How Digital Marketing Will Transform Consumer Behavior in 2020?

How Digital Marketing Will Transform Consumer Behavior in 2020?

The emergence of digital marketing has revolutionized the entire market scenario. It provides firms with skyrocketing opportunities to take their brands to the next level. Many firms are expecting some big changes in the upcoming year of 2020. Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving bringing vast improvements and capabilities that were unforeseen quite a few decades back.

However, the impact of digital marketing is not restricted to business only but the extraordinary possibilities that it offers to consumers worldwide have affected consumer behavior to a very different scale. This includes both the negative and positive aspects of human behavior with respect to digital marketing.

1. AI Based Marketing

Marketing Based On AI
Artificial Intelligence Based Marketing

Great emphasis has been laid upon the benefits AI offers not only towards robotics but across a wide variety of sectors. Taking AI in context to the ecommerce platform has enabled firms to gather customer insights that include consumer behavior patterns, preferences, style, and others that provide a golden opportunity for firms to offer personalized services accordingly. Moreover, voice assistants are widely used by people since it proves to be a practical and convenient option, consumers making a purchase with just a simple voice command greatly influences customer behavior preventing users to invest their valuable time in visiting retail stores and buy things, saving them from the hassle.

2. Increase Customer Engagement

Enhance Customer Engagement
Improve Customer Engagement

Statistical analysis makes it quite self-explanatory of the user being driven towards being active on social networks throughout the day. For instance, Facebook is the most popular social network platform along with other applications have allowed customers or normal users to find information almost instantly. This makes it beneficial for e-commerce enterprises to target a broader audience to expand their customer base and sell their products and services online, thus generating supersized profits and higher revenue. Customers now intend to find information of any type whether it includes financial, educational or health-related social apps provide a superb experience to users in finding it almost instantly. Smartphones having increased capabilities to obtain information through push notifications act as the ideal way to notify uses across all aspects.

3. Content Customization

Customize Content
Content Customization

With the fast-paced digital world, users strive to obtain authentic information at a rapid pace changing customer behavior to a greater extent. For instance, web pages having ill-designed layouts and irresponsive web designs by digital agency services create a sense of frustration among users. Customers or normal users generally have a very limited attention span, making it increasingly imperative for developers to design content in a way that is immaculate and precise. Users want to receive the exact content that they intend to find, marketers having the responsibility to deliver the messages at the right time.

4. Augmented & Virtual Reality Integration

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

People in the upcoming years will want to experiment more before making concrete decisions into purchasing any product or service. Augmented shopping experiences have changed consumer behavior in the retail industry. Using AR, prospective consumers have the opportunity to experiment with new cosmetics, clothing, furniture and other elements influencing their decisions into buying products of what they desire the best. The web design company is now amalgamating this technology due to its awareness of the reaping benefits it has. Pioneer application Snapchat allows users to try out creative and ridiculously hilarious filters that make consumers more attracted to the idea, targeting the younger generation mostly. For instance, a reputable furniture company IKEA has come up with its AR app allowing users to position visual graphical images in their homes to check out the look it will have before making a decision to buy.

5. Chatbots

Integrate Chatbot

Part of the AI, Chatbots are an important weapon in the e-commerce industry when it leads to enhancing the customer experience to the next level. Chatbots allow instant communication with customers and resolve potential issues respectively. A Chabot utilizes human-like intelligence to simulate a conversation with a regular user with the intention to reduce human effort and utilize effective use of time making them an on the go, the artificial assistant is available 24/7. Chatbots could offer customers an enhanced personalized experience and guide him down the sales funnel that will greatly affect consumers buying behavior patterns. Chatbots are a great form of ecommerce design solutions to fetch data from email marketing campaigns to sell products and offer discounts.

6. Digital Payment Gateways

Digital Payment
Digital Payment Gateways

Carrying credit cards of physical cash is the old school traditional methods to make payments in the upcoming years with better digital payment gateways available. Ecommerce websites now allow payment of their products through biometric authentication or NFC technology found in most smartphone devices that eliminates the need to carry wallets, making it an effective solution to carry out transactions. For instance, Apple allows its digital stores to authenticate payments through fingerprint scanners found in smartphones making it drastically easier for users to initiate payments.



Digital marketing will soon transform the way people perceive things and as new technologies emerge into the market, solutions tend to be optimized and marketing strategies that offer better value to users and makes firm successful in the late future. Some more technological advancement also includes Blockchain, beacon technology and many others that have brought about an evolution in the society and will continue to do so.

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