How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us Better at Being Human

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us Better at Being Human

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us Better at Being Human

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most talked and researched topics for a few years and it is getting more and more intense with new and radical experiments and inventions. AI is programmed by humans and what they are fed, they are required to perform in the same way. Since it is a machine in general so it can never be good or bad on its own. It can be a brilliant invention if it is programmed with a positive attitude, or else it can be deadly dangerous if it is programmed to be evil. Let us dig in how artificial intelligence can make human being better.

Is Artificial Intelligence Really Making Humans Better?

A great example of this view is in the medical sector. Especially in Cancer research, there are hundreds of research papers, analytics and minor points that are to be well understood before any next step. It is nearly impossible to read and analyze all the papers within less timeframe and calculate every risk and possibility without any error. This is beyond human capability. But with the intervention of artificial intelligence, it has become easy to read all these hundreds of papers quickly while scanning every single line in depth and complete detail. They are able to evaluate data rich papers with perfection. But this clearly indicates that AI is giving an extra or should we say helping hand to humans but they are not replacing or obsoleting human or their existence.

Let’s consider the application of artificial intelligence when it comes for retaining or bonus evaluation of the employees in the business. Talking about the traditional method, for retaining any employee there need to be a large meeting setup for evaluation and offering more perks to retain or for bonus evaluation all the past performance manually with a lot of brainstorming. But with the intervention of artificial intelligence, it has become easy for tracking the performance, evaluating the results, focusing on every minor to major details regarding the progress of the employee making decisions effective and quick than before. This interference by AI is not eliminating any job role, every employee is available and present of their seats and it’s just that AI is adding convenience and a source of great help.

It is found in a recent research that in this fast-paced world, it is becoming a necessary part for every business and industry sector to evaluate the importance of artificial intelligence and observe and evaluate themselves how they can get benefit from it, instead of believing it as a bad intervention that might lead to job insecurity for their employees. If used with real reasons, AI can prove themselves as a valuable asset and a support system for the human being, not their replacement in any case.

News for Artificial Intelligence Workers

Large-Scale research was conducted by McKinsey, where they evaluated that the biggest effect of artificial intelligence on the workforce can only be the changes in work or sharing of burden or load of the work. There has been a collaboration of machines and humans for a long time, similarly, the collaboration of artificial intelligence with human resource will never result in the reduction of the labor force at all. They concluded that “Though there are reasonable concerns regarding artificial intelligence that it can completely automate the existing work, the respondents of the research likely agree that AI can only bring a minor effect to the company which can never push humans away from the work”.

As per author and former president of Google China, Kai-Fu-Lee, “It can be seriously noted that instead of creating a gap between humans and artificial intelligence, and believing major employment commotions, artificial intelligence can simply be calculated as a source of injecting more pride and dignity into work that can be used to enhance the commodities with perfection”. This is certain that without accessing and believing towards the futuristic artificial intelligence and advanced platforms, the real benefit of AI can never be decoded, realizing its full potential and its maximum human impending for the peace of the world.

Making the Artificial Intelligence User Friendly

The leading wholesale sign manufacturer and distributor, Grimco Canada has more than 50 locations across Canada and the US. Grimco is basically the pioneer of using artificial intelligence in their business process for menial and minor tasks helping them in speeding up their trade procedure. The president of Grimco Canada, Michael Bollinger says, “When talking about our business, we need speed and agility along with the quick response. With the influx of data and AI in our business, we are ahead of everything within lesser time spam”. He further added, “It has become way too easy, beyond imagination, in determining the stock availability across Canada and US. It takes minimal time to interrogate either product ‘z’ is available in Toronto, whereas is the stock clear at Pompano Beach till yet or not. Though both the locations are too far, with the help of AI in our business, it takes just a few minutes to get the details to us. This helps us in getting the information to our customers quickly and effectively”.

Realizing Human Potential to its Full

Talking about humans, if they get a repeated task, again and again, they believe it as an uninteresting task and may lead to mistakes later due to lack of attentiveness. But when artificial intelligence is available, for them no work is repetitive and they will give similar results whenever they get the task, as for them nothing is boring and nothing is interesting. Humans with their creativity and imagination can make a lot of tasks easier for them if they are aware of how to use this incredible invention in their favor only, instead of using to hurt humanity.

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