Time to Triple Your E-Commerce Traffic with Perfect Content Strategy

Time to Triple Your E-Commerce Traffic with Perfect Content Strategy

Time to Triple Your E-Commerce Traffic with Perfect Content Strategy

There are many online store owners who neglect the importance of the power of the content marketing, but in 2019, if you still neglect and give no importance to content marketing, then surely your survival in this competitive market with high competition will always remain a question. For every traffic driving activity, you need a good content marketing strategy that can lead to incomparable sales and profits for your business.

You can boost sales of your e-commerce online store through a paid PPC campaign or optimize your site with relevant keywords that can help you in scoring a top rank on search engine. Yes, through organic and inorganic searches, you can easily boost sales and triple your traffic but this can never be done perfectly without a notice worthy content and persuasive writing, helping in grabbing proper attention and making your customers and visitors easily understand what the product is about and how can it be used. So let us discuss how with a good content writing strategy you can double and triple your traffic helping in getting more mature sales.

What is Content Marketing in Reality?

Content marketing is basically the creation of content in many formats such as written articles or video tutorials or via infographics, which help in capturing leads by grabbing the attention of the visitors. It is a form of inbound marketing which is precisely designed to bring the audience towards your online store, engaging them and educating them regarding the product or service being offered.

With high saturation in the market, making your online store stand out is not an easy task, but not impossible at all. It can be achieved through persuasive content marketing and strategizing it correctly. While keeping track of your target audience, write content as per what they are seeking for, reach out to your competitors and analyze what they are offering and how they are offering, reading their layout and working conditions, and finally with your own set of experiences. The way to share your content on either platform is important and every platform requires a different way of content tailored specifically for them.

Sharing Your Content on Social Media Platforms

When you have your content ready than it is the perfect time to showcase your content on different platforms for your target audience. There are many social media platforms that are not just popular but also have a lot of audience to whom you can target. The strategy is always different for every platform.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking site which is used by many users across the globe. If your product has some awe-inspiring images that can be shared for grabbing attention than show off your product on Instagram with creative short content.


Twitter is an online news and social networking site where users post and interact with others with their messages and thoughts known as ‘tweets’. Therefore if your product is not only informational but also has some essential content, then sharing on Twitter is a perfect choice. With a crowd of million users, sharing your product and its glimpse over Twitter is undoubtedly a perfect idea.


Facebook is an online social media platform and social networking site that allows its users to interact and engage in different activities. Facebook being the oldest platform, it still has the highest coverage rate with millions of active users every minute. On Facebook, if you are looking for real-time feedback and suggestions, then Facebook Live features allow you to get real-time orders and user engagement.


Pinterest is a social media web and social networking site heavily focused on images and videos. With its reach to the professional user, you can boost your sales by joining this network and targeting the audience through this medium.


LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented service social networking site where professionals meet with their professional searches. If you have a business targeted mind that via LinkedIn platform you can engage companies and offer them your product.


YouTube is one of the largest video and music-oriented platform where users upload their content that can be viewed by millions of people within minutes. You can use this platform to engage customers towards your product through your product video and company related details.

Guest Blogging – Part of Content Marketing

Guest posting on blog or articles or similar sites is a great way to drive traffic for your website. Finding a website that accepts guest blogs is an additional benefit for you because through this, you can post something related to your product, your website, the offerings you have etc. in engaging words that are persuasive enough to capture the attention of the readers, while creating a backlink on the guest blog helps the readers to route towards your website, helping in increasing your sales by generating traffic.

There are two types of guest blogging options for you, either write a blog on a completely random blogging website that has nothing similar between you or posts a blog on such blogging site that is easily relatable to your offering. Posting on a random site means there can be any sort of visitor who might not be interested in your offerings at all, but posting on a relatable blogging site means that the reader definitely have some interest in this genre and that is why he has come to this page. There are many professional guest blogging websites that can entertain your blogs and help in routing relevant traffic to your website.


American magazine and website which allows guest blogging. Contribute your articles or blogs at entrepreneur (.) com at contributor(at)entrepreneurapj.com


Forbes is a global media company which focus on technology, business, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle. You can submit your articles at opinion(at)forbes.com


Inc is a famous magazine and website all about technology, innovation and science. You can easily submit your guest blogging at pitches(at)inc.com

Business Insider

Business Insider is an American financial and business related website which allows guest blogging for everyone. Contribute to business insider contributors(at)businessinsider.com

PPC Campaigns for Your Content Advertisement

Goal setting is crucial in paid ad campaigns to determine how long you want it to be there on the search results at what place. Therefore with a paid PPC campaign, you can get immediate traffic but for that, you must have a plan. Running a PPC paid campaign is all about the long-term investment that is a long term earning the opportunity for people with long term strategy. Any successful and dedicated ecommerce website development company can guide you in proper and efficacious PPC campaigns.

Using a PPC platform helps in judging which campaign is perfect to test and which a merely a tweak to share. There are numerous products that either needs a lot of attention or excessive promotion or care to be nurtured with perfection. For making your PPC campaign landing page, always make sure it contains energetic content, persuasive product description, vivid colored images, shipping and return policy information, a phone number to contact and a secure browsing area marked with SSL certification.

Using a PPC platform do help in getting sales immediately but what is more important that when your visitor lands on your webpage, he witnesses an exceptional layout with a brilliant user experience. You can only increase in your revenue by getting loyal customers for a lifetime. There are several platforms for paid PPC campaigns but choosing the one that suits your budget is more important.

Google Paid Campaign

On Google, you can get a perfect platform for the paid campaign through Google Ads that is online advertising platform powered by Google itself.

Facebook Paid Campaign

On Facebook, you can easily advertise your product and your company. Facebook Ads is a simple and sophisticated way to run campaigns smoothly with convenience.

LinkedIn Paid Campaign

There is an advertising platform powered by LinkedIn where you can create and manage your paid campaign with effectiveness. The LinkedIn Campaign Manager let you target your audience with efficiency.

Bing Paid Campaign

The advertising platform powered by Bing search engine acts like Google Ads, the difference is Bing Ads run for the Bing search engine only.

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