The 4 Advanced Shopping Assistant Features l Sky Potential
Shopping Assistant

Shopping Assistant


Automate business workflows with augmented reality shopping experiences.


Sky Potential provides an immersive customer shopping experience with robust analytical tools. The AR shopping assistant monitors the customer preferences to personalise the product offers to increase purchases.

We take pride in being known as the leading shopping assistant provider with next-age technologies being integrated into businesses. Our team at Sky increases business sales performance with the smooth brand and customer interaction with our experiential marketing technologies. Sky’s AR technology dives deeper into your business insights to build strong connections between the physical and digital world using the try-and-buy technique. We merge the virtual and retail worlds to reduce your business cost by decreasing the in-store staff and developing products faster. Sky Potential’s AR digital shopping assistant solution facilitates customised products and services with 3D product models, configuring items to align with your customer’s needs to make better decisions and mitigate the risk associated with returns. The AR-enables apps and web-powered AR browser integrate the Salesforce and CRM platforms, empowering the users to personalise and design.

Shopping Assistant


Sky Potential’s augmented reality shopping assistant services transform the working environment with a consistent information workflow, letting you visualise the product in the AR ecosystem.

Personalised Shopping Assistant Analytical Tools
Implementing a shopping assistant leads to analysing the customers’ needs and preferences to make a similar recommendation, increasing sales while saving time and resources.

Digital Shopping Assistant: Product Recognition
We use scannable QR codes, text recognition, image recognition and EAN code recognition to build an emotional bond with the products.

3D Product Shopping Solutions
Our developers implement a 3D view of products for users with advanced technical specifications, promotional knowledge, cross-selling products, customer reviews and product information.

Personal Shopping Help with Additional Information
Sky’s mobile apps and user-friendly web interfaces display detailed product information for customers to access data and monitor it throughout the process quickly.


Shopping Assistant

‍Competitive Advantage

We make your business stand out from others in the industry by offering try-and-buy experiences at home. It decreases the rate of returns.

Shopping Assistant

Shopping Assistant Service

Our virtual shopping help solutions provide 24/7 support, letting the shopping assistant smoothly communicate with your customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Shopping Assistant

Increased Sales

Sky Potential, a tech giant, helps businesses generate more sales with augmented reality shopping assistant technology, providing product suggestions to customers encouraging them to purchase and fill their carts.

Shopping Assistant


We offer virtual fittings to customers allowing them to design their product according to their colour, fabric and body size preferences in swift, accessible and budget-friendly ways.

Shopping Assistant

Customer Experience

The shopping assistant at Sky lets your customers virtually place, scale, fit and adjust the products to visualise the overall look, reducing the chances of purchasing an incorrect article.

Shopping Assistant

Analyse Data

AR technology collects, analyses, saves, and evaluates customer preferences and related information, increasing future sales with our customised recommendations.


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What Our Client’s Say

I absolutely admire how dedicatedly Sky Potential team worked on my web application project. They kept me updated with the status of the web app project from prototyping to designing, development, testing and launch. I got an exceptional and highly-functional web app that satisfies all my needs with the help of their passionate and skilful team.

Ethan Edward

Vice President

What Our Client’s Say

Sky Potential team hold brilliant skills in software development and have much experience in creating a powerful application which helped me a lot to manage my business. They resolved all my queries in a really fast way. I came to know about their remarkable services from one of my best friends, and I am pleased to give them a try

Lewis Tyler

Chief Marketing Officer

What Our Client’s Say

I hired Sky Potential for enterprise portal development and was astonished to see that they are a really supportive and experienced team. Their company have skilful experts that come up with amazing ideas to increase my business ROI. I had a wonderful experience with them and would definitely recommend them for enterprise portal development.

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Chief Executive Officer