An Analysis of a Few Examples of IoT Devices and Their Business Applications in 2022

An Analysis of a Few Examples of IoT Devices and Their Business Applications in 2022

The Internet of Things makes everyday objects “smarter” by facilitating communication with people and other IoT-enabled devices.

Many different types of devices, sectors, and environments use the Internet of Things. IoT is increasingly improving the world by connecting the real and the digital, from intelligent whiteboards in classrooms to medical equipment that can spot Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

According to IoT Analytics, a market research platform, there will be 8% more IoT-connected devices in 2021 and another 22% more through 2025, totaling 27 billion devices. The manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and retail sectors are just a few of the businesses where the Internet of Things is being used.

Figures of IoT

internet of things

The Internet of Things is best demonstrated by the connected “smart house.” Internet-connected thermostats, doorbells, smoke detectors, and security alarms form a connected hub. A smartphone app or website can be used to remotely control the “things” in that hub by users. The Internet of Things extends beyond typical household items. The automotive industry, for instance, has benefited from its effect by making connectivity possible for tracking and enhancing vehicle performance. The IoT has advantages for the healthcare sector as well, providing professionals with tools to track important health parameters like blood glucose levels more precisely and efficiently.

IoT Technologies

The technologies that link devices together and allow them to communicate with one another are largely responsible for the Internet of Things. There are several benefits and downsides to connectivity options, with some being more suited for use cases like smart homes while others can be better suited for IoT applications like industrial automation. These technologies can be categorised using IoT network protocols, which link devices to one another and to the internet, and IoT data protocols, which allow information to be sent between devices even without an internet connection.

Secure IoT

The dangers and challenges associated with emerging technology are frequently fresh and dynamic. No different is the Internet of Things. The importance of safeguarding these vital systems and infrastructure components cannot be overstated because the IoT can make things like building lighting and HVAC, automobile diagnostics, and even power grids possible.

IoT Threats

Privilege escalation, in which access is gained by taking advantage of defects or other design flaws, and firmware highjacking, in which malicious software is downloaded using phone drivers or updates, are examples of common IoT assaults.

IoT Safety Measures

safety measures

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advises people and organisations to take a number of preventative measures to reduce risk. Avoiding Universal Plug and Play, which enables devices on the same network to automatically find and connect with one another, is one protection. Another is utilising a zero-trust paradigm that restricts access to what is absolutely necessary and authenticates and verifies network transactions, as well as modifying default passwords and router settings.

Applications of the Internet of Things

Following are the examples on which you may look for IoT devices innovation consultancy in 2023.

  • Smart House

Due to its affordability and accessibility to customers, the smart home is probably the IoT application that is currently most in demand. From the Amazon Echo to the Nest Thermostat, there are countless products on the market that users can control with their voices to make their lives more connected than ever.


  • Wearables


Watches are becoming used for more than just keeping time. The Apple Watch and other smartwatches on the market have turned our wrists into smartphone holsters by enabling texting, calling, and other features. Additionally, by providing consumers with additional information about their exercises, gadgets like Fitbit and Jawbone have revolutionised the fitness industry.

  • Smart Cities

By addressing genuine issues that everyday inhabitants confront, the IoT has the ability to completely revolutionise entire cities. The Internet of Things may ease traffic congestion, lower crime rates, and minimise noise and pollution with the right connections and data.

  • Connected Car


Similar to connecting to a wireless network in a home or office, these cars have Internet connection that they may share with other users. Fobs, which have started to replace physical keys on more automobiles, employ sensors to do a variety of tasks, including remote starting, activating the alarm, opening the trunk, and unlocking the car using smart locks.

Examples of Internet of Things Devices

  • Devices Fitbit Charge 5: The Fitbit Charge 3 monitors your steps, floors climbed, calories burned, and sleep quality. The device also connects to PCs and cellphones via Wi-Fi, relaying your fitness statistics in clearly visible charts so you can monitor your progress.
  • Barcelona-due to the adoption of numerous IoT initiatives that have enhanced smart parking and the environment, is one of the top smart cities in the world.


People that use the internet of things can lead more intelligent lives, do jobs more effectively, and have complete control over their destiny. In addition to offering smart home automation devices, IoT is essential for business. IoT enables businesses to monitor the real-time performance of their systems, providing insights into anything from equipment performance to supply chain and logistics operations.

IoT enables businesses to automate processes and reduce labour costs. Additionally, it lowers the cost of manufacturing and distributing goods, improves service delivery, reduces waste, and offers transparency into customer transactions. IoT is one of the most important modern technologies as a result, and it will continue to grow as more businesses realise how connected devices can help them remain competitive. Looking for software Development Company in London, get in touch with Sky Potential.

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