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Keys to Writing the Perfect Business Plan for Your Mobile App

There are mainly two reasons why you’re looking to write a business plan for your mobile app. Either you want your founding team to keep up with the shared strategy or you want to fund.

There’s an estimated number of 2.1 million apps in the Apple store. Since its launch, over 140 billion apps are recorded to be downloaded. Android users are provided with 2.8 million choices in-app store and yet, reports show that most people don’t keep more than 30 apps on their smartphones, and use barely 9 of them once a day.

These numbers show the severity of competition in the mobile app market. That’s why business plans are always a useful tool as startups can’t work on just rough estimations and guesswork. Everything should be immaculately researched. Getting a proper enterprise app from the best mobile app development services do not come cheap and if you’re just starting up in the business then the budget is even more of a concern.

Each business requires a personalized business plan but there’s a format to be followed. Here’s the key to writing the perfect business plan for your mobile app:

Executive Summary

Write down a clear, and concise executive summary because this is what sets the tone of your entire business plan. Once you sort out all the elements on this page, it helps you throughout your entire business plan. It is the most important part of your business plan as it is the section which an investor reads first.

It should include a:

  1. Problem statement- a problem statement is a difficulty or a series of continuous complains that you know your consumers are having without any or a proper solution available in the market. This section should include that enough number of users are having this problem for your app to be a viable investment.
  2. Solution statement- tell your readers about how your app is going to solve the aforementioned problem. It should briefly define how your app is going to solve the persisting issue and what makes your app the potential solution to existing problems.
  3. USP- or UVP is the unique selling proposition/unique value proposition. This should tell how you aim to differentiate yourself from other products in your market. For a mobile app with an existing market, it is a great opportunity to grab industry’s lacking and use it your app differentiating benefit. But if your mobile app is entering new markets then this may be a little harder to define.
  4. Goals and objectives- it is very important to give your investors a clear idea about your future goals as it directly impacts their interest in your business plan. Whether their goals align with yours or whether they should be investing in your app or not.

Business Description

Many investors pay extra attention to the way you describe your business. A business introduction helps evaluate big investors like tech incubator Y-Combinator to invest in small startups by analyzing their potential growth in the future. They analyze your team, business model, corporate goals and future aims. What you start as is not going to be what you will always be. Show off your potential with a complete company overview, company history, and team introduction.

  1. Company Overview should include all the basic information about your company. Where your business is located? What type of business entity do you define yourself as? What is your company’s infrastructure? What does your mobile app mean to your business? And so on.
  2. Company History is a great way to humbly flaunt your milestones. Include all your biggest moments, where you started from and where you’ve come. This interests an investor as they see your potential to grow.
  3. Team Introduction allows you to further gain the trust of your investment as you properly state each staff member’s qualification and position. Having competent staff always puts a great impression.

Market Analysis

Your investors may be the sharks of their industry but they would still need a thorough analysis of your market. Provide a complete:

  1. Industry Analysis- Give them the idea of your startup’s success by giving them accurate numbers. Like the market size of your respective industry, major competitors, market forecasts within five years and related data on your mobile app startup.
  2. SWOT Analysis- Any market analysis is incomplete without a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis gives a pretty good estimation of a product’s success by evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Briefly define your mobile app’s strengths, its weaknesses (make them small and emendable), opportunities that your mobile app brings for both you and your investor and any threats faced by your mobile app and how you plan to tackle them. Remember, to be honest with your SWOT analysis, investors know fake confidence when they see it.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy builds a bridge between your product and your consumers. Your investors should know that you have such a stable bridge that will allow your mobile app to fall right into the hands of your consumers. Use measurable metrics in your strategy that are relevant to your mobile app instead of vanity metrics. For example, if you’re offering a social mobile app then it is more important to measure your daily active users than number downloads.

Give your investors a strategy that gains their trust by making clear estimations on your customer acquisition costs, break-even and burns rate.


If your investor has read through all the details above, now is the time to give them accurate and straightforward answers to their questions of:

How will your mobile app make money?

How much is needed for best mobile app development services?

What is your monetization strategy?

And how much will it cost to keep the app running?

Your financials may vary depending upon which monetization strategy you choose, and how much costs your app requires as no technology startup or app is same and each journey is a different experience.


Google Rolls Out Its Search App ‘Google Go’

Google announced its lightweight search app for phones with limited RAM and users with limited access to wireless internet or mobile data, as many other Go apps launched earlier, including:

YouTube Go, Gallery Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Files Go, and Gmail Go to name a few.

This version is designed specifically for Android Go phones. These types of smartphones have higher demand in developing markets where users’ buying power is relatively low as compared to Western markets. Keeping these facts in mind, Google first launched its Google Go app in 2017 in only a few selected countries where users face internet connection issues and spending on expensive smartphones with better specs is a luxury few can afford.

Fast forward to 2019, Google Go is available for everyone. No matter which phone or which country, now everyone can use a lighter version of Google search. Because no matter how developed our cities may be, we all face the misery of spotty connections once in a while. And it can also be helpful if you go out hiking or exploring into areas with bad service.

Besides being light on your mobile storage, what other features is Google Go offering?

What Makes Google Go Different?

Here are a couple of cool features you get with Google Go:

  • It has a lens feature to help it recognize and read texts. Like road signs, bus or train schedules, billboards or any other resourceful information. Just point your camera to the text you want app lens to recognize and it will read and translate it to you
  • AI feature which allows you to listen to extra lengthy blocks of text instead of reading them
  • Google Go also highlights informative text on a page so readers can avoid ads within text or anything irrelevant to their search
  • The “tap first” feature. This means that a user doesn’t have to type much. Tapping on the search bar suggests all the trending topics
  • Date usage feature. When enabled, data usage loads a lighter version of a webpage

Google Go is designed to target users who are not very familiar with the web yet and assists them to surf the web more efficiently and faster.

Even though the lens feature addition was only 100KB but the recent updates have increased the total storage size of the app from 5MB to 7MB. Which is still a very low storage space as compared to Google’s full-size version. The flagship Google App consumes 330MB in three hours’ span on average, while the Google Go version only consumes 32MB. The lighter version of the app consumes forty percent less data and works impressively even on connections as slow as 2G. The app is supported by any android phone running on Lollipop 5.0 version or higher.

To make it appealing to first time users, Google also made the overall user interface sleek and clean with circular icons and default icon set including other Go app services of Google. But if you don’t want to use other Go services like Gallery Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go and so on then the app also gives easier access to some of the most popular social media sites on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As the user gets the hang of the things, they can also customize their experience with the app. Adding customized icons or app background.

Google App comes with a support of 28 languages and also allows users to share images, and GIFs with a couple of taps. There are useful sites like YouTube, Weather, News, and Maps right at the homepage of Google Go, so the first time users have access to the right apps with just a single touch.

Google Go received positive reviews with its first round of beta testing and its success is only estimated to grow further in the future. Just like all other ‘lite’ versions of mobile apps, Google Go is easy on your phone’s storage but it also offers some great features at such a decreased size. Google Go has its major market in India with a 48% user rate. It’s next potential markets are Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria with 16%, 14%, and 6% consumer rate, respectively.

Android Go

To assure the success of its Go services, Google has invested in Android Go phones. The demand for cheap yet updated phones is increasing in developing countries and the new generation of Android Go phones offer smartphones at affordable prices. This will increase the number of users of Google’s services and apps. The first batch of Android Go phones announced at the MWC 2018 included Alcatel 1X and Nokia 1. Since then several Android Go devices have been introduced by big companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola.



How to Expand Your Business Successfully with Shopify Ecommerce Development

Unfortunately, a great proportion of business owners don’t understand how to run and grow an e-commerce business. We all know that expansion is a positive term that is measured by profit or output over a time period. In fact, it is the prime goal for retail businesses to expand their operations in a couple of years.

However, if you are also looking forward to expanding your e-commerce business then you will need to be familiar with a few key concepts and principles of Shopify. Here is how Shopify would help you to grow your business strategically over time.

  1. Add A New Product Line

This is the first and foremost strategy that helps to grow e-commerce business instantly. Ensure to offer additional sizes, styles, and colors for every single product that is available in your online store. For instance, if you sell promotional stuff, you might add embroidery or screen printing options for people who want to reflect their brand in the eyes of their customers.

By doing this you will not only offer a vast range of products to your customers but also enhance their engagement. So make sure to offer an array of products and services over your site to expand your operation effortlessly.

  1. Increasing Advertisement

When it comes to expanding your business successfully with Shopify it is necessary to increase market share for existing products. For this, you will need to run a paid advertisement campaign over popular search engines like google to target potential customers. In this way, you will not only drive more customers to try your brand but also reach your goals successfully.

Furthermore, you will also need to keep an eye on your competitor’s products to expand your existing product line in a speedy manner.

  1. Leverage AI Tools

There’s nothing important for growth strategy like artificial intelligence tools for e-commerce businesses. If you are desperate to grow revenue and increase the output of your Shopify e-commerce development, then you need to find effective ways to reduce costs. With artificial intelligence tools, you can diminish expenses even bring leads to your business than ever.

Thus, you need to connect with the best e-commerce website development company to reduces costs while simultaneously increasing output with AI tools. Else you miss a great chance to increase your market share and drive more revenue for expansion.

  1. Expand to New Market

When growing your e-commerce business through Shopify platform it is important to look for a new market rather than expanding in the same place. By targeting a new market, you can help your e-commerce business achieve strategic growth over time. This is because it will not only help you to increase market share but also bring new leads to your products and services from across the world.

So make sure to expand your business into a new market with Shopify to open up new doors of opportunities.

  1. Enhance Credibility Within Your Funnel

Another method to expand your business successfully with Shopify e-commerce development is to boost trust within your funnel. This might sound complicated, but you could easily enhance your credibility ratio by following some effective strategies. For example, you can enhance the amount of trust that people have on you buy showcasing reviews.

Try to add a review section on every product page to boost trust among current as well as potential customers without any hassle. You could also integrate your social media account over the Shopify platform to display genuine reviews of the products that are being displayed.

  1. Live Chat Option

No one can deny the perks of a live chat option for e-commerce business growth. The great news is that Shopify offers a live chat feature to ensure that your site can provide top-notch levels of customer service. If you want to entertain your site visitors from shopping to the checkout process, then you must opt for a live chat option.

Do remember to place a live chatbox on the bottom of your e-commerce platform and should be visible on every page. However, it is a better idea to place a live chatbox on the checkout page as well.

  1. Add Trusted Seals or Badges

One of the best ways to expand your business successfully with Shopify e-commerce development is to add trusted seals and badges. According to a recent survey-based report, more than 60% of potential buyers do not complete their purchases, due to the lack of a trust seal and badges. Luckily Shopify provides more than dozens of seals and badges to e-commerce sites.

You too could make the most of trusted seals and badges by considering the best e-commerce website development company for your Shopify e-commerce site development.

In summary, it could be stated now that the above information is appropriate for business owners and marketers who want to expand their business to a new height.


4 Amazing Facts About the Internet of Things That Nobody Will Tell You

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly in our offices and home every passing day. Internet of Things (IoT) devices use the Internet connection to empower work operations as well as home appliances, like your security system, work management, smartwatch, refrigerator and a lot more. These devices can accomplish goals automatically via a reliable Internet connection.

So, if you are also willing to connect IoT devices to outrun your competition then you are reading the right content. Read the information shared in the below passage to explore amazing facts about the Internet of Things.

  1. IoT Has Strengthen Business and Organisation

This an undeniable fact that due to the adoption of IoT technologies and services businesses and organization has reached their ambitious targets on time with complete confidence. Hence, the significance of the internet of things in work operations can’t be ignored.  According to a recent survey-based report, more than 90% of small businesses and large enterprises use IoT devices in monitoring and controlling their operations and assets. The report also suggested that more than 50% of businesses and organizations use IoT devices for analysis.

This is the main reason why giant enterprises like Amazon and lots of IT industry professionals are using IoT applications to run their projects smoothly. If you are also looking for an opportunity to grow your operations in a hassle-free manner, then you must consider this IoT technology for a flourishing future.

The Internet of Things is present in a wide range of gadgets and tools around the globe. This is why big brands like Cisco has invested a multibillion-dollar in this technology in recent years. It is seen that the production and service sector is largely adopting IoT technologies. Be it a data analytics report, device-management service, wide-area network security, or data backup services, IoT plays a key role in strengthening businesses and organizations.

  1. IoT is Updating Every Day to Accelerate Operations

The vast majority of IoT growth is through the transformation of mobile and desktop devices. For instance, smart-home devices are operated through your phone in a hassle-free manner. A recent report suggests that the Internet of Things devices will be doubled in 2020 and it will be over 21 billion by the end of 2025.

Currently, the number of IoT-specific devices is still varying in various projects and enterprises. But the overall objective is clear and the same and this is growth. Whether you want to follow the latest connectivity trend or you want to set up a wireless communications system, IoT devices are the right choice. By engaging IoT, you can perform more optimistically to achieve your targets for growth.

Moreover, you can also get the benefit of having a vehicle connected to the IoT device for tracking by the Best IoT solutions company UK. If you are running an e-commerce store so your growth can be accelerated by connected IoT devices with big sales booms. For this, you will need to research products and services where new connections are required for great impact.

  1. IoT Helps Enterprises to Perform Beyond Their Capabilities

It is true to say that the Internet of Things is helping enterprises to produce better results by utilizing innovative functions of technology. No matter you are a part of a small business or a giant store you could enhance your capabilities every passing day with IoT tools. The IoT devices could be smaller in size but can generate better results for a wide range of products and services. It will also help you to avail THE real-time readings of your units anytime from anywhere through cloud servers.

IoT technology can help to achieve targets that are difficult for the human workforce. With the invention of new capabilities in opt devices you can accomplish multiple goals with any security threats. The latest tools of technologies like smart IoT gadgets have smart sensors for advance monitoring in different operations such as healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. It also helps to save time and energy by turning off useless devices automatically.

  1. IoT Offers Nonstop Operations

When it comes to run operations in a nonstop manner, IoT smart sensor devices is the right option. This is another benefit of IoT devices that allow businesses and organizations to run their operations without any stoppage. The main reason behind this is that machine equipment that is run automated needs only an internet connection. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to perform beyond your expectation then you must adopt IoT smart sensor technologies via Best IoT solutions company UK. Else you miss a great option to overcome a range of issues that require real-time actions.

In summary, it could be stated now that this blog is best for businesses and organizations that want to outrun their competition with the latest tools of technology.

Artificial Intelligence IOT

How Does Artificial Intelligence Empower the Internet of Things?

In today’s fast-paced world every business and organization want to integrate IoT and AI in their operations. With the existence of the internet everywhere it has become easy for business owners and individuals to engage innovate gadgets around them. Thanks to tech innovators that are integrating artificial intelligence with the internet of things for tech lovers.

However, if you want to take strict measures to engage the Internet of things and Artificial intelligence in your workplace or home then you are reading the right content. Let’s have a look below to discover how artificial intelligence empowering the internet of things for nonstop operations.

The influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Internet of Things

You will be amazed to know that we all use the Internet of Things multiple times a day without even knowing it. There are numerous ways to use the internet of things and artificial intelligence when we are at home or office. For instance, nowadays we use smartphones to set the temperature of our room, house security system as well as monitoring team at work.

According to a recent report, the idea of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence had existed since the last three decades. And with the advancement of technology, the idea of IoT and AI has turned into reality. In the present time, IoT and AI gadgets have become a crucial part of our daily lives. Be it a home appliance or larger-scale business tools, a wide range of IOT and AI technologies equipment’s are surrounded by us.

Due to the speedy inventions in the technology sector, people are quickly accepting IoT and AI technology equipment. However, the concept of artificial intelligence and the internet of things is too broad to cover especially for the non-tech-savvy people. But for tech lovers, it is easy to understand and use Artificial intelligence tools in their everyday transactions.

For example, you can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator by using your smartphone with an internet connection regularly. Without a high-speed internet connection, it might become a challenging task for you to operate IoT or AI devices. So make sure to connect IoT and AI devices with a reliable internet connection.

Real-Life Use of AI-Powered IoT Appliances

It is proven that people and companies that are using IoT and AI tech are performing better than before. Whether you are willing to use IoT in the agriculture industry, or IT industry, IOT can provide results beyond expectation to small as well as large-scale companies and consumers. For instance, you can install an AI integrated IoT security management tool to recognizes human movement. By Best IoT solutions company UK, you could easily upgrade your office space as well as a home lifestyle.

AI Empower IoT Devices to Maintain the Freshness of Products

The agriculture sector is using the internet of things and artificial technology to continuously track the quality of products. It helps producers as well as consumers to keep a sharp eye on the quality of their product anytime from anywhere.

You too can use IOT devices with cloud-based AI software to maintain the freshness of your products from development to delivery process. It also helps you to collect temperature data on your precise time.

Moreover, cloud-based analytics help you to identify and fix issues in real-time through different notifications. By figuring out the actual temperature and product freshness level you can take alternative decisions to minimize wastage as well as to maximize the profitability with your customer satisfaction.

Task Monitoring Tools to Improve Work Efficiency

In the present time, business operators and tech consumers are looking forward to technologies that help to speed up their daily routine transactions. Hence it is imperative to implement AI-empowered IoT devices in office and home to improve the efficiency of work. Be it meeting scheduling, task management, data security, site monitoring or any crucial task, you can improve efficiency by empowering the internet of things with Artificial intelligence tools.

Believe it or not, to improve efficiency is a key factor in any fast-moving business or organization. If you want to grow your operations in the office in a hassle-free way, then you must use the internet of thing monitoring tools that are integrated with Artificial intelligence.

When you use Artificial intelligence empowered internet of things gadgets in your workplace you will move your performance graph to the optimal level. The innovative gadgets will automatically turn down when nobody is working in the office to save energy. By Best IoT solutions company UK, you will not only save time but also energy while accomplishing your projects.

In summary, it could be stated now that the above information is appropriate for people who want to utilize IoT as well as AI technology to take their business to the next level.