6 Features of Decentralised Exchange Technology 2021 l DEX.

Decentralized CRYPTO


Build a rapid and highly secure platform of a crypto decentralised exchange ecosystem.


Our decentralised peer-to-peer trading model augments the internet for unrestricted access to information by everyone.

Sky Potential facilitates your business with the peer-to-peer exchange of tokens or crypto-assets to increase your revenue. The decentralised exchange development structure of our strategy promotes transparency, traceability and immutability, encouraging the predictable business trade of crypto-assets based on codes without the involvement of intermediaries. Our developers enable businesses to control assets in the wallet, leveraging complete ownership of the assets.

Sky Potential automates processes and smart contracts to increase swift and transparent transactions. Our DEX platform allows users to purchase a share of an asset, transferring partial ownership opportunities to increase profit through trading. We aim to enhance our support to businesses through various part involvement.



Sky Potential, a tech giant, leverages prosumers to make scalable and quick transactions directly by monetising demand response and flexibility with a new marketplace DEX. Our developers implement a user-centric financial system, DEX, to improve user experience and monitor malicious activities or suspicious transactions in a different paradigm for your business. Our best decentralised crypto exchange technology automates processes to give your business complete ownership for transparent and traceable data exchange.

The decentralised cryptocurrency exchange works on automated computer codes at cost-effective prices, increasing transactional liquidity for innovation and more business value. Sky Potential’s DEX platform is a marketplace that issues, trades, and records the business transaction of your crypto-assets on a daily basis. DEX fulfills our vision of next-generation solutions to mitigate emerging problems with an ecosystem of technological innovation, increasing efficiency through advanced decentralised tools. Our trading takes place across distributed ledgers to reduce the server downtime risks. Our platform operates on a smart-contract-based escrow system and unbolts modern blockchain development services’ actual value and potential.



Sky Potential’s cross-functional blockchain team of engineers and experts work together to integrate a mission-driven decentralised cryptocurrency exchange development solution for your business. We design the atomic swap process for DEX to allow a direct exchange of tokens between parties while ensuring no one back out once the contract is signed. Our exchange system is built with three key components:

Price Discovery Mechanism of Crypto Exchange Development Services: data available for trade against zero spread. Our automated maker executes trades using liquidity pools and substituting the buyers and sellers while making no comprise on significant liquidity exchange.

Trade Matching Engine in Decentralised Development Solutions: We leverage smart contracts execution without third party involvement. Sky Potential, your tech solution provider, guarantees high performance, transparency and speed with robust trading engines for quick implementation, low slippage and reduced trade failures.

Trade Clearing System in Decentralised Exchange Development Services: Sky Potential, a blockchain consultant, promotes negotiations on the DEX chat board or buying/selling board before signing the contract, leading to real-time trade of securities and funds between two parties.


Increase user engagement and experience with advanced crypto exchange development solutions.


Sole Ownership

Our decentralised exchange solution maintains various ledgers for multiple services like data, transactions, smart contracts, data, etc., with the sole ownership and control over the transactions.



We implement DEX for seamless and efficient communication with external blockchain platforms to mitigate doubts related to the decentralised exchange process. Our simple and easy process starts with registration with reduced friction.



Sky Potential’s DEX platform covers your business data and privacy with bank-grade security to minimise content exposure. Our cost-effective process of issuing tickets decreases the frictional cost of exchange between parties for safer, quicker and cheaper transactions.


Issue tickets

Sky Potential engages your business with interactive DEX services, allowing you to issue fungible and non-fungible tokens with transferring tickets. Our crypto exchange integration functions enable companies to conduct smooth global trading.


Crypto and Fiat Support

Our decentralised crypto exchange platform supports multiple registered fiat and cryptocurrency trading, facilitating your business or user with seamless approved currency trading.


Smart Contracts

The decentralised structure guarantees stable digital currency for exchange allowing various micropayments for your business in the long run. Sky Potential’s integrated smart contracts automate business transactions to increase efficiency, accuracy and privacy.


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