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iOS 13: How To Update Your Apps?

After several releases of IOS 12 Apple released IOS 13 on 19th September 2019, this update had some major changes. One of the major changes in this update was App updates changes on IOS 13 which and these changes also had some issues faced by users. Every user wants to update their technology to the latest update, as it happens with apple users.

Whether you want to update your iPhone or tablet with IOS 13, in this post you will find everything that is required to meet your objectives. Let’s have a look below to know the right way to updates your gadgets with iOS 13.


iOS 13 App Updates Option

Where is Updates Option in iOS 13 APP
Updates Option in iOS 13 APP

In IOS 12, the app store shows the updates tab below on the screen. It was changed in IOS 13. In IOS 13 Apple changes the look and formats of tab in the app store. Apple added an option of the arcade in the app store, where all remaining updates are shown. Users can tap on their favorite applications to update that app.

The second option is that the mobile app developers can set an option to update their apps automatically. We can go to settings, and then tap on iTunes and App store, there will be an option of automatic updates, and it should be green if you have to automatically update your apps.


iOS 13 Applications Updated

Updated iOS 13 Apps
iOS 13 – Applications Updated

Many applications were updated on IOS 13, were not running or they were having some major issues like issues in there several features, or they were crashing or not responding, these were the main problems which were faced by users.

There were two reasons behind this problem; many software house was not being updated or compatible with IOS 13, as many applications were not released or updated with the compatibility of IOS 13. With the updates in Operating System, the application must also have to be updated to be compatible with the newly released operating system.


Simplest Way of Updating the iOS 13 App

Simple Way of Updating the iOS 13 App
Easy Way of Updating the iOS 13 App

The simplest way of updating the application in IOS 13 is to hold your app store logo, and then there will be few options in front of you on-screen. The users can see an option of updates, and in that there will be all available updates, and users can update their favorite applications. This option is good for the users, if users are manually updating their applications.


In the end it could be stated now that recent app updates had some major changes in IOS 13. But almost it will be an effective solution for all users of iPhone and iPad. Above listed ways of updating the apps can complete update your applications, and applications which are having any problems on IOS 13. So users should wait for the developers to update the application, or at least update the application to be compatible with blockchain technology company. This is because it is the first option in any mobile application development process, hence, developer set the compatibility of that particular application, apart from the mobile operating systems.

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FIFA 20 Mobile App: Latest Game Available On Android & IOS Devices

Without denying the fact the increasing popularity of FIFA across the gaming industry. Millions of copies are being sold yearly than any other game and are still growing in the upcoming years. EA holds the monopoly over the football simulation market despite the controversies over the past few years where users claim that they are being ripped off. Despite, the boiling arguments of having a misbalanced gaming experience or any little change the developer makes will be criticized due to the massive involvement of gamers on a regular basis. However, EA Sports have come up with their mobile application that obviously will have some distinguishing features than other gaming versions. An overall view of the mobile app is provided below.

The Purpose of Mobile App

Purpose of Fifa 20 Games
Purpose of Fifa 20 Android & iOS Game

Similarly, to what the original version delivers, FIFA 20 mobile app takes the virtual gaming simulation to the next level. FIFA is one of the most popular sports in this world. With access to original licenses, it allows taking control of real clubs. Moreover, gathering football player characteristics in real-time and play style features can all be collected through the app. The mobile version of FIFA will deliver the exact features as found in the top gaming platforms such as ps4, Xbox, PC. The novelty of this mobile app will allow players to enjoy VOLTA football, meaning players can play outside stadiums such as parking lots, rooftops, underpasses and other casual simulated places. FIFA 20 mobile version has seemed some improved gaming mechanics such as increased passing accuracy, dribbling ticks, and an overall improvement gaming experience.


Appropriately Download & Install The Game

Fifa 20 App: Download & Install The Game
Fifa 20: Download & Install The Game

Installing the game is quite simplistic that will give no problems or any difficulties to mobile users. There is some number of steps to facilitate the entire installation process of getting the Fifa 20 mobile installed in your compatible mobile phone. Firstly, visit the original website to download the relevant APK that is available in the form of mirror links for your pertinent IOS or Android device. Secondly, download the APK and run the installation file. Thirdly, launch the application, there will be some time to time verification activities to identify your profile. Proceed, with clicking the “OK” button and then follow the instruction. Finally, after the verification process is complete, reboot the game and move forward to experience the new FIFA 20.


Pros of Using FIFA 20 APK

FIFA 20 APK Pros
FIFA 20 APK: Pros of Using this App

If you opt for shifting towards a mobile experience, download links are available across multiple OS platforms, ensuring you receive the relevant compatible production that is smaller than the size of other console counterparts but delivers the same quality without any compromise in performance. The mobile app development company has made sure that you receive all benefits as equivalent in the physical disk. Firstly, because it’s a mobile platform makes it highly compatible with both Android and IOS, providing high optimization levels, without any freezes or lags. Secondly, portability is highlighted as the biggest factor due to its immensely small size, saving space on your respective mobile phones. Thirdly, user-friendly controls allowing intuitive customization of control according to your preference. And lastly, original FIFA content, that includes original player statistics, live feed from soccer clubs and many other metrics, solidifying the gaming experience.


FIFA 20 Mechanics

FIFA 20 Mobile Game Mechanics
Mechanics FIFA 20 Mobile App

FIFA 20 allows people to play friendly matches and league tournaments with fully licensed teams and clubs from the entire world. One of the most important elements seen in its mechanics is the use of artificial intelligence. It is specifically important in the scope of the increased margin of error in goalkeeping and defending players. The games have been enhanced and intensified upon generating realism through AI that is seen in this game by making dribbling much harder than the previous version, meaning executing successful tricks will give players a hard time to finish off equivalent to how real-life players do. The movement of goalkeepers has now slowed down added with enhanced accuracy of passes and a stringent gaming rule has taken FIFA 20 to an entirely different level.


Inclusion of Large Novelties

Fifa 20 App - Inclusion of Large Novelties
Fifa 20 Mobile: Inclusion of Large Novelties

The financial director of EA sports, Blake Jorgenson, sheds light on FIFA 20 quoting it will include several new functions. They plan to both improve FIFA and FUT (FIFA ultimate team). As said by the director, FIFA will always be placed as the number one title on the market. The success of EA sports will be highly praised due to its massive innovations and new gaming methods that have changed the entire structure of soccer integrating realism into virtual simulations respectively. Many blockchain technology company have focused upon the problems that FUT has, requiring some drastic improvements, that they will utilize Blockchain to get insights into gaming mechanics, more power to players and demolishing the cryptocurrency to offer a good starting point to win the hearts of FIFA fanatics.

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How Digital Marketing Will Transform Consumer Behavior in 2020?

The emergence of digital marketing has revolutionized the entire market scenario. It provides firms with skyrocketing opportunities to take their brands to the next level. Many firms are expecting some big changes in the upcoming year of 2020. Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving bringing vast improvements and capabilities that were unforeseen quite a few decades back.

However, the impact of digital marketing is not restricted to business only but the extraordinary possibilities that it offers to consumers worldwide have affected consumer behavior to a very different scale. This includes both the negative and positive aspects of human behavior with respect to digital marketing.

1. AI Based Marketing

Marketing Based On AI
Artificial Intelligence Based Marketing

Great emphasis has been laid upon the benefits AI offers not only towards robotics but across a wide variety of sectors. Taking AI in context to the ecommerce platform has enabled firms to gather customer insights that include consumer behavior patterns, preferences, style, and others that provide a golden opportunity for firms to offer personalized services accordingly. Moreover, voice assistants are widely used by people since it proves to be a practical and convenient option, consumers making a purchase with just a simple voice command greatly influences customer behavior preventing users to invest their valuable time in visiting retail stores and buy things, saving them from the hassle.

2. Increase Customer Engagement

Enhance Customer Engagement
Improve Customer Engagement

Statistical analysis makes it quite self-explanatory of the user being driven towards being active on social networks throughout the day. For instance, Facebook is the most popular social network platform along with other applications have allowed customers or normal users to find information almost instantly. This makes it beneficial for e-commerce enterprises to target a broader audience to expand their customer base and sell their products and services online, thus generating supersized profits and higher revenue. Customers now intend to find information of any type whether it includes financial, educational or health-related social apps provide a superb experience to users in finding it almost instantly. Smartphones having increased capabilities to obtain information through push notifications act as the ideal way to notify uses across all aspects.

3. Content Customization

Customize Content
Content Customization

With the fast-paced digital world, users strive to obtain authentic information at a rapid pace changing customer behavior to a greater extent. For instance, web pages having ill-designed layouts and irresponsive web designs by digital agency services create a sense of frustration among users. Customers or normal users generally have a very limited attention span, making it increasingly imperative for developers to design content in a way that is immaculate and precise. Users want to receive the exact content that they intend to find, marketers having the responsibility to deliver the messages at the right time.

4. Augmented & Virtual Reality Integration

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

People in the upcoming years will want to experiment more before making concrete decisions into purchasing any product or service. Augmented shopping experiences have changed consumer behavior in the retail industry. Using AR, prospective consumers have the opportunity to experiment with new cosmetics, clothing, furniture and other elements influencing their decisions into buying products of what they desire the best. The web design company is now amalgamating this technology due to its awareness of the reaping benefits it has. Pioneer application Snapchat allows users to try out creative and ridiculously hilarious filters that make consumers more attracted to the idea, targeting the younger generation mostly. For instance, a reputable furniture company IKEA has come up with its AR app allowing users to position visual graphical images in their homes to check out the look it will have before making a decision to buy.

5. Chatbots

Integrate Chatbot

Part of the AI, Chatbots are an important weapon in the e-commerce industry when it leads to enhancing the customer experience to the next level. Chatbots allow instant communication with customers and resolve potential issues respectively. A Chabot utilizes human-like intelligence to simulate a conversation with a regular user with the intention to reduce human effort and utilize effective use of time making them an on the go, the artificial assistant is available 24/7. Chatbots could offer customers an enhanced personalized experience and guide him down the sales funnel that will greatly affect consumers buying behavior patterns. Chatbots are a great form of ecommerce design solutions to fetch data from email marketing campaigns to sell products and offer discounts.

6. Digital Payment Gateways

Digital Payment
Digital Payment Gateways

Carrying credit cards of physical cash is the old school traditional methods to make payments in the upcoming years with better digital payment gateways available. Ecommerce websites now allow payment of their products through biometric authentication or NFC technology found in most smartphone devices that eliminates the need to carry wallets, making it an effective solution to carry out transactions. For instance, Apple allows its digital stores to authenticate payments through fingerprint scanners found in smartphones making it drastically easier for users to initiate payments.



Digital marketing will soon transform the way people perceive things and as new technologies emerge into the market, solutions tend to be optimized and marketing strategies that offer better value to users and makes firm successful in the late future. Some more technological advancement also includes Blockchain, beacon technology and many others that have brought about an evolution in the society and will continue to do so.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on World Economy Growth

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being adopted by industries across all sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture and many other sectors that have led to exponential growth in the global economy. Most countries have given extreme thought in respect to AI supremacy, with the majority of the world’s largest economies having announced and commenced with their own implementation of AI practices. There is no denying of the fact that AI will be profound in the upcoming future, ensuring the significant devotion of resources towards AI by organizations on a long term basis. The use of AI will give countries a substantial competitive advantage in the global economic arena where leading companies come up with effective strategic approaches towards the design and development of mobile applications bringing a great boost in AI economy respectively.

Keep up with Technology

Changes are already taking place having already being immersed and transitioned into the digital world where virtual and augmented reality is seen as the hot trend in present and future times. The use of AI in applications has entirely changed the way we perceive things, from optimizing processes to a wide range of possibilities that have brought a great impact in the economical and physical lives of us humans. AI will continue to benefit professional individuals having a great deal of flexibility and strong decision making skills, but the dark negative side lies in AI powered robots that will increase job insecurity, these machines will be seen as a threat to society replacing manual intensive tasks to automated optimized processes for speedy work.

AI Combined with App Development

The growing ability of AI to solve complex autonomous tasks are now sought by AI app development company who amalgamate AI practices into their design and development of apps to bring about a massive change and innovation in the design and development of applications. For instance the use of virtual assistants adapt to the constantly changing and evolving surroundings, aiding to helps users in a variety of ways by answering questions to home automation are seen by devices such as Google Home, that is still learning and evolving to deal with better complex situations.

The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence

The development of AI will bring a significant change in international trade and economic growth.  One is the macroeconomic factors is the trade effects that will have an impact due to AI introduction. For example, the increase in productivity levels will increase economic growth and open up new opportunities to international and local trade. However, the use of AI is likely to speed up automation that leads to a negative economic impact of artificial intelligence due to job insecurities in manufacturing fields, being prevalent in the future years. AI will transition towards service economies that have its weighing benefits and disadvantages accordingly, posing a threat emerging from machines taking over the service sector.

The Reaping Benefits of AI and Its Effectiveness

However, the benefits of artificial intelligence are not to be ignored, global value chains utilize AI to anticipate future trend changes, shifts in consumer demands and better risk management strategies can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness for firms across all sectors. Another sector where AI is already being amalgamated is in ecommerce websites that have completely transformed user shopping experience to an ultimate level. AI has now initiated the commencement of a new visual search engine that has the capability to offer personalized recommendations. The search engine analyzes user input and displays preferences relates to the brand they follow. This has led AI raising its marketing standards to different heights, firms giving up on traditional marketing methodologies.

Merger Between IOT and AI

Customer centric approaches are increasingly imperative for firms to achieve greater success. IOT app development company is already combining IOT and artificial intelligence in the key to find valuable customer insights. The concept of machine learning has helped business automatically identify visual patterns to the key performance indicators that help firms determine the changes and modifications to achieve spectacular heights of product effectiveness and efficiency. Anomaly detection seems easier with AI in addition the capability to make operational predictions at an earlier period of time with great precision and accuracy. However, artificial intelligence problems are still prevalent since systems are usually involved in the training phase to learn multiple possibilities and identifying the right patterns.  This limits systems to cover all possible examples, increasing the chances to fool the system in tasks human wouldn’t.

Influence Economic

The application of artificial intelligence in economics is best known with the introduction to crypto currency that has transformed the industry with the offshoot of this technology. The potentialities of artificial intelligence with AI intersection have transformed the cyptocurrency industry. Firstly, energy consumption has been a barrier spearheaded when mining cryptocurrency that require an unrealistic amount of power for its effective production. AI has already proven it’s self by providing energy efficient solution hence, leading to lower investment in mining hardware. Cryptocurrency also leads to better security, privacy, and scalability as well. The impact of artificial intelligence on economic growth can be seen as trade market moving rapidly by high frequency trading also known as automatic trading. For instance if someone decides to purchase large bit coin from HFT but misses out on, so through automation it can arrange for cryptocurrency from other  crypto exchanges thus, eliminating the issue of dead crypto bitcoin.

Widening Gaps with The Adoption of AI

The impact of artificial intelligence on the world economy will be seen as a widening gap between workers, experiencing shifts in the demand for skills. Potential shifts in workforce demand, with the need to shift occupations and working with machines is prevalent in the near future ahead of us. Workers pose a great deal of threat of being replaced by machines in addition with rising wage rates and the eligibility of hiring those groups who possess superior enriched skill set will create a potentially widening gap between workers, companies and countries respectively.

Concluding, AI is internationally and locally recognized as a growing driver towards the expansion of multiple possibilities that ensure productivity, competitiveness and efficiency in the future to come. However, there are many challenges involved concerning artificial intelligence such as analyzing and understanding huge data sets, difficulties in generalizing results and many more that need to overcome to execute successful AI technology.

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IOT Website Design Website Development

How IoT Will Revolutionize Web Design & Development in 2020?

In today’s tech-driven world every individual has experienced IoT (Internet of Things) self-driven system in their life. The self-driven IoT features are enabling business operators to develop websites that can engage a greater number of users at a time. This is why the trend of IoT would get strong in the year 2020. Whether it is an e-commerce website or health tracker, the IoT technology provides custom and personalized features to both products and services-based businesses.

Hence, as a modern entrepreneur, you will also need to combine IoT sensor technologies with your website to entertain your site users effectively. So, if you want to gear up your business performance then you must have a look below to unveil web design and development process that will impact the future of websites 2020 with IoT.


1. Smart User Interfaces

By integrating IoT technology web designers can offer easy user interfaces for a huge variety of devices. This technology can entertain a wide range of users no matter what devices or resolutions they use. If you want to allow users to engage over your website from different platforms and devices, then you must integrate IoT.

This is the main reason why designers prefer responsive websites to target desktop and mobile users. Thus, make every effort to offer easy and smart interfaces for different kinds of devices with IoT to maximize user engagement.

2. Ease Web Designing Process

The more IoT will get into the web design process, the more easily you can ace complex design goals. Be it a camera, health tracking sensor, GPS device or any feature, web designing process can become easy by integrating IoT technology trends. Moreover, it will reduce the designer’s time and efforts that ultimately affect the development process of the website.

If you are looking for an opportunity to design a website with a brilliant interface at the front end and backend, then you must opt for the Internet of things.

3. Real-Time Changes

IoT has the potential to overcome the challenges of web design and development in real-time. For instance, JavaScript can be used to add and check features in real-time through JQuery and Socket.IO. Moreover, JQuery can be used to constantly update the website as per the requirement of business or client.

Therefore, this trend of technology is appropriate for IoT app development company that wants to grow their operations to the next level. Or else it might become a daunting task to accomplish the web design and development process without any hassle.

4. Adding Audio/ Video Recognition

It has become crucial for businesses and organizations to offer audio/video recognition features in today’s modern world. The Internet of things is the best example of virtual searches. The rise of voice searches in the IoT offers end to end work and home automation through simple voice command. A great number of web development companies are utilizing the web development trends 2020 to enhance user’s experience.

Moreover, the IoT video recognition option such as facial recognition helps to scan the face or fingers print for maximum security. You too can double the performance of your site on the internet of things.

5. Securing Websites

No doubt, website security is the key concern for every client and web development company. By considering the internet of things you can offer a strict site security system. In other words, the internet of things is the most effective strategy to avoid scam attacks and fraudulent activities. It is proven that businesses who integrate IoT security on their website, proactively track the activity of every user

Do remember to add internet of things security features in your site to overcome cybersecurity concerns in a rocket rapid manner. Else it might become a daunting task for you to combat cyber attackers.

6. Low-Code Solutions

Low code is the most popular web technology trends 2020 and a useful solution of IoT that need minimum processing power. Another very popular web application is now IOT low code that is helping clients to maximize site performance. With a range of embedded programming solutions, you can overcome different coding needs instantly.

It provides a lot of solutions to web design company who aims to connect with more devices without any hassle.


In the end, it could be stated now that both businesses and customers are empowered by the internet of things. With IoT, businesses can add their desired features to offer an excellent user experience. Moreover, IoT and web development are best for today’s world of competition to provide the best personalized and customized experience.

Hopefully the above web development technologies 2020 will upgrade the web development process to offer the best UX and UI.

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