5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

Blockchain technology has taken the world’s technological industry to new heights. This powerful technology has transformed the way businesses are done increasing people’s digital expectations to a great extent. With the launch of Blockchain, cryptocurrency took the IT sector by storm modifying the way transactions are performed across the world. The digital currencies have grabbed everyone’s attention with the integration of complex algorithms that make the transactions secured and completely protected. 

With a massive increase in Blockchain wallet’s popularity, several new wallets are being launched. Let’s have a look at the best Blockchain wallets and how they work for you.


1. Ledger Nano S

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You
Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the most popular and widely used blockchain hardware wallet. It may be considered expensive but the features that this cryptocurrency wallet offer is worth using. When it comes to the security of your blockchain wallet, it excels the list as a powerful security feature is hard to find in any other cryptocurrency wallet. Ledger Nano S has removed the need for a computer to use this wallet via its LCD screen as it allows you to operate easily. It keeps the backup of your private key and provides functions like exchanging digital currency, performing transactions and using related apps. Through this blockchain wallet, you can transfer money from one place to another within seconds supporting all popular cryptocurrencies. 


2. Coinbase

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

Coinbase is among the easy-to-operate blockchain wallets allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the simple process. This blockchain wallet is based on the beginner-friendly interface that is easily understandable by all users making the transaction process quick. By using Coinbase, you can transfer as many dollars you like by connecting to a U.S bank, then use those dollars in the form of cryptocurrencies to transfer money. It enables two-factor authentication so your wallet app is highly secured from any unauthorized access. It supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.  It is backed up by well-known exchanges and contains a large number of investors. Affordable software development firm can associate your bank account with the Coinbase app and start using secure transaction functionalities.


3. Atomic Wallet

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You
Atomic Wallet

Atomic supports more than three hundred tokens and coins, being a huge multi-currency blockchain wallet. By using an atomic wallet, you can store, manage, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies that are protected by mnemonic seed. It has a user-friendly interface allowing you to transfer through your own fully controlled fund feature. It is custody free and multi-platform that has the ability to operate on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and macOS. It stores your private keys on your devices with the help of on-device intelligence protecting all your wallet data. Mobile app development agency can provide you clean one interface with its several in-built services and 24/7 support. There is an in-app buy option so you can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card within a few clicks.



5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

Trezor is among the best blockchain wallets due to its amazing power of storing your cryptocurrencies. Its small size makes it easier to carry and can be used safely on a computer. The screen of Trezor is protected by multiple layers, though it looks expensive but comes with a very reasonable price starting from $96. It can be connected to the PC using USB supporting various popular cryptocurrencies at a time. With this blockchain wallet, you will have the facility to completely own and control your private keys without any other’s involvement. Trezor has a built-in algorithm that randomly generates a number offering 24-letter recovery seed. It has the ability to perform unique sign-in features for every transaction keeping your currencies even more secured. 


5. Exodus

5 Best Blockchain Wallets & How It Works For You

Exodus is the most advanced web-based blockchain wallet that contains multiple interesting features. It not just offers digital currency storage and transactions but includes functionalities like reporting system, graphics features, colorful design, easy to use interface etc. Other blockchain wallets offer almost the same features but don’t really focus on the designing part, at which Exodus takes the leading position. Exodus isn’t an ordinary online blockchain wallet but integrates all the advanced web-based transactional features. Transactions are fast in Exodus as it removes the step of your Exodus’s account identification and verification so you can perform currency exchange through one click only. Professional blockchain technology company doesn’t require an extra subscription fee for different digital assets, storing all your cryptocurrency information on your computer instead of Exodus server.



Due to its high demand, blockchain wallets were introduced that allow millions of users to store, buy, sell and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. Blockchain wallets eliminate the involvement of third parties allowing users to transfer funds in an easier, faster and secure manner. It encrypts all your cryptocurrency-related information which can only be decrypted by only you with the help of private keys.


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