5 Emerging App Development Technologies in the UK


5 Emerging App Development Technologies in the UK

Today, almost all businesses are taking a new turn in their operations and working on ways to improve client services.

For this, they build multiple apps, some intended to serve within internal business operations, some for different department needs purposes, and some for client service purposes.

Every industry is unique and has its way of doing things. When we look at manufacturing businesses, they have multiple apps for different needs, like inspection, workplace, HR, and client service. Similar construction, oil, and refinery businesses, fiancé businesses, etc., have different needs; for these, they have opened multiple apps for multiple purposes.

I’m talking about all these as one emerging technology that is taking the lead in mobile app development: one that is disrupting the traditional way of building or using mobile apps.

Those emerging techs are blockchain, AR, AI, IoT and ML.

These unique structures boost the app’s UX and give businesses or client users a new way of dealing with, managing operations or activities, or providing customer service.

Here, you will discover a new horizon for Sky Potentials in the UK, the best software house in the UK. You will learn how our emerging tech app development service is revolutionising businesses in Europe.

Let’s move on, buddies!


5 Embryonic Technology in App Development in the UK


  1. BlockChain app development


The procedure of designing, building, and maintaining blockchain apps is an infrastructure where blockchain apps come to life. You can infuse blockchain features in the app, like smart contracts, digital currencies, and distributed ledgers, or you can create an entirely blockchain-based app from scratch.

Blockchain development utilises a shared distributed ledger that will remain the same forever. Transactions are recorded in a fully secure manner, and the ledger tracks the movement of various assets, such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, to physical assets like real estate properties or commodities.

In simple terms, blockchain is a fixed digital ledger that records digital money transfers using cryptocurrency. It tracks assets between distributed, peer-to-peer computer networks.

Blockchain app development differs from traditional ones as they are decentralised, meaning there is no central system to control them, and they operate on a peer-to-peer network—no central server.

Blockchain also uses consensus mechanisms and cryptocurrency for solid security.

It is very challenging to add blockchain to the mobile app and even harder to secure.

The market has many developers, but certified, experienced, and highly skilled developers passionate about learning blockchain can do that.

Rights tools, tech stacks, and standards are necessary when working on a blockchain app development project.

We are the ones who do it very carefully and with full attention. We do not offer blockchain app development services, but we provide consulting on building the most useful blockchain strategy per your business core values, goals, and vision.

Contact Sky Potentials UK.


  1. AI app development


You want to increase the UX of your app. Here comes the AI apps.

It seems very easy when you hear “AI,” but building an AI app requires a heavy dose of time and energy.

AI app development is all about using ML algorithms, NLP, computer vision, and deep learning techniques to create a powerful AI app.

These are just a few basics; there are more.

The sole aim of AI app development is to eliminate tedious and repetitive issues, give the best 224/7 clients service, and build strong quality assurance.

With AI app development, most tasks become automated, which means you can focus on more goal–oriented tasks related to business.

The AI-powered app provides smart virtual assistants, smooth interaction, and customised recommendations.

However, developing an AI app is very costly. Knowing specific packages and libraries requires a high knowledge of emerging technologies and an in-depth understanding of calculus, probability, statistics, and advanced programming languages, such as Pythons.

At Sky Potentials US, we solve business issues by creating an AI-powered app. Our engineers excel in AI tools and techniques and have experience working on big AI projects. They deal with diverse industry matters and deliver AI solutions that are well appreciated by the clients and businesses for which they work.

Streamline your future with AI and serve your precious clients 24/7.


  1. IoT app development


Creating an IoT system through IoT app development allows digital objects to talk to each other through data without human interaction. In other words, it’s all about developing IoT solutions for interactions between machines. Examples include the accounting systems of logistics companies, IoT medication verification systems for medical companies, smart home systems, HVAC systems, and company security systems.

Various objects or gadgets with built-in sensors are connected to Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, which aggregate all pertinent data from multiple devices and use analytics to exchange essential data with apps customised for specific purposes. These intricate but sophisticated IoT solutions pinpoint which data should be taken seriously and disregarded. This retrieved data aids in finding patterns, offering recommendations, and identifying vulnerabilities.

Some examples of IoT apps are: –

  • Smart home applications
  • Energy management applications
  • Smart farming applications
  • Smart city applications
  • Company security systems
  • Accounting systems for logistics companies
  • Wearable applications

As a top IoT mobile app development company, we guarantee that our knowledgeable IoT consultants will provide you with expert guidance on developing IoT apps and cracking the perspective of the IoT ecosystem.


  1. Augmented reality app development


AR tech is making people furious by allowing them to look at things they wish to see in real life on AR platforms.

Therefore, the demand from many businesses is increasing as they want to build a USP to attract clients and get in touch with them at a more personal level.

You can view virtual content above the physical works with audio content via AR.

AR tech applied a combination of cameras, sensors, and software algorithms to detect the place and orientation of real-world objects. The entire process revolves around 3D model designs and algorithms, which overlay the scene in the device’s camera lens along with virtual content.

Most industries, such as healthcare, public safety, tourism, oil and gas, and marketing, are aiming for AR app development.

AR tech appears useful in this field, as the gaming industry is gaining recognition and flourishing with gorgeous graphics and detail.

The most basic AR-type of types apps are Google Glass, Pokémon GO, and heads-up displays on car windshields.

So, to be an efficient AR app developer, one must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Besides these multiple programming skills, software or hardware engineering and graphic design skills are also necessary.

Are you thinking of developing an AR app for your businesses? Contact Sky Potentials app development services to leverage AR tech. We support and serve organisations to deliver enthralling content for productivity in architecture, engineering, construction, and marketing with AR app development.


  1. Machine learning app development


Data analysis is used in machine learning (ML) app development to create learning and evolving systems. A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) uses modelling, algorithms, and equations to assist computers in finding patterns in data and coming to conclusions. Mobile apps with ML app development can be efficient, effective, and personalised.

Sky Potentials UK offers developing machine learning app services that are hype and highly valuable to businesses. Our AI-based solutions can optimise expenses associated with core business activities, open new revenue streams, and raise the value of current products. We have the expertise to achieve any business aim you may have.



This emerging tech is shaping the future of mobile development.

This era is not about making mobile apps but giving users a handy digital product to make their lives more convenient, connected, and efficient. These emerging techs in app development are doing a great job.

Contact Sky Potentials US for the best software house in the UK.

As a leading software house in Europe, we work on all types of emerging tech projects, such as enterprise software development or app development, and offer consultancy on these.

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