AI For Mobile Application Development

AI For Mobile Application Development

For the past decade, more and more people have become aware of the word “Artificial Intelligence”. But very few of them know exactly what it means actually. Movies and books have ingrained in our minds visions of humanoid machines with superhuman capabilities, as the epitome of artificially intelligent. While many of us would be more than happy for that version of artificial intelligence, the reality is quite far from it. 

Artificial intelligence today means the ability of a machine to figure out a solution to a problem without being explicitly programmed to do so. That means, tasks that require minimal supervision and decision making can be done easily using artificial intelligence solutions. For a business, that means that repetitive tasks, or tasks that require basic external input can be easily and efficiently completed using AI, which will not only increase productivity, but also allow the company to save on labor costs for repetitive work. 

Besides increasing productivity, artificial intelligence can help a business predict patterns in data, which can be helpful in devising ways to improve efficiency in business, thus reducing losses. While most of it seems to benefit the owner of the business, AI can be quite beneficial for the employee as well, as industrial tasks with artificial intelligence services can help an employee finish their tasks safely and quickly, thus reducing workplace accidents and issues. 

According to a report by Kinsey, more than half of the worker related activities can be automated using artificial intelligence. Their report had surveyed over two thousand worker related activities across nearly a thousand organizations from different sectors, which means that the result is true for a large part of the business world. The activities that featured in this study ranged from repetitive work like data collection and processing, to other manual tasks that worked in predictable patterns. 

It is for this reason and others, that owners of new apps prefer that their app be leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence. That is because market-savvy business owners know that by automating menial and repetitive tasks, they empower their employees to spend their time in a more meaningful way.

So without further ado, let us look at some of the ways artificial intelligence is improving the business world. 

Voice Compatibility:

Voice Compatibility
Voice Compatibility:

Voice based interactions are everywhere around us nowadays. From mobile apps to AI-assistant based speakers such as Amazon Echo and the Google Home series, more and more devices are using voice based interactive systems. 

By using AI, we can automate many interactions using smart chatbots, which can help a business weed out relevant conversations automatically, before transferring only the beneficial conversations to an actual agent. This will remove the need to hire a huge number of customer service agents, as well as reduce the workload of the existing customer service agents. 



Many a software development company and marketer is now using artificial intelligence in their apps to provide better and more personalized service to their customers. As the market is saturated with similar products and services, a great way to stand out positively is by providing a better and more personalized customer experience, which makes the customer feel special. 

This personalization can be done with the help of the insights which are generated by the user data collected by the app, which can help us figure out how to target each user in a personal way, based on how they use the app, and what they want from it.

Similarly, marketers can make use of these insights to target customers according to their needs, which can help them convert a larger number of leads to customers, by improving their efficiency and effectiveness.   

Retain More Leads:

Retain More Leads
Retain More Leads

By using artificial intelligence, companies opting for mobile app development can leverage the insights such as user needs to develop and implement new features and modifications that will satisfy the requirements of their users, thus retaining them and stopping them from moving on to a competitor’s app. This ability to know what the user wants from an app, allows you to develop such features which make it look to the customer as if your app is personalized specifically for them. This will help customers remain loyal to your app and allows you to retain them for a long time. 

Besides providing them with new features, using the insights provided by the data can help you provide a better customer service experience to the user, that will not only make them stay with your product, but also make them recommend your app to others as well. Word of mouth is still a big factor in terms of business, as people tend to trust products which their friends and loved ones suggest. 

More Intuitive Data Visualization:

More Intuitive Data Visualization
More Intuitive Data Visualization

While artificial intelligence has a number of benefits, the best and most commonly used function of AI is to help predict patterns from data, by helping us visualize the different data points easily. Many AI apps make use of this feature to predict future user behavior of each specific user, to allow for a targeted and personalized set of insights. This data will allow businesses to predict what trends the market might be moving towards, by knowing the needs and leanings of each user of their app, so that they can develop and improve their product accordingly. 

From predicting market trends, such as stock prices, to competition analysis and much more is how AI is being used today to great effect. As more and more business turn towards artificial intelligence, the market is going to become even more competitive, and the importance of relevant market data and its insights will become even more important to succeed. 

These are some of the ways artificial intelligence is being used, quite effectively in fact, in the world of business. The popularity of artificial intelligence based services has resulted in an increase in the demand of AI app developers as well.

By being so beneficial to a number of businesses, AI has proved that it is the technology of the future, and that it will become even more common in the days to come. By allowing us to automate a number of tasks in a business setup, it allows business owners to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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