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Smart Homes



We transform your future with IoT smart home automation system to improve workplace and home environment with top-level solutions.


Sky uses advanced algorithms aligned with security, alarm and control systems to enhance user experiences with the top home automation technology.

Sky Potential stresses over investing your future in best smart home security system providing complete comfort, security and convenience via central and web-based control of your home.

We at Sky personalise your workplace and home experiences with smart locks, wireless connectivity, networked systems, sensory strips, device awareness, carbon control, reduced energy, etc., benefitting your businesses with futuristic solutions. Our home automation solutions control light, temperature, devices, systems, entertainment, etc., by gathering data from how you use the system.

Smart Homes


Smart Home Security Systems
Sky provides foolproof smart home security solutions integrated with smart locks, alarms and monitoring to connect the automation system with motion detectors, cameras, automated door locks, etc.

Temperature Home Automation Services
We let you set optimum temperatures at work and home via a remote that reduces your electricity bills by greater amounts. Sky’s smart home surveillance systems’ sensor track whether your house is empty or not to adjust the temperatures automatically.

Entertainment Automation Services
Sky Potential’s developers create an immersive environment using advanced and the best home automation technology by controlling music systems, shows, television channels and playlists according to your preference via a mobile phone.

Smart Home Lighting System
Our IoT home automation feature leverages you to adjust lighting as per your preference with day and night modes. The advanced smart lighting system switches off lights of an empty house automatically to save energy.


Smart Homes

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption with our complete smart home solutions, controlling the temperature and lighting of your home. Our system lets you switch to day, evening and night mode automatically to save energy and lower your bills with Fintech Blockchain.

Smart Homes

Integrated Devices

Sky Potential’s smart home automation solutions make your appliances work to their full capacity by automating and connecting all systems and appliances. Our solutions assist and manage the user work around the house at any time.

Smart Homes

Smart Home Surveillance Systems

Sky’s strict IoT smart home security system features allows users to monitor at-home activities with smartphones by connecting them to home appliances and Blockchain supply chain. Our system leverages users with security alerts.

Smart Homes

Customizing Smart Home Design

Our world-class customisation features enable users to set, limit and segregate home automation devices to record remotely.

Smart Homes

Easy Installation

We facilitate a smart control of the automated system with quick installation of smart home app development process; leveraging developers to switch between modules easily while maintain quality.

Smart Homes

Smart Home Control

The robust and flexible IoT home automation solutions allows multiple upgrades or changes to your original technology. It manages technology, house chores and appliances easily.


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