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Sky masters in exploring the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence to facilitate businesses with advanced solutions and breakthrough inventions to increase business value.


AI has revolutionized the business process. The radical AI innovation has led to the intrinsic value proposition of Sky AI lab. We at Sky believe in making innovations rather than following them. Our AI landscape provides real-world solutions to optimize performance with small yet intelligent devices carefully integrated into existing work processes.

Sky Potential team of intelligent professionals seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into your business. Sky AI lab provides cutting-edge AI research programs to develop strategies that can mitigate emerging problems. Our AI ecosystem identifies the challenges and implements robust AI solutions to resolve privacy, security, and transparency. We create original, unique, and high-quality research projects.

Sky research lab conducts advanced applied research in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Sky Lab AI


Implementing extensive research for AI-embedded products.

Sky specializes in implementing Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation to drive intrinsic value from the unstructured and semi-structured text/data.

Our AI NLP services conduct accurate large-scale analysis to reduce costs, save time and streamline your business processes. NLP with NLU and NLG enables natural conversation, enhancing customer satisfaction with better data extraction and smooth operations. We build industry-focused products with in-depth research and innovation in text mining, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text processing, machine translations, etc.

Sky Lab AI


We build intelligent artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions to revolutionize your business practices.

Our AI computer vision system derives meaningful information from images, videos, and visual inputs to take timely actions and make suggestions based on the information provided. We at Sky use these images for deep learning models. Our multi-model fusion artificial intelligence techniques optimize the deep learning pipelines to facilitate insights for better product positioning, customer experience, and brand perception. Computer vision and perception identify and classify objects to react to what they see, leveraging facial recognition, segmentation, optical character recognition, auditory scene analysis, etc.


Sky Lab AI

Robotic Process Automation

Sky enhances its AI solutions by automating the business functions and processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Our RPA bots work faster than manual processes.

Sky Lab AI

Intelligent business functions and process

We develop dynamic business structures to gain tactical and strategic insights into your business processes to predict, plan, collect, analyze and optimize the functions.

Sky Lab AI

Smart products and services

The advancement of the global AI landscape adds agility to your business workflows to enhance sustainability and optimization with intelligent products and services to boost your ROI.


Advancing in the field of Artificial Intelligence via applied research, experimentation, and innovation.

Sky is your tech solution partner that leverages companies with cutting-edge technologies to reduce the cost and time needed to get work done through intelligent processes. Sky Potential intelligence lab facilitates your company to stay ahead of your competitors with research in the vast field of AI to provide next-generation solutions to emerging problems. Our AI ecosystem powers innovation, immersive experiences, customer satisfaction, and efficient processes.

Sky Lab AI


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