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Tap the AI and autonomous driving future.


Sky Potential creates the best-experienced driver for a safer ecosystem via autonomous driving technology that works with little or no human help.

Our self-aware autonomous cars use sensors, ML systems, actuators, algorithms and processors to process the data, construct a smooth path and take proactive action to accelerate, steer or brake. The developers at Sky Potential integrate predictive modelling via object recognition and obstacle avoidance algorithms, strictly following the traffic rules at all times.

Delivery Robots
Sky Potential’s delivery robots are built to sense the surroundings and deliver swift services to online shoppers, enhancing walkability.

Autonomous Car
Our tech-savvy solutions leverage the disabled with powerful sensors and systems while removing the chances of errors and decreasing carbon emissions for a secure and healthy environment.

Self-driving Truck
We provide your business with advanced solutions for manufacturers to develop self-driving trucks, reducing transportation costs, traffic congestion, few casualties, and more user capacity.



Aerial Autonomous Driving Technology
Sky Potential develops and integrates drones and aviation, enabling airport inspections via bird control and drone deliveries. Our futuristic solutions help your business in cargo logistics, autonomous transport and power remote deliveries. Sky Potential’s remotely operated birds decrease bird strikes, keeping them at a distance from airport premises. We at Sky Potential provide world-class flying object services with volumetric analysis, DEM, LIDAR, 3D Point Computing, GIS, Urban Planning, etc., decreasing the cost and maintenance time.


Our robots facilitate AI in space with machine learning techniques to gather information, perform mission planning and operations, provide autonomous driving navigation, maintain spacecraft and manoeuvre services. Sky Potential’s AI services enable flying objects in space to identify weather patterns, compare unusual patterns and build data sets and maps, limiting the space-to-ground experiences of extensive data transfers. The developers at Sky Potential practice autonomy for spacecraft travelling through space and provide easy manoeuvring on far objects integrating self-maintenance features with real-time hardware updates and refuelling. The automation in space improves efficiency leading to optimized schedules and reduced lead times.

AI based Space Celestial Data
Sky Potential develops cloud-based data visualization apps to extract data from outer space to detect potential disasters or phenomena. Our geospatial intelligence uses AI for national defense to extract data, analyze images and deliver meaningful information about events and objects in outer space back to Earth. Sky Potential’s AI-based space celestial data processes satellite images, identifies and tracks new celestial conditions like asteroid collisions, temperatures, gravitation forces, new galaxies, black holes and galaxies to take real-time action. The AI helps update weather conditions, online map, etc. while decreasing electromagnetic radiation emitted from celestial bodies. Our futuristic approach will use data to train AI, automating the decision-making process to take real-time action in times of crisis and medical emergencies without human intervention.

Commercial Space Flights
Our next-age approach to solving emerging problems has led us to the launch of space flights, facilitating scientists, engineers and students to experiment and increase knowledge. Sky Potential’s forward-thinking enables clients to explore solar systems, research extraterrestrial systems and work on further medical advancements, microgravity and inaccessible regions of the atmosphere. The paradigm shift concerning medical qualifications for future spaceflights will help researchers and doctors predict disease and stress tolerance. We at Sky Potential, increase reliability, durability, safety procedures and reduce maintenance requirements with the suborbital payload end-to-end offerings. Our aim to develop reusable rockets and move heavy industries causing pollution to outer space will boost tourism and research while enhancing the overview effect (bringing a sense of responsibility towards our planet).



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