7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Powerpack Your App Marketing

7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Powerpack Your App Marketing

7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Powerpack Your App Marketing

Finally, after all the hassle of testing the application, fixing all the possible crashes and crushing all the bugs and errors, you have successfully published your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Now just sit back, relax, eat popcorn and watch the glorious speed of users downloading your application, giving tremendous reviews with a 5-star rating. Now you will just gain money and have fun! Isn’t it a dream only? Well, in reality, there is nothing like this seriously. Post-launch of your application is a nightmare just like pre-launch. You have to look out for the retentions, new users, make difficult decisions, bring the latest upgrades and consider users review. Whoa! This is still stressful and yeah there are more sleepless nights to go if you want your application to be a hit and a long-run project for your business.

To increase user engagement and know more about the behavior, likes and wants of your users, you need to measure it with precision. You have to check out how many people landed on your application, how many actually downloaded it, how many have signed in after the download and how many used this application and for how long. Well, actually you have to find out the average revenue you have generated per user and predict how much lifetime revenue you will be generating per user. Basically, you need proficient and advanced analytics services for your mobile application.

The real analytics service will provide you access to streamline your reams of data that are coming from multiple sources along with professional extraction of the insights. There are numerous mobile app analytics tools that are available but picking the right one is way too stressful. Therefore we’ve picked 4 leading analytics platform that were actually leading in 2018 and are still trending in 2019.


  1. Flurry Analytics

Flurry was launched in 2005 by entrepreneur Sean Byrnes which was later acquired by Yahoo! in 2014. It is a mobile analytics, monetization as well as an advertising company, which is providing a platform for analysis of consumer interactions with your mobile application. While analyzing 150 billion app sessions per month, Flurry allows the monitoring of data of 5 apps at a time. In 2015 it standout in the category of the best Android and iOS Apps Analytics Tool. Today, more than 250,000 developers are using Flurry and a number of 800,000 apps are integrated with it to analyze audience reach, their engagement with the app, retention rate, conversion rate, generated revenue and more.

Integration Time – Less than 6 minutes

Features – Insights of advertising campaigns, testing and measuring tweaks and provide real-time data

Price – Free

Platforms – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java ME, Windows Phone


  1. Amplitude

Founded in 2012, Amplitude is helping the companies in product analytics. Over 20,000 companies across 180+ countries are using Amplitude to track their digital product growth instantly. It aims to enhance the product experience by increasing user engagement, helping in conversions and retention and organizing the data into handy reports with conclusive details. They are tracking over 4.5 trillion actions every single year. Track, understand, accelerate and grow your business with Amplitude analytics to get insights into your application.

Features – Real-time product analytics with smart alerts, fast insights and SQL access

Price – Free/Paid*

Platforms – Android, iOS, Web

*The pricing module is as follows:

Free: Providing core analytics, unlimited data retention, unlimited user seats and 10 million actions tracking per month

Growth: Providing everything in the free package along with in-depth behavioral reports, predictive analytics, customized solutions and dedicated customer success.

Enterprise: Providing everything in the growth package along with monitoring and automated insights, advanced data governance, path authentication and customer success with SLA.


  1. Appsee

Founded in 2012, Appsee aims to help the companies in delivering enhanced user experience through their mobile apps. It is one of the leading qualitative analytics tool crafted for mobile analytics, which is providing visual layer and advanced monitoring methodology to monitor user behavior, user recordings, actionable insights and much more. It offers touch heatmaps to locate the root cause of low retention rate with advanced crash reports that provide the exact and precise reason for the crash of the application. You can also detect UI problems such as unresponsive taps, pinches or swiping concerns etc.

Integration Time – Less than 5 minutes

Features – Touch Heatmaps, recordings of user sessions, crash reporting, retention analytics, user flow reports and paths and no event tagging.

Price – 14 day-free trials/Paid*

Platforms – Android, iOS

*The pricing module is as follows:

Free: Providing 1 app with 2,500 monthly sessions, 250 user recording, real-time analytics, touch heatmaps, single team member and email support

Premium: Providing 2 app with 5 million monthly sessions, 1 million user recording, crash reporting, touch heatmaps, advanced recording mechanism and 20 team members support

Enterprise: Providing a custom number of apps, sessions and user recording, crash reporting, touch heatmaps, server API, real-time alerts, legal and custom SLA, advanced 3rd party integration and dedicated customer success manager


  1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel was founded back in 2009 with the aim to track the user interactions with the web as well as mobile applications while providing analytics for targeted communications. Through this tool, you can get information about page views and traffic flow recordings. Mixpanel’s machine learning typically uses trillions of data points conveniently for predicting the user behavior with real-time user engagement module monitoring, tracking movements of the users and viewing their likes and dislikes.

Features – Automatic insights, A/B testing module, engagement & retention analytics and funnel analytics

Price – Free/Paid*

Platforms – Android, iOS, web and mobile web

*The pricing module is as follows:

Free: With 5 million data points, get access to limited core projects, 60 day data history, 3 members per organization and two-factor authentication

Basic: With 10 million data points, get access to limited core projects, 12 months of data history, 5 members per organization and unlimited saved reports

Enterprise: With premium support and everything in the basic plan, get access to 5+ year’s data history, roles and permissions, professional services and customer success manager.


  1. Google Analytics

Google was not offering analytics option for mobile applications, it was accessible in its beta version alone. But now it is offering analytics for mobile apps too, where a separate dashboard is available. Through this, you can measure the metrics such as acquisition, engagement and outcomes such as in-app purchases. Google analytics ensures real-time monitoring with speed, behavior analysis and complete inspection of your mobile application. It is must to create an account to integrate it with your mobile app.

Integration Time – Less than 10 minutes

Features – Real-time analytics, rich segmentation, over 200+ dimensions and ability to track custom dimensions as well

Price – Free

Platforms – Android, iOS


  1. Localytics

Localytics is one of the most popular application marketing and analytics platform, packed with powerful tools. Your mobile app development company will integrate it into your application that can be easily customized as per your requirements. Its sole aim is to create a brand experience with digital engagement while delivering meaningful and personalized experiences. With real-time engagement analytics and premium funnel management, attract new users, convert them into loyal ones and long-time users.

Integration Time – Less than 10 minutes

Features – Full stack app analytics, in-app messaging and push message capability, real-time monitoring, smart targeting and advanced funnel management

Price – Free 30 day Trail/Paid*

Platforms – Android, iOS with plan to be available on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm

*The pricing module is as follows:

Free: Up to 10,000 monthly active users with user insights

Pro: Up to 100,000 monthly active users, granular analytics, user insights with segmentation, lifetime value tracking and retroactive funnels

Enterprise: Everything in pro along with dedicated account manager, customized & special packages, raw data access with personal support system and training assistance

  1. Adobe

With deep down analytics powered by Adobe, know why a customer came to your app, why they stayed and for how long the stay was and at what point they left. It also provides solutions to keep them with you as loyal customers for a lifetime. It is built into Adobe Experience Cloud to enhance the user experience with efficiency. By integrating Adobe’s Mobile Marketing add-on, you can get dedicated reports on user behavior as well as crash analysis reports.

Features – Multi-channel data collection, ad hoc analysis, user flow, cohort analysis, market segmentation with real-time data, audience analytics and marketing attribution

Price –Paid*

Platforms – Android, iOS, Apache Cordova and mobile web

*The pricing module is as follows:

Select: Enterprise grade analytics with insightful data, customizable reporting and drag-and-drop segmentation

Prime: Multichannel analytics for enterprise with identification of issues, real-time multi-channel data review, insightful data with accuracy, reports generation and crash analysis

Ultimate: Experience-focused analytics for enterprise with advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, deep insights, cross-channel marketing, advanced analytics with ad hoc, cohort and audience analysis

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