Building a Successful eCommerce Site: Key Features Inspired by Amazon, eBay, and Etsy


Building a Successful eCommerce Site: Key Features Inspired by Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

People were forced to stay home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly increased online shopping. This change in how people act has sped up the use of digital technology by businesses and people in general, moving the industry seven years ahead. eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have become market leaders in many product categories because they offer a vast collection and excellent customer service.

It’s challenging for new businesses to compete with these big players as they have the most cash, the best products, and the most satisfied customers. There is still a possibility of success if you emphasize a niche market in a particular place. Online markets that are just starting can make a name for themselves and perform well in the eCommerce sector by meeting the needs of a specific market.

You must integrate the right features for any UK eCommerce site, like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

So here, Sky Potential UK, one of the leading software development companies UK, will explore some essential features that should be integrated into your website for administrators, sellers, and buyers. These features will enhance the functionality and user experience of your site.

Get The Important Features That Online Shopping Sites Like Amazon, eBay, And Etsy Imposes To Reach New Heights


Look at these sites features that have made them so popular. Your eCommerce marketplace development project might need more parts depending on your business needs.

Features For Admins



Tools for business analysis like customer demographics, revenue distribution by source, and the best-selling and worst-selling items help admins make good decisions. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can monitor simple and complicated KPIs. It lets you improve your eCommerce website and learn more about the people who might buy from you.

Managing Orders

An eCommerce website enables people to purchase goods, but the people in charge must keep track of a lot of data. From an order management tool, they must know the prices, the amount of sales they expect to make, the total purchase quantity, the delivery rate, and the quantity of orders.

Numbers, Charts, And Graphs

With the help of a BI-powered eCommerce platform, admins can look at sales records and guess how much demand there will be. Using the information, managers can make better customer suggestions, develop ways to boost sales, and improve their company’s bottom lines.

Caring For Customers

Customer service and help are essential parts of any eCommerce website. By adding a solid customer care option, you can answer customer questions and solve customer problems.

Live chatbots, video tutorials, live replies on social media, and live agents can all help with this by giving customers many ways to interact with the brand. You can also ensure the effectiveness of customer issues because the support staff can be reached by phone or email and has a thorough FAQ.

Features For Sellers



With a simple function in the platform, your merchants can add, change, or remove their product descriptions. They can keep track of supplies and tell you if a product is available or not. With this feature, you can make a great way to make money.

Sellers Profile

There should be a section for making a profile for a seller. The answer should be easy to use and let them change important information about the company. If they add a custom dashboard, it will be easy for them to keep track of their product categories, pictures, variety of goods, sales, and income.

Real-time conversation

Communication is the key to building a lively online group that can help your online store grow. A message service allows buyers and sellers to find and talk to each other. They can use it to talk about different types of products, find out the state of their orders in real time, or get answers to any relevant questions.

They can also use the app to contact the buyer for any problems with a sale or delivery. This function in online marketplaces can make it more important to talk to people before they need to.


A customised user account is critical to giving them access to information about their goods. They can get information about each product, sort by which ones have the highest and lowest scores, find the best-selling ones, and track what customers say about them. The more they know about what they have to offer, the better decisions they can make.

Order Management

On the eCommerce site, sellers can use an order management tool to ensure they can handle orders well. This tool lets sellers watch and keep an eye on their orders from when they are bought until they reach their final destination.

Along with tracking orders, sellers are given an accounting system that makes it easier to deal with returns, exchanges, and cancellations for actual and digital items. This method streamlines the process, making it easier for sellers to handle and process these requests.

Checkout Management

On an eCommerce site with more than one seller, it’s essential to let sellers print their packing slips and make their product order IDs. This allows sellers to keep track of their orders and keep their internal processes running smoothly.

Regarding sending, it’s also essential to give customers the freedom to choose the shipping method they want. By providing customers with different shipping options, an eCommerce site improves the overall shopping experience by meeting each customer’s wants and preferences.

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Features for Buyers


Registration And Approval

So that customers don’t get sidetracked from what they want to buy, customer training must be smooth. You should have a simple form to make it easy for clients to sign up. You can make the signup process more manageable by adding user account features requiring a phone number, email address, or report on a social media site.

Profile Of The Buyer

A buyer’s profile tool improves a customer’s experience on your site. They can change their registration, add their shipping address, and choose how to pay.

In this area, reordering customers can also see personalised offers, change their language preferences, and look at their order history.

Product Search

An eCommerce site must have a search option to make buying something more accessible and faster. Customers can find the correct goods quickly by adding a sophisticated search tool with filters and auto-complete. You could also add a voice search feature to your app to make it easier for people to buy things.

Product Page

Customers want to know as much as possible about a product before buying it. The page must have all the relevant information about each product.

Your product page needs the best prices, high-quality pictures, demo videos, and well-written product descriptions for users to have a good experience.

By adding current customer reviews, scores, and information about deals on the goods, buyers can quickly decide what to buy. With detailed product pages, your online marketplace will have a higher conversion rate, and fewer people will leave their carts.


Customers choose the final item they want to buy during the buying process. Customers can take things out of their shopping carts if the process is complicated or if they need help deciding how to pay or get the items. If you improve the checkout process, the sale rate of your online market will go up by 35.62 percent.

Payment Techniques

As the number of digital payment methods grows, customers expect to have more ways to pay. To make buying more accessible, you should give them as many ways to pay as possible.

Most eCommerce sites accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, UPI, and even cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Giving customers safe ways to pay makes them more loyal and dramatically reduces the number of carts they leave.

Openness In The Shipping Business

Shipping is another essential part of your online business. When a customer places an order, they should be able to choose the sending method and time frame that works best for them. Let them choose a delivery time and means that works for them, and take payment for it.

If your online shop has a live tracking tool, the customer experience will be much better. And you’re going to charge for shipping. In that case, it’s essential to communicate any shipping charges upfront to avoid surprises during checkout. Hidden costs can lead to cart abandonment, but clearness builds trust and fosters a smooth purchasing process.

Client Comments

Customer reviews are essential because they build trust and help new customers decide what to do. This leads to higher sales rates. Big companies like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy use technology to find out how happy their customers are and fix minor problems before they worsen.

Companies can improve their goods and services by listening to what customers say. After each customer session, you can get helpful information and ideas for improving your services by asking for reviews and comments. Customers will appreciate the work you do to make their experience better.


A study by Oberlo found that 56.75 percent of all web traffic worldwide comes from mobile apps. Since this is how your customers browse and place orders, your online marketplace website or app must be available on their phones.

If you build a responsive marketplace website, it will look good on different devices and browsers. It makes it easy and quick for your customers to place an order.


Making a good eCommerce site like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy might take much work and time. It needs money and workers with the right skills, while costs must always be monitored. You can reach your goals in this growing market with the proper planning and approach.

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