The Power of IoT Climate Change Systems 2022 l Sky Potential
Climate Monitoring



The IoT-enabled climate monitoring service creates a cleaner and safer environment by controlling critical environmental factors such as cyclones, humidity, etc.


Sky’s IoT-powered environmental monitoring solution identifies and stores surrounding light, temperature, and humidity, reducing workload with environmental monitoring services and real-time information.

The introduction of advanced technology has led Sky Potential to explore and implement high-tech, futuristic strategies to mitigate emerging problems in various industries. Sky works to build a pleasant ecosystem at your workplace by predicting and tracking climate change while checking temperature, weather, and air quality in real-time to overcome environmental issues. Our smart data-driven approach analyses and forecasts the outcomes using IoT-enabled sensors that capture and store environmental data.

Climate monitoring is the best tool for your business to improve well-being, productivity, and efficiency at your workplace. Our climate monitor data sent of the cloud comes through gateways for a real-time, closed environmental check to increase sustainability and maintain employee performance.

Climate Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring System
Sky Potential’s team of experts build robust temperature monitoring systems to track, control and regulate your product’s temperature to keep them fresh. The integrated wireless sensors and asset tracking system leverage accurate control of your home and office environments to maintain the optimal temperature.

Weather Monitoring System
Our IoT-enabled weather monitoring system maintains and monitors the home or workplace atmosphere to detect, record, and display various environmental parameters like air quality. The data sent to the cloud allows easy access through the internet.

Air Real-time Monitoring System
Sky Potential’s air monitoring system measures the wind speed, direction, and air pollutants at home or office 24/7. Our advanced environmental monitoring system sensors detect and reduce pollutant concentration for a healthy working environment.


Climate Monitoring


Our climate IoT monitoring system provides flexible heating and air conditioning temperatures to control the surrounding environment with remote diagnostics.

Climate Monitoring


Sky’s new-age environmental monitoring solution controls humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide, etc., creating awareness about emerging ecological problems to take proactive action against them.

Climate Monitoring

Integrated Systems

We integrate and implement security solutions with climate monitoring systems to protect the home and business environments. Our monitoring systems reinforce the strategy to identify potential risks.

Climate Monitoring

Healthier Environment

The climate monitoring solutions build a safe environment protecting from extreme weather conditions to increase the overall productivity, leading to a cleaner environment.

Climate Monitoring

Real Time Data

We at Sky facilitate our clients with a climate data monitoring system that analyses intelligent data and creates graphs and pie-charts to simplify the process. Our system provides deeper insights into the air, water and gas quality

Climate Monitoring

Predicted Bills

The climate change monitoring and controlling system optimises energy and internal temperatures to decrease home and work utility bills.


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