballs for your brand in less timeframe.

With a team of specialized professionals who are providing e-commerce web development solutions, we have gathered the most crucial social media trends that every e-commerce business needs to follow in 2019 are listed below.

Create a Video

In the fast-paced world, the demand of social media customers are changing and evolving but the demand for more video content remains constant. It is evident from past years of experience that video has the ability to offer a more certain and specific experience that just images cannot deliver. It is crucial to keep your customers engaged to your brand’s offerings and its story by forming long and interactive content in terms of video.

There has been a significant increase in the demand of episodic content, all thanks to the revolution of Netflix. If you are planning to place an advertisement instead of a dedicated video, then this is a wrong choice. Majority of the customers tend to skip an advertisement to watch the video. According to a recent survey, the digital advertisement tends to be indiscreet and/or obnoxious to watch for people of all ages. Therefore there is a keen emphasize to create an inspirational video, delivering every aspect of your e-commerce business with perfection, engaging the viewers with interest. It is even studied that all those brands who will use episodic content for their promotion of the brands are going to have a more competitive edge in 2019.

Go Live

Live video streaming is regarded as one of the most powerful tools for marking the appearance of your brand. In order to build customer trust over your brand, create a buzz with the help of live video streaming. Due to advancement in technology and influx of live streaming option in social media, the world is moving towards live sessions and interactions with customers to gain their confidence in their brand. Since the customers except for direct and open communication, rather than offline information gathering, going live is not just trendy but an important aspect for your business survival.

With highly energetic live streaming, get fully engaged with your views and customers and drive tons of traffic to your site. It is unmistakable that content marketing and SEO is not just costly but also requires a lot of time and effort, but being in the market with low cost and fewer efforts can be achieved through going live on social media platforms. According to a recent dialogue with Facebook, a huge amount of people spend triple of their time in watching live Facebook videos and interact as compared to the posted videos, that are not live. Therefore, it is advised that in 2019, be more active and have interactive sessions on your social media to engage the large audience with ease.

Time to Get Personalized

It is the time to nurture customer relationships and maximize your conversions by getting personalized with personalized content and enhanced the shopping experience. In this advanced era, the demands of customers are getting much higher and so the competition is also getting intense and tough to compete. It is found out that in 2019, all those brands who are working on personalized experience and are focused on customer-centric approach are going to get a boost in their business, leading to success and benefits.

Influx of Personalized Content

If you haven’t adopted a personalized content mechanism yet, then work on it now, before you lose your competitive edge from your competitors.

What is ‘Personalized Content’?

Personalized content is that text that is tailored to a specific audience based on some explicit factors such as their demographics, their target audience, consumer of the product etc. To be a partner in customer’s journey, get personalized content that can help in leveraging and defining the customer’s expectation, helping in better interaction with the brand. It helps in being associated with the brand on the basis of past experiences and demands. Sharing that sort of content where you are aware your customer will enjoy reading them, will help you in getting close to their hearts, making you as their top priority.

How to Create Personalized Content?

The foremost rule is to be social and interact with your customers directly to know how they feel about your brand. Using a social media platform for interacting with your audience will help you in the better understanding of their psychological behavior and their specific needs.  You need to identify which social media channel they are using more and what sort of content they find more exciting to interact with.

Use your personalized content to keep the conversations ongoing, helping you in getting the insights with ease. Form valuable connections with existing as well as loyal customers by personally corroborating their personal interests.

Be Authentic

It is crucial to provide open and honest information to your customers to build trust and a sense of faith in your brand. In fact, it is studied that more than 81% of customers tend to believe that it is the responsibility of the businesses to be transparent in dealing and providing information, specifically when posting something on social media platforms. Therefore try to be more authentic and genuine while providing with reliable information to your customers.


Essential E-Commerce Tools to Give Your Business an Advantage in 2019

2019 is the year of innovation and competitive designing. We all are already aware that the e-commerce market is not just vast, but also, there is a lot of intense competition in this saturated market. Every store owner wants that their e-commerce online store is the first and prime priority of the customers for their daily necessitates. But for this, you need proper placement of your website and products, unique selling proposition (USP) for every product you offer accompanied with value addition, in order to stay in the competition and have a competitive edge from that of your business rivals.

There is a need for basic yet revolutionizing e-commerce tools, which can turn the image of your online store upside down. There are certain essential tools that can provide an advantage to your online business this year.

Fast and Free Shipping

It is not just Amazon that is offering free shipping which delivers the ordered goods fast, but there are many online businesses who are either offering completely free shipping or minimum cost shipping rates such as $1 to $2 only. It is evident that many shoppers expect that the ordered product will reach to them as soon as possible. If you are inclined to get a competitive edge on your competitor, same day shipping is believed to break every sales record. With the reshaped dynamics of online shopping, now the expectations of online shoppers are increasing more.

Free shipping is believed as an incentive to the customers, therefore now, if your online business is lacking in free shipping on minimal shipping rates then your customer will immediately switch to that seller or shopping site that offers such offer. This is 2019, and all the shoppers who cannot stay in the competition will eventually be left behind, forever. One of the recommended ways is that to offer free shipping to a specific amount and if the order is less than that amount than the shopper is expected to pay a minimal amount for it.

Using QR Codes

In early 2018, Apple incorporated the automatic QR code detection for all its iOS devices, giving the ability to all the normal cameras to detect the QR codes without any hassle of installing a separate application for this. Similarly, Androids also came up with the same capability, helping in creating an advanced landscape giving the online shop owners an advantage of showrooming: a trend where all the users on the website can shop for a particular item in-person and later can complete the purchases online.

The expert’s report shows that more than 20% of customers are inclined to use QR codes for the safe shopping experience. With the influx of QR code to your shopping experience, the customer can easily get access to the desired product and can conveniently shop for the product he is looking for. It saves time and also provides a customized experience to every customer. With the QR codes, you can also turn a URL in QR code and help in easy tracking. All the e-commerce web development company are now trying to integrate QR code facility to your online store, helping in more customer engagement and interaction.

Subscription Service

As per the recent report by Forbes, more than 15% of people are using subscription-based services when it comes to online shopping. Though the number now is small, in 2019, there are chances in getting this number to a much bigger figure.

Curation-based subscription, where customers pay to get surprised by the content in the boxes each month has more than 55% of people utilizing it. More than 32% of people use fulfillment-based subscription where the products are spontaneously sent on the assumption module that it has run out of supply. Access subscription is where people are paying for some special access to the parts of the site for some premium privileges has 13% more inclination. The numbers are growing and are expected to grow more prominently in the coming years. Using a subscription model, customers are getting more engaged with the brand and are likely to stay with you throughout your online journey.


Crucial Reasons why an E-Commerce Website Fails

For a professional looking e-commerce website, there are many aspects to be looked at and cared for. There can be some mistakes from the end of the development company, like not selecting the perfect platform or designing concerns or user interface with the worst user experience. There also can be the reason that the e-commerce site was made by unprofessional or newbie freelancer. But sometimes there are other reasons as well, where the mistakes are with the client, resulting in utter failure of the website and unsuccessful campaign, resulting in complete loss of capital and money. Both the parties, i.e. the developers as well as the client must be on the same page with crystal clear communication, a proper understanding of the project and execution of the project as per the market trends and recent technological advancements.

There are many variables that can make your e-commerce store a complete failure, among them, these are the most crucial and vital mistakes, which is eradicated, might save your online store from loss.

Selling the Wrong Product

One of the biggest reason for website fail is the failure of the product. If you are selling a product that is neither not in demand or is illegal to sell then your business will face consequences right from the beginning. It is a crucial decision that what product or service you are going to offer on your online store.

For example, if you have a website that sells liquor, then it can be a problem as there are many countries where such online stores and sales purchase is forbidden, hence your business will suffer, being operational in few selected countries. Another option is selling weapons, it is definitely illegal all over the world.

Therefore it is necessary to choose wisely that what sort of business is perfect for your survival. Make sure you are selling what it desired by the masses for expanding much target market.

Too Narrow Market

Choosing such product category which becomes too limited also becomes a problem. You will never be able to add value proposition along with offer something unique to your customers. There will come a time when you will run out of options and creativity, resulting in failure of your business. Therefore it is important to choose wisely what products or services you are going to offer and what sort of creativity you can offer in the long run.

For example, in the sector of apparel, you choose to sell jeans pants only, then you are limited with selling jeans pants only, making your market smaller with less profit.

Way Too Expensive Pricing Module

Before quoting your offered prices on your website, always look back at what your competitors are offering. There are many websites that don’t have a ravishing design but are still able to make a lot of money, this is because they are offering relatively lower prices, similarly, there are some websites who have an outstanding design but due to their high prices, they are failing badly. Undoubtedly modish designs and layouts are necessary and their importance can never be underestimated but offering competitive prices helps in staying in the competition and getting cutting-edge advantage from that of your competitors.

Website Not Ranked with Google

The basic motive of perfect search engine optimization (SEO) is to move your website on the top of search results that allows users to find your website easily by using specific keywords. It is studied that nearly 36% user start their product search on Amazon, whereas more than 35% use Google search engine to find their required product. Therefore it is important to list your website, make it SEO friendly and with the help of Google indexing, get your website on top searched for more chances of profit.

Plain Design of Your Online Store

This is evident through a lot of researches and studies that the look of your website is a crucial factor for marking it as a successful online store or not. There are numerous websites that you come across with, where as soon as the website loads, instantly you either cross the web page or hit the back arrow. The reason is simply dull, confusing, frustrating design and color scheme. Due to its sketchy look, you lose your confidence at the instantaneously by believing that the website might be a scam, may steal your credit card information, can hook you up in difficult situations etc. even though if they are a legitimate company, the immediate image of the website will scare you. From a reliable e-commerce web development service provider, make sure to get a perfect up-to-date modern looking website.

Lack of CTA Forms & Buttons

If a customer is adding items to their cart, make every button visible and interactive enough that it cannot be ignored at all. Add ease for your customers by placing call-to-action forms every now and there but precisely, so that customers don’t have to search for the options. Don’t overflow the CTA buttons, damaging the image of the website, but there should be enough CTA buttons that can be used for the benefit of the customer.

Lack of Quality Content

It is important that your website contains appropriate content that is relevant to the product with specific keywords helping in the SEO of the web page. Write quality content that is unique, interactive and eye-catching so that customers can easily understand what you are offering. It neither must be too lengthy nor too short, a medium-sized paragraph is enough for it. It must contain the reasons why to purchase your product along with what benefits the product hold accompanied with it uniqueness that cannot be found by other competitors of yours.

For example, this television has a 32” inch flat screen that has vivid colors and enchanting view, with its powerful speakers add a theater feel when watching movies at home, due to its glossy surface we are offering high-quality stretchable thin cover over it to protect it from dust.

Shipping Cost Too High

It is evident that paying for shipping cost is not only frustrating but also irritating, where the majority of the people hate it. But still, if you are not able to avoid it than the cost should not be too high. There would be no one who is going to pay $20 shipping cost for an item worth $30. Try your level best to lower your shipping cost for the sake of your own business and its success. But still, if you can offer FREE shipping, then trust us, your business has a long way to go.

No Promotional Offers or Discounts

There is a dire need to put promotional offers and bundle deals to your website, ensuring more traffic being attracted towards the site. It would be great to offer some discounts and special offers that can allow your customers to stick with you in the long run. There are many sellers who raise the price of their products to 15% before and then offer a 15% discount, taking them to their original price before. This is known as mind games, as there are some studies that indicate that customers easily get attracted to a sales offer. So if you are not able to lower your price truly, then these tactics can also work for most of the time. Make sure, your promotional offer is easily visible and is placed of perfect position to be noticed.

Low Quality Product Photos

It is a believed fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, so this principle implies everywhere, to your e-commerce online store as well. There are some customers who love to read content i.e. product description whereas there are some customers who love to see the image of the product to decide they are up to purchase it or not. But what if they are trying to look at the image and it is blurry or pixelated or of low quality? There should always be a high-resolution image in support with the ability to zoom with without distorting the pixels. The bonus addition would be if your image can have a 360o rotation so that your customer can see every side of the product.

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4 Resolutions E-Commerce Businesses Need to Complete ASAP

Since 2019 is all about advancements and new technological solutions, it is important that your e-commerce store is made on the latest technological path, with every facility that can help you in stand out in the competition.

There are 4 crucial resolutions every e-commerce business needs to complete as soon as possible so that they are not left behind in the thick competition.

Month-by-Month Site Update Strategy

One of the most crucial points of your resolution for your e-commerce online store should be updating it as per the latest trends and technological advancements. It is evident that every day there are some new modifications and overhaul in the field of e-commerce, therefore it is must that your store keeps on updating as per the alterations.

It is not only stress but also painful to refresh and modernize your website in a short span of time. If you will stress for all changes and modifications together, then you have to keep your online store closed for a few days, resulting in loss of profit. But if it is made an on-going process by strategizing updates by the end of every month, the workload also becomes easy to process and your site maintenance work will not create chaos for your customers and visitors.

Get a proper check of the images of the products you have on your website. Are they too small or blurred? Are the images getting out of fashion and trend? Keep a check and keep updating new and more relevant product images that define what you are selling precisely and concisely. Similarly, how is the site layout? Are the navigations working properly? Ask your QA team to check the performance of your site once every month and fix the concerns at earliest so that your clients never have to leave your site due to disappointment and site heavy load concerns.

Smarter Decisions through Analytics

If you are not having any data of your website reach and how customers and visitors respond to your offers or sales then there is no chance that you would be able to take any fruitful business decision. From every smart decision, analytics is a key point that helps in analyzing and evaluating the performance of certain products or offers or sales post in your e-commerce store. Ask your e-commerce website development agency to bind your website performance with an analytics software so that you can easily track off the activities of your visitors and get better results for increasing sales.

Audit Your Analytics: Do an extensive audit of your analytics that either everything is working perfectly fine like the codes, data accuracy and data integration or are there some glitches behind.

Track Site Search: using your analytics tool, keep the track of where the customers are going, what they are searching and how they are performing. Through perfect tracking, you can easily improve your sourcing, merchandising and promotional strategies.

 Be Certain With Website Security

The bigger your e-commerce online store is becoming, the more you need to be protective for it while ensuring complete privacy of user information. Customers firstly check either your website has https:// or http:// to be sure about your credibly and then will check your SSL certificate before even thinking to order for your store.

Keeping your site secure is necessary because the customers have to share their personal information, such as their mailing ID and address, their credit card information and other passwords. Therefore it is too important and crucial that your website remains well protected from potential data breaches as well as malicious hackers.

Better Shopping Experience

An e-commerce store is made with a lot of investment and a lot of capital is used, therefore it is a necessity to keep up with the customers so that you will never lose them. Therefore the shopping experience should not be just exceptional but also as per the needs and demand of the customers. Always keep a record of what the customers are looking for and how you can engage them more.

Launch Site Surveys: To prioritize which area of your website needs instant attention, site surveys play a crucial role in it. For a better understanding of your visitors and customers, these onsite surveys can help in maintaining overall satisfaction.

Customer Service as Top Priority: You need a top notch customer service team who can ensure that they are always present when a visitor needs some assistance and guidance. With proper training and required skills, make your customer service team affluent as well as cooperative and patient to every visitor, no matter how harsh they become. Improve your email communication and live chat options, strategizing on instant service with dedicated support staff.

Request Feedbacks & Reviews: It is the time to ask your customers and visitors about their feedback on the website as well as write reviews about your services and support. With the help of their suggestions and reviews, you can easily make your website much better for your clients. The feedback you got last month, should be implemented in next month to keep the flow of work and progress properly.

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Tips for Perfecting Your Product Photography

The e-commerce world is revolutionizing day by day and it has become wide, overwhelmed and competitive with a lot of competitors selling the same product as that of yours. Now, for having a cutting-edge from that of your rival, it is not to have lower prices as compared to them, but, there requires a whole science of latest marketing efforts, new branding, innovative designing and an ingenious way to reach out to the customers. It is the time for the customers to know that they are not just getting a good price and value for money, but they are also dealing with a legitimate and professional site.

There are pretty a lot of ways to optimize your website as per the needs and desires of the customers. There are some large scale changes, whereas there are some minor minute changes. But among them, one of the most exceptional and worthy change is to display your products and services offered with images that are redefining your item upside down. Product photography plays an eminent role in the selling of any product online, therefore the seller must be reminded every time that his products and services need high-resolution images that are defining your website with brilliance.

 What is Product Photography?

It is well known that when a customer is viewing a product page, through the image they are trying to visualize the offered quality and value for their money. Through eminent product photography, you can deliver such exceptional visualization effect that can create an impact on the customers. But what product photography is basically about?

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography, which is solely about precisely and appealingly presenting a product for acquisition. It uses some specific techniques and tricks to show your products in such an eye-catching way that leaves the spectators and visitors of your website with the urge to purchase that specific product.

Therefore it is evident that product photography is one of the most essential parts for both advertising phenomena, be it online or the offline advertisement. Prodigious photography is indispensable for any catalogs, brochures, magazine ads, billboards or online ads to be successful. When it comes to the company website, through incredible photography, it becomes easy to sell your products to direct customers.

Why Prominent Product Photography is Obligatory?

According to studies, 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brain comes in visual form. Therefore, no matter how sophisticated your traffic is and how mature your website visitors are, the first thing they are going to notice is the photograph or image of the product, before reading the written content. It is clear that the photos are believed as a key part in shaping a consumer’s decision-making process, eventually influencing the conversion rate as well as the retention rate of the customers. There are numerous aspects that are provoked through perfect product photography, among which few are:

Enhancing visualization for more conversion: 93% of customers believe in images and hence shaping their purchase decision. Therefore your image should be visually attractive to enhance the attention span on your product page, resulting in more conversions for your business.

Creative branding: Add images to your online store as it develops and reconstructs your brand and its image. Images grab the attention first, instill trust and invite customers for a future deep down look. Be it the image, color, the saturation, everything should be in uniform voice resonating a feel of the brand to your target audience.

Inculcate Trust: Through images communicate trust to your customers. It is evident that through images, the customers feel confident for what they are about to order or planning or a purchase decision.


Essential Product Photography Tips for Boosting E-Commerce Sales like a Pro

It is must for an e-commerce web development solution providing company to articulate to its customers and teach them for the importance of brilliant e-commerce product images that are real and are not stock images. Here are a few tips for proper photography.

 Use Right Equipment

The foremost step to take extravagant images is using the right equipment for your photography needs. Using a digital camera is good and allowed but it lacks some crucial features that can add elegance and sharpness to your image. There is a need to find such cameras that have optical zoom lenses with the ability to synchronize with the detached light source. Using a professional DSLR camera is the ultimate solution, aided with the ability to swap lenses, shoot in multiple camera modes, have larger storage capacity, and can work brilliantly in flash or natural lightening setups. Lastly, there is a need to get a light source using a soft box for enhancing the image value and adding the required details precisely.

Usage of White Backgrounds

Your product photography should focus on the product only, nothing more than that and nothing less than that. Adding corners, wall, colored backgrounds can add distraction, resulting in the elimination of the sole aim of the product image. Your product photo should be clearly visible with added details such as proper lighting, colors, saturation, hue etc. but there is no need to add anything else that can be a disturbance for the customer.

Diffused and Soft Lights

The goal of product photography lighting is to cast even, soft light with diffusion, marking soft shadows as much as possible. If the lighting is high then there will be bigger shadows cast behind or near the image, giving a bad impact to the photography. The more the shadow is soft and lighter, the more your image would be brighter and easy to understand.

Sense of Scaling

One of the biggest drawbacks of an online store vs brick and mortar store is the inability to visualize the size and dimensions of the product. Since it is the image only, they are not able to either feel or touch the product in physical. Therefore it is recommended that if the product is too large, add a door or an adult average height chart to give your customers a visual sense regarding the size of the product.

Large Image File Size

It is evident that only a 72dpi image can be displayed on the web, but it is essential to take a large sized image for this. Taking a direct 72dpi image will result in low-resolution and blur image on most of the devices the customer is using to view your website. The ideal way is to take the image in large size and later crop and resize it to the desired size. This way the image will not be pixelated at any device.

Multiple Views from Different Angles

Taking an image from the front position is definitely the most crucial thing but adding other viewpoints are like adding a cherry on the cake. It is great to add images from different angles, like from the bottom, showing how the product looks from the bottom, all the side views with clarity and the top view for a brief look. Adding the front and back image is always necessary, but adding the images from all the angles makes your customer feel confident about your product and the level of trust increases significantly.

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Increase Your Sales and Boost SEO with Unique Product Description

There are many retailers and sellers online who overlook and ignore the power of product description. They simply load bulk products and images, without any product description to it. There are some sellers who work on product description, but since they have bulk products, therefore, they do not add the unique description of their products, instead add similar highly generic information that can match with every product. Though it looks easy to write the convenient standardized description for all the products it affects your sales volume and lacks in the SEO of your product page.

Many sellers also overlook the importance of SEO of their product page. It is evident that for high-volume sales, search engine optimization helps in growing and expansion of your business, not only through organic search but also helping in conversion on a wider scale. There are many successful stories covering e-commerce online stories where after proper SEO, the sales boost to more than 100%. By including phenomenal product description, they were able to boost their sales more than 150%.

With the prime importance of product description and SEO building, here are some tips and tricks to write marvelous content for attention grabbing and link building.

Usage of Relevant Keywords

Using relevant keywords in your content is something you have always heard of. But, using appropriate keywords in your product description when it comes to SEO, then it is the most necessary thing. If you are hoping to increase the traffic on your website with a mature sales lead, you ought to think like a customer, evaluating their expectations from you and your business. You need to imagine what keywords they are going to type on Google when they are looking for some specific product or service which you too offer.

For example, if you are selling jackets where you offer original as well as celebrity inspired attires, then you need to think what your customer might write on Google search engine to reach to your specific product. Your customer can write like, genuine leather jackets or Jack Sparrow studded brown jacket etc. When you are using relevant keywords on your web page, the search engine will read the customers input and will display your web page too while matching this keyword.

Never Leave any Question Unanswered

There are certain questions that are required to be answered, and customers try to find those answers in the product description. Make sure to answer some critical questions in your product description that can convince your customer to choose you upon other competitors and helping them be more confident and less confused. The questions include:

Who is going to use this product?

What are the ingenious features and detailing of this product?

Where this product can be used?

When it is possible to use this product?

Why your product is superior to that of the competitor?

How the product is supposed to be used?

If all these answers are available in your content then there are higher chances of sales and profit maximization for your business.

Enable Product Reviews

One of the greatest ways to engage your customers is by allowing them to write reviews for your product. There are more than 80% of customers who make a purchase decision after reading product reviews of past or current users of that same product or service they are deciding to purchase. Through reviews on the product from other users, your customer feels the assurance of the quality and reliability of the product. Via a product review, the customer feels the satisfaction of endorsement from other users and this helps in expanding purchase decision with loyalty and trust.

To the Point Description

There are many sellers who are not fully aware of the product or service they are offering. They are not sure how the product actually works and what dimensions it actually have, hence ends up in writing vague information. When you are not sure about your product, i.e. vague information regarding your product then you are never supposed to write true product description as well, resulting in unhelpful and unconvincing information to the customers, leading to ultimate failure of product rejection instead of product purchase.

Don’t Mix Product Features with Product Benefits

Product features are the characteristics of the product that usually describes its appearance, its main components and the capabilities it has. Whereas product benefit is actually the value a customer realizes after acquiring the product or service. When defining both in the product description, many sellers mix them both which is absolutely a wrong way. In the product features, clearly define the characteristics your product have, along with the capabilities it has and later define how it can be beneficial for them to use.

For example, this juice has Vitamin A and E in it and it is made with 100% natural ingredients (product features). With this drink feel energetic and reinvigorate your mornings with a splash of freshness and brightness (product benefit).

Unique Product Description with New Keywords for Better SEO

All the e-commerce development company’s forbidden duplication of content when it comes to proper SEO. If you put same product description with same keywords in every of your product web page, the Google bot will get confused and will never rank all the pages, instead, it will randomly select one page marking it as original content and the rest will be neglected for optimization and ranking. This indexing problem from Google may lead to utter failure of your business as not every web page of your website could become part of search engine.

To make sure this won’t happen, try to make new and unique content for every product with different keywords that don’t collide with other pages, for better SEO results. But if you are not able to write unique product description at the moment, due to the bulk of products, add a ‘no index’ meta tag to all such pages. Once the description is changed, remove the tag allowing the bot to index this page as well.

Include a Call to Action

The final and most influential part of any online shopping store is final sale point, where the visitor is attracted to keep his attention and finally making the purchase. Just for an extra push, there is always a need to encourage the customer with some sense of urgency, helping in grabbing the attention for a longer time. A catchy Call to Action statement with an interactive button throughout your page will make your customer attracted as well as will boost up other sale option from your business point of view.

For example, free shipping ends today, order now and get instant 10% discount, only a few pieces are left, limited items available etc.

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E-Commerce Development Checklist to Find the Best Web Development Company in UK

With the influx of internet, the world has shrunk into a global village, all informational and technological. Today, you don’t have to visit a physical store anymore to make purchase, with the technological advancement, there are many online stores available, providing every sort of product, be it medical products or food and groceries or be it garments or apparels or be it electronic appliances or educational facilities, in short everything is possible to be purchased from online stores from the convenience of your own house. The ordered products are sent to you on your doorsteps.

Since there are many online stores, therefore there resides a tough competition where every business opts to look professional as well as trustworthy to their customers. It is not easy anymore to be unique and stand out among the crowd, marking yourself as more prominent and reliable store. There is a need of professional web designers who can make an outstanding e-commerce store just for you, where is made on modern technology as well as well-defined user experience and user interface, marking classic looks with brilliance. Here are a few tips and a checklist to evaluate which web development company is better for you to make your e-commerce store, brilliant and lavishing.


Technological Experience and Project Portfolio

Before choosing the website development company, it is essential to go through the website thoroughly. By evaluating the specialization the website holds, this can help you in understanding that the company would be able to meet your requirements or not. While checking the technical expertise, you can evaluate the skills of the development team and understand the technical platforms and modules they are able to work on. How good the company is in programming languages, like Python, PHP, Java etc., coding, cross-platform compatibility and what successful e-commerce platforms they have already worked on.

One of the best ways to find out the professionalism of a development company is to check out their portfolio. Looking at the portfolio, it is easy to understand what sort of designs they are making, the functionality of their delivered projects, colors they have used in the websites, typography and designing skills. Additionally, a portfolio is a perfect chance to analyze the similar works the company has already delivered, that could be meeting your needs and anticipations and reflect how well qualified the company is in a particular area.


Client-Developer Interaction

There is another essential aspect which is the communication process amid a client and the developer assigned for the task. Such interaction tools that are famous due to its ease, like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk and email, all can be simply used for an appropriate communication system. This is ideal when the developers and the clients are distant from each other, but through these means of communication, perfect remote interaction becomes possible. It is the duty of the developers to keep and maintain proper communication with the clients and keep them in the loop for every action and decision they take for the development of their website.


Strategizing & Development Process Implementation

For a solid collaboration with customers, the web development company must provide e-commerce development services with precision and accuracy. A specialized development company should be offering a crystal clear and unambiguous strategy defining how the project accomplishment could be ensured. This is a very momentous development process that does requires a step-by-step dexterity. It is essential that the customer should know every inch information in detail, be it the development phase, or implementation stage.

Since the technologies are rapidly revolutionizing, all the website owners must try to proceed with various beneficial alterations for their e-commerce developments.  You can always ask for custom made solutions for you, and if the company is not able to provide it, this clearly indicates that it is not a competent web development company. The other significant aspect is the post-development relations and dealings. If the company doesn’t have enough knowledge or required skills and lack in the smart out-of-the-box tools, then they will never be able to update, maintain or backup any client’s website what so ever they do.


Timeframes & Deadlines

In this modish and business-oriented world, time is a crucial took for making money. If you are planning to launch your own web project, don’t let it wait for long. Get a professional web development company and start the project right away. Taking time in this modern era means wasting time and resources and getting nothing back in return. It is crucial to select such developers who are committed to their work and are eager to deliver their project in the mentioned timeframe with all the support that is necessary for the project and the client. If the developers are not abiding the deadlines and are not able to finish the project on time, then they are not only unprofessional but also wasting their as well as their client’s time and money.


Customer Review

It is important to find a good web development company who can handle your project with perfection. And for this, you need to read customer feedback or the review. If the company is having positive reviews over the website, social media sites and business directories, then it is perfect for you to invest and start long term relations with the company. Never ever neglect the power of customer review and feedback ever.


Cost Estimation & Approximation

This is one of the most crucial and disturbing stages for everyone, which is pricing the project. Don’t get into the business if you just cannot break the hooks and books of your pocket and cannot invest properly. There are several newbie customers who are looking for lowest rate development companies who can create an e-commerce project for them. There are several low-cost offering companies but the pain is that they easily compromise over the quality and provide bad-services. This is definitely of no use. You have simply wasted your money! It is better to find out the perfect web development company for your project who can offer eminent services. If they are charging a good amount of money but delivering a perfect brilliant e-commerce project to you then this is definitely a win-win situation for you. Remember, if you cannot spend much then there is no need to start the work.

eCommerce Website Development

Top E-Commerce Business Ideas for 2019 that Yield Profits

The truth is, there is not a perfect time to tell you when to start your own e-commerce online store. The reality is, it is not your business that matters, but a truthful idea that flourishes and makes gold out of rust in no time.

E-commerce refers to the science of buying and selling of the goods and services over an electronic network, known as the internet. The favorable e-commerce transactions are typically business to business (B2B) module, business to consumer (B2C) model, consumer to consumer (C2C) model or consumer to business (C2B) module.

Within few years, the e-commerce marketplace has made a significant impact over the sales on goods and services and with the increase of mobile and internet usage, today more than 40% of the total population wants to purchase their necessity items through an online store. For running an e-commerce business, it is not necessary to have an office, as you can run your business from your doorsteps too. All you need is an idea that what online facilities you are capable of providing to the masses. Here is a list of top ten e-commerce business solutions that is definitely worth your precious time and investment accompanied by profits and opportunity in 2019.

Fashion and Jewelry Product Market

Products that are related to fashion and jewelry has always been top of the line and most talked and appreciated. As per the experts, the total retail sales of fashion and jewelry products in the United States alone has exceeded $70 billion and has the tendency to grow more. It is a product line associated with females where there is always a room for more specified and specialized jewel collection stores.

If you are a new entrant in this field then add some uniqueness to your store. Like, add the collection of handmade pieces of jewelry or customized jewel designing options. You can have a vintage collection jewelry items that were popular in the ’90s as women in 2019 would still love to add a touch of antiquatedness in their jewelry collection. You can also enter into the niche market, where you can offer on rent your own jewelry collection, as there are many ladies who cannot afford new jewelry but also cannot resist the temptation of fashionable products. There is a fashion website online that is offering tribal-inspired design jewelry from Africa to the world. You can also think for something like this.

Natural Skin Products for Women

In today fashion appealing world, organic skincare products are taking over the internet. People are quitting chemical made skincare products because products containing chemicals in them are injurious to your skin as well as your health. Therefore the masses are now preferring organic skincare products, which are not only chemical free but are also hormones or antibiotics free, obtained 100% naturally.

The industry of organic skincare is new and it is increasing by nearly 10% every year. By the end of 2024, it is expected that organic skincare product market will hit $22 billion a year. This shows huge potential in this market, allowing you to enter with great profit maximization. If you have knowledge, expertise and resources for organic products then selling them with a private label is what that is going to help you grow. The trending products include facial oils, body scrubs, facial cleansers and mineral sunscreen.

Fitness Training Equipment

The fitness category has emerged when people started to look forward to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore entering fitness niche is a top priority for a successful e-commerce business. Gear up yourself with fitness related products, gym machines, healthy shakes and other necessary accessories. Provide online gym instructor for health benefits, be the author of your own fitness book!

Fitness training is a brilliant e-commerce business idea that has been trending upwards since the world shifted towards a healthier lifestyle and health-conscious days. This is your perfect time to start your very own online marketing fitness page by analyzing all the competitive space. It is still better to add some training programs for the beginners to your phenomenal startup idea, like posting motivational fitness videos, listing healthy eatables and much more.

AR and VR Headsets, Applications & Accessories Store

It is undoubtedly unfortunate that Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) took quite a long to be available perfectly to the masses. But since it is available, the demand for its usage is increasing day by day. After the usage of it initially, people simply can’t resist themselves from purchasing their own set or AR and VR sets. Due to its high demand, it is predicted that the sales of AR and VR headsets, its genuine applications, programs and other accessories will hike to $108 billion mark by the end of 2022.

Therefore this is a brilliant idea of entering this niche market and investing in this unique concept. There are majority chances of high profits due to its overwhelming demand. By being an early adopter of this innovation, your e-commerce online store can become an integral part of the future.

Vape – Flavors and Liquid

The vape is the new sensational hit for a new e-commerce business ideation. It is a handheld electronic device stimulating and invigorating the feeling of smoking. With flavored liquid in the container, it creates huge clouds of smoke. Today, vaping has turned to be a highly lucrative business idea due to its swag look and modish feel.

There is no doubt that there already exists a lot of e-commerce businesses that are focusing on vaping items and its accessories, but still, there is a gap that needs to be filled. By entering the niche of providing imported vaping devices to the local communities, you can stake a lot of profit for your business.

Electronic Skateboards, Hoverboards and Scooters

For a profitable e-commerce website development, you need a unique e-commerce business idea, such as entering the market for sales of electronic gadgets. Today the purchase and sale of electronic hoverboards, scooters and skateboards have become a typical and mainstream idea. Converting this as an online business opportunity, where there are a lot of enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality products and accessories, the sales of electronic gadgets can revolutionize your online business presence. If you can overcome the biggest hurdle of arranging these high-end gadgets from the manufactures while covering the logistics, this can be a great opportunity for your business idea.

Online Food & Grocery Store

The profitability index is much higher in online food and grocery online business if you have powerful communication skills, manageable logistics and perfect vendor relationship management. Getting high-quality and healthy fruits, vegetables, other food items at lower rates and selling them with a positive business setup is sure going to add momentous profit to your idea. Once you set up your business and it starts running successfully, you can upscale it with more ideas.

Customizable Shirts and Printed Fabric

Selling customized printable shirts is an old idea, but what if you take the next level in this business and introduce custom prints on every sort of fabric, this can be a unique as well as a progressive idea for fashionable people.

Offering custom designing and printing over plain shirts, cushion covers, rugs and other stuff. You can even help bigger brands to get their branding done via a set of different fabrics, with customized printing and logo designing. This e-commerce online business opportunity can provide you a cutting-edge if you have the expertise and talent of perfect unique designing.

Self-Made and Designed Clothing Solution

Running your own boutique is a great business idea, but if you can offer it online, with any bricks and motor services, this can also save a lot of money for you. Self-made and self-designed clothing can revolutionize the fashion industry where people with different mindsets can search for their specific needs apparel solutions for them.

If you are expert in sewing clothes and have expertise in dress designing, this online e-commerce business idea can provide you the chance to show the world your own private label online boutique, offering unique and appealing apparel solution to the masses.

Custom Designed Mobile Covers & Cases

Having a keen interest in covers and cases of the latest smartphone models and have expertise in the designing of mobile covers and cases, then this business idea is the best for you. Today, all the smartphone holders are eager to get reliable material mobile cases that are not only protecting their device but also adding beauty to the device with unique designing. Offer fascinating mobile covers and cases with inimitable crafty designs to the masses and be astonished how everyone reacts to your business. Get assured profit maximization with this business idea.


These up-to-the-minute and forward-looking innovations, rising trends with ever-green products, these are some great online business ideas that can be followed in 2019. Engage in any of these businesses with capital and along with your expertise, pill up profit for your e-commerce online store.

Website Design

Designing Trends of 2019: A Complete Perspective

Designing trends are always different from that of last year, as the trends, ideas and notions keep on changing. With more technological advancements, the customers keep on expecting new and cutting-edge solutions with ingenious layouts. New and more unconventional user experience and user interface creating a whole new science and revolution of technology. With deep down analysis based on color, typography, sizes and the shapes, we are going to scrutinize and examine the forthcoming and imminent trends in the digital design world.

General Trends

  1. Bold Colors

In 2018, designers used vibrant colors that were catchy to see. This trend is just going to get bigger and better with more courageous and vivid colors complemented by supersaturated color tones. For making your business stand out, use bright and vivacious colors to add brilliance to your website.


  1. Asymmetry

Asymmetry is not just lack of balance in your website design and content, but it is something more beyond it. In 2019, use asymmetry to create harmonization and balance to the whole composition of your website by intentionally adding irregular typography, some geometric shapes and 3D designs for creating uniqueness.


  1. Small Animations

Small animations play a vital role in the attraction of your website. By the mid of 2018, websites were using animations where, when you hover over the image it will come to life. But, after that, the trend shifted to little animation on its own. Now it is 2019 and visitors are expecting the websites to add full animation when you scroll down, without any hovering.


  1. Gradients

By 2017-2018, gradients made a huge comeback, which is still prevailing in 2019. With leading names like Apple and Instagram, using gradients for their branding has proved that it is still a part of great success.


  1. Natural Looking Images

The trend of stock images are almost gone and it is the new trend where designers are adding more natural looking images to their websites.


Trend of the Year – Custom Made Illustrations

As per the recent survey, it is found out that illustrations that are custom made can convert 7 times better than any of the stock images. A good illustration with bold and vibrant colors are surely going to capture the attention in 2019.


UI / UX Trends

  1. Mobile First

While Google is indexing mobile responsive websites at their priority, it is evident that the designers have to pay severe attention in mobile designing first before anything else. All the website design agency need to prioritize the mobile version of the website first in 2019.


  1. Illustrative Icons

The icons that are associated with services or products are now trending to be customized and the designers made these illustrations by themselves. Instead of downloading the icons from any website, users are expecting the designers to make those icons themselves.


  1. Fluid, Geometrical & Asymmetrical Shapes

Fluid shapes are undoubtedly not new as we have already seen them in 2017 and 2018 but what is unique in 2019 is the excessive use of it with more creativity accompanied with bold colors followed by intense gradients.


  1. Video Background

The conversation rates dramatically increase with a video, which is a proven fact. The video is capable of delivering your message and ideology behind the brand in a matter of few seconds. But make sure the video doesn’t start to play all of a sudden once the visitors land on it as it makes a bad impact.


  1. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are the smallest animations that are typically used in mobile versions of the website. Like animated search sign on the search bar, flip back or home page icons of mobile etc. In 2019, we are going to find all the possible ways to enhance the UI element of the mobile version.


  1. 3D Illustrations

3D illustrations have made great progress in the last year and it is continuing in 2019 with a boom. Now users are expecting more visual appeal using 3D effects and illustrations for a captivating and more detailed interface.


Trend of the Year – Enhanced UI/UX Using Adobe XD

Since the launch of amazing and competitive new software designs by Adobe, it is now offering a community for the free-with limitations. For creating a brilliant UX/UI designing solution, Adobe XD has created the experience for designers helping in designing, prototyping, sharing and engaging user experience. With new and advanced updates, the team of XD is excited to introduce their animation features and enhanced user interface elements.


Typography Trends

  1. Bigger the Better with Boldness

When talking about typography, the trending one is bigger fonts that are bold in nature with better refined visibility. But this doesn’t mean bulky text with overlapping words.


  1. Minimal Sans Serif Fonts

Time to talk about the introverted sibling of the bold and bigger typography; simple sans serif fonts. It is a font without serifs with the little feet on the corner of each of the letter. If you are simplicity lover and admirer then this font is a perfect addition to your website for making a smooth message, delivery visually demanding and powerful message.


  1. Custom Made Fonts

Many bigger brands are producing their own fonts, completely customized and unique in nature. This increases their chances of a better outcome, where the visitors will enjoy a new font with a new dimension.


  1. Nostalgic Vintage Fonts

The more you move into the future, the more past looks glorious and enlightened. In 2019, there are a lot of chances to intimate the past vintage fonts to draw the attention of the visitors. Using vintage font can help especially in logo designing where the design looks more elegant and sophisticated with deep meaning in it.


  1. Outline Fonts

If you are looking for a sleek header with the simple notion, grabbing vast attention then outline fonts are a perfect choice for you in 2019. For adding a feeling of smoothness, add or highlight the content. This modish way highlights your brand and provides a brand-new mature look.


Trend of the Year – Quirky Fonts Accompanied with Messy Fonts

For 2019, it is the time to add a clumsy rough look that still looks amiable. Quirky fonts are the new sensational hit, loved by everyone due to its unique typography. Along with, there are bold, serif and script fonts in trend too that don’t follow any pattern, still look outstanding. These messy fonts abandon all the rules and add a modish look to your message.


Branding & Logo Design Trends

  1. Working with Color Channels

Playing with colors is always entertaining. Give a revitalizing look to your content while working with color channels and get creative results for your site.


  1. Illustrations in Branding

A perfect illustration can undoubtedly bring life to art poster or a branding identity or even printed collateral. Make sure to add vivid colored illustrations in your branding to make it stand out with perfection.


  1. Animated Logos

Animated logos are new in trend. Vibrant colored logos that are animated as well are sure going to add spark to your brand with brilliance. Following the animated logo designing in 2019 to add cutting-edge to your brand from your competitors.


 Trends in Motion Graphics

  1. Grain Effect

Adding random optical texture while using small particles to move is grain effect. It is mostly used in 2D animation but with its refinement and advance working, it is now being used in 3D animation as well.


  1. Flat 2D Animation

Flat design is replaced with a semi-flat animation that has depth with shadows and ravishing gradients. 2D animation creates movements in a two dimensional way, adding elegance and brilliance to your website.


  1. 3D Illustrations Animations

In 2019, 3D animations are trending while providing spectacular cutting-edge to your brand and business. Due to its ability of high conversion rate, 3D illustration animations with vivid colors are born to make your website look remarkable.


These are some new trends that are either preceding from the last year with some modifications or they are completely new. It is the time to update your website as per the recent trends of 2019 and mark your appearance with a spark and clarity for the users to recognize your brand wherever they see. Welcome new trends with happiness.

Website Design

Ways to Avoid Designer Burnout & Fatigue In 2019

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you feel like your life has been sucked out of you. This exhaustion is mostly for designers who have to work creatively, coming out with innovative designs, thinking out-of-the-box and being unique every single day. For them, designing is a never-ending process, that continues for a number of hours per day, non-stop. Burnout is a state of complete exhaustion and overtiredness that affects you not only emotionally, but also mentally and physically. It happens for pushing yourself too hard or being stressed for a longer period of time. Wherever you are working, it is evident that burnout evaporates all the motivation from you.

Avoiding the fatigue and burnout is not achieved from any sort of luck, it is a deliberate decision to be taken. You have two choices, either wishing to avoid burnout or actually avoid it. For this, you need to give yourself some space, time for your mind to heal up, your muscles again gaining energy and your emotions stop tearing you apart.


Evaluate your Stress Level

There comes a time in your life where your career goals are crashing badly with your personal life situations, leading you to complete disaster. This will lead you to the high level of stress that might be changed into depression and anxiety if not handled with care at the right time.

There can be a situation where your boss would be expecting the project to be delivered in the next few hours whereas you have some important commitment side by side in your personal life too. What to choose, how to prioritize, where to make a compromise? This all seems a genuine concern at that moment, pushing you towards a dead end of burnout. Or you have a close deadline nearby and have an emergency in your family all of a sudden. Choosing your career or family looks painful, but stop stressing, your mind will burst.

It is not necessary that this stress is personal life vs work, it can be work vs work too where you have to look into two departments simultaneously like designing the layout along with its front-end development! Sometimes this could be too much for your brain leading you to complete disaster.

Stress, heavy workload and responsibilities cannot be overlooked nor avoided but protecting yourself from complete burnout is not impossible anymore. Give yourself a chance to inhale and then exhale with patience and look for stress management activities to help yourself feel better.


Avoiding the Painful Burnout

Here is a checklist for you to provide you with some relaxation ideas to avoid this burnout and let yourself be with proper mental health always.


Stand up & Walk Away From Your Desk

The most essential point is to schedule a time to leave your desk and take a break. It is not necessary to take a break at the ‘lunch hour’ only, you can take a while from a whole day to soothe your nerves, refresh your mind and come back to work with more energy and strength.

Most companies give an hour-long lunch break where employees not only eat their meals but also can chat or gossip. But if your company doesn’t provide you with an hour-long lunch break, then you can ask them to provide you additional time to relax and unwind in peace. There are certain things you can do to make yourself feel comfortable and relax like take a walk outside, listening to your favorite music, going out for lunch with a friend or reading some motivational stories.


Peaceful Distractions

Working and working all day long can make your mind slow as well as reducing your productivity. You need some distraction that can help you reenergize and refresh again to start working along with increasing the level of productivity. For this, you can watch videos that are either funny or listening to meditating music that can revive your tired soul back to life.


Participation in Designing Challenges

Time to move out of your comfort zone and engage yourself in challenges. Tackling challenges and thinking-out-of-the-box, not as per the client or your boss is also relaxing. Get yourself engaged in theme designing challenges where for a certain time period you can work with your own style, with your own set of theories and ideologies, this way you can bring out a more creative person hiding inside you. Try some fun challenges such as Daily Logo Design Challenge or Sharpen Design Challenge or Daily UI Challenge that will help you in reshaping your skills as well as helping you compete with many other online users to sharpen your skills.


Schedule Vacations

This cannot be done every day but when you will do this, you can get a divine refreshing feel for months! Every employee gets some annual leaves from their company where they can get time to be themselves only and spend time with the people they adore. No one asks you to waste those leaves while sitting idle at home and watching television while munching your food. This can be refreshing but the fresh flares won’t end up long. Planning a vacation with your friends and family can be really relaxing to unwind with nature and excursion places and enjoy every moment and every bit with happiness and gratitude.


Be Kind to Yourself

Every human body needs an appropriate amount of sleep and relaxation which can never be neglected. If you keep on burdening yourself, then there are most probable chances that you will wear out soon. Always remember to eat right, sleep tight and exercise divine. Without these, you cannot find peace within you at all.


Be Sociable

Working in a website development agency means to be a person with a strong mind who is ready to take challenges. But it also teaches to be a good communicator, hence without good communication, you can never be successful. For hand on experience of being a good communicator, be sociable. This doesn’t mean to be online and talk and chats with friends, no don’t be a keyword typist at all! Meet people in real life, talk to them, excavate about them and learn new things to build confidence in yourself.


Learn to Say ‘No’

Yes, it is 100% ok to not be ok! If you don’t feel like working for a longer hour today or this week, don’t feel like talking to someone, just say a big NO! Simply turn down a project you don’t feel like working right now. And then use that time to do something that feels right to you, even though if it is a peaceful nap.