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How Mobile Election App Works for Voting in the UK

In today’s tech-driven world, it has not remained a daunting task to conduct a crystal clear voting process by using ground-breaking mobile technology. In the present time, state administrators are leveraging mobile applications for online voting across the country.

Sky Lab empowers businesses to make technologically advanced decisions to achieve efficiency.

Sky Labs team of efficient AI researchers and R&D leaders explore different technological dimensions to polish their expertise and cater to the emerging next-world issues in real-time.

Our continuous innovative approaches and unique solutions with robust technologies improve our products and services. We are the choice of elite businesses leading companies towards incredible revolutions with computer vision and natural language processing.

Significant Investment in R&D

With a strong hole on our finances we are able to invest over 20% of the revenue in research and development. Our commitment to innovation and experimentation is moving the world towards a wireless solution for the future.

History of Innovation

Sky Lab has placed itself as an innovator implementing industry-changing solutions to overcome the impossible issues while paving way for others to join in making futuristic breakthroughs.

Standardisation Leadership

We take pride in participating in over 200 global standards and organisations to take the mobile industry into the future. Our standardisation has enabled us to become world leaders in technological development while transforming business landscapes with wireless solution like ML, AI and Blockchain.

Sky Lab

Visual Search

Sky Lab uses a deep learning approach to provide neural network-based solutions that enable machine vision, a part of AI. Our sensory touch automates detection and recognition letting users search via voice or vision. It acts as stimuli for online searching via real-world images in a clustered visual environment.

Facial Recognition

Our team of highly professional developers build custom facial recognition models based on extensive training data, detected, collected, captured, labeled, matched and verified. Sky uses tried and tested methods like Cosface, FaceNet and Arcface to identify and authenticate the data using advanced algorithms that automate the surveillance tool.

Optimise Cloud App Security with Blockchain

Sky Potential’s Lab integrates cloud computing technologies to ensure app agility and scalability. Our developers mitigate the cloud app security issues for increasing efficiency by implementing blockchain technology for a decentralised, secure and transparent app structure. We provide decentralised storage architecture with visual storage nodes, enabling advanced cloud storage operations strongly resistant to data changes for the ultimate privacy. Sky’s next-generation apps integrated with blockchain ensures immutability, container security and allows participants to verify IoT data without the need of a central authority.

Sky Lab
Sky Lab

Logo Detection

Being the world’s leading tech company, we tackle logo issues with machine learning based detection and image recognition solutions. We integrate visual AI to develop deep detection models to improve real-time brand visibility and identify logos on images or videos.

Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds

We resolve object segmentation issues in 3D point clouds. Our team determines the different shapes, sizes and other elements of an object in a 3D data. We classify point clouds into multiple homogenous areas so that the points have similar properties, generating immersive 3D models of the real world.

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR) is the future of mobile computing platform, empowering next-age technologies with immersive interactions to enhance user experiences. Our tech-savvy solutions are set to transform market verticals with AR, VR and MR research, making the most out of the computing platforms.

Sky Lab

Develop Autonomous Driving Systems with Smart Data

Sky Potential, well known tech company power the development of global automotive ecosystem with the help of new-age technologies like IoT, AI and ML. We enable various vehicle OEMs by training machine learning models on diverse data. Our advanced approach emphasises on regulation, connectivity and mobility with no human intervention. Sky offers a digital-savvy infrastructure, connecting different vehicles through a cloud-based solution.

Sky Lab

Early Anomaly Detection via Federated Machine Learning

Machine Learning has evolved overtime helping Sky Lab to use powerful algorithms to detect, visualise and characterised anomalies like tumors in digital mammography for medical image analysis. Our model identifies unusual patterns, optimising the algorithms structure to add value to our imaging technology. We improve the recognition system by training the data on extensive, labeled and diverse data sets. Sky implements federated and privacy preserving data system, securing trained data of multiple sources without sharing patient information.

Smart Farming via High-Frequency Sensors and Reliable Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) integration into Sky Labs model automates the technology to send and receive data in real-time about temperature, rainfall and soil humidity. The data tracks trends, forecast the weather and irrigation requirements and reports directly to internet even without a strong internet connection. Our IoT devices empower farmers to make better decisions for planting, irrigating and pest control by measuring key data points about crops for accuracy. The affordable sensors optimise food production, pest and crop management and water usage.

Sky Lab