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Data Mesh

Improve your existing data via a data mesh development strategy.

Improve your existing data via a data mesh development strategy.

Sky Potential’s data mesh development services and implementation enable users to virtually access, analyse and functionalise the business’s insights from multiple data sources.

We aspire to augment and improve every aspect of your business functions with data to change how we scale and maintain your data. Sky Potential’s team of developers identifies and integrates an analytical data mesh decentralised structure into your business operations, leveraging faster and easy data access that translates directly without the requirement to transfer it to the data warehouse.

Sky Potential, your leading tech provider, enables businesses with soloed data, automating analytics at scale and avoiding the monolithic data structures to save storage and functional costs. Our data mesh architecture leverages domain-specific teams with the management and ownership of the data to serve as a product.



Agility and Scalability
Our data mesh developer increases decentralised operations, team productivity and data architecture, improving domain agility, scalability and time-to-market data.

On-time Data Delivery
We at Sky Potential leverage your business with manageable self-serve models using a decentralised strategy structure with quick access and accurate data delivery time.

Improved Flexibility
The data mesh integration boosts more flexibility. The vendor-agnostic companies are leveraged with multiple choices for connection to various systems.

Increased Transparency
Sky Potential decentralises the data ownership by distributing data between cross-functional domain teams like IT and domain experts, improving data quality with transparency.

Data Security
Sky Potential’s data mesh developers implement a futuristic approach to reduce data breaches and other risks to information, improving data security and business productivity with smooth platform connectivity.

Encrypted Compliance
The distributed data mesh infrastructure reconciles data ingestion, enabling companies to control security and ensure robust compliance for high-end data quality delivery and accessibility.


Our data mesh strategy makes the data accessible, secure, and interoperable to bridge the operated and analytical data gap. Sky Potential’s forward-thinking tech solutions boost easy and swift data access. The data mesh is the outcome of four principles: domain data ownership, self-serve data platform, computational federal government and data as a product. Our decentralised data mesh infrastructure helps businesses meet the increasing needs.

Sky Potential’s data mesh technology comprises metadata, analytical data, and computation for developing a data ecosystem to gain complete ownership with a data-driven strategy. The three key elements of futuristic data: data pipeline complexities, appetite for more data, and more standardised data discoverability and observability to functionalise the data.



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