Cashplus Mobile App: How It’s Effective for Online Banking Solutions

Cashplus Mobile App: How It’s Effective for Online Banking Solutions

CashPlus is a UK based prepaid MasterCard and current account provider. It was introduced in 2005 by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd as an alternative for the banks. Cashplus mobile application is basically not a bank based application but gives banking services experience and was the first to introduce prepaid cards in the UK. It offers a business current account and also expenses management accounts from individuals to small and large businesses. The digital banking services that Cashplus mobile app offer covers almost everything that a bank prefers for overcoming many barriers in banking. 

Cashplus has made banking solutions much smarter, simpler and faster than the banks. Let’s have a look at how Cashplus mobile application is effective in online banking solutions. 


Simple & Fast

Simple & Fast Banking Solutions
Simple & Fast Banking Solutions

Using Cashplus your account can be opened with instant approval and access to payment solutions. The whole process is so fast that it takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. You can sign-up your personal or business current account anytime anywhere using the Cashplus mobile app. After signing up you can manage your business account with your mobile within just a few clicks. Software Development Services can send payments and pay bills in such an easier way instead of going to the bank and transferring the money. In Cashplus mobile app you can also view your current balance, available balance, recent transactions and many more through your account’s overview. 


Reliable Payment Partner

Online Banking Reliable Payment Partner
Reliable Payment Partner Banking Solution

Cashplus is not like your other banking mobile apps, new account details are instantly provided online. It provides the business MasterCard in just 3 to 5 days after the approval. Another feature that differentiates it from other banking apps is that you can track your money spent, you can move or transfer your money, you can easily add cards or block it and also can restrict transactions made using Cashplus mobile app. Transactions are made on the same day from or to your account. Tax reporting and record-keeping are made easy for Mobile Application Development Company through the downloadable feature of Cashplus that downloads the statements in CSV and ofx form.


Smart Features

Cashplus App Smart Features
Smart Features Of Cashplus App

Cashplus consists of a wide variety of special features that customers like the most about this app. It has a credit builder in which you can increase your credit score in your current account without paying extra. It gives you a loan of 12 months which you can repay through the payment of 12 months, after repaying the loan your credit score will be increased. There is another feature called iDraft, which you can use to pay your bills and withdraw cash with it or do purchases with it. Cashplus has also enabled post office banking service so you can pay cash at any UK branch and your money will be available instantly into your account. 


Proactive Security 

Proactive Security In CashPlus
Cashplus Offer Proactive Security

Cashplus is highly secured and all your data is safeguarded in a way that it prevented from unauthorized access. In banking services, the users worry about the most is their information or data being hacked. Therefore, Cashplus has enabled all the safety measures to keep your data protected from being accessed by anyone via blockchain app development company. As required by the EMR, your funds added are kept in a regulated bank account separated from the company’s money. There are also some safety tips to be followed for this app like you shouldn’t use a public network to use this app as it includes your private data and you should never share your login details with anyone even.



Cashplus is banking services based in the UK introduced in 2005 by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd. It is not a bank but is used as an alternative for banks as it performs every function that a bank is supposed to do. Cashplus is much simpler, faster, easier and smarter than other banking mobile applications. Through Cashplus you can transfer money to anyone on the same day, its account opening process is also not time-consuming taking just 3 to 5 hours to open a new current account. This mobile app has a lot of features including bill paying, add additional cards, block cards, online payment, view current and available balance, see the latest transactions, have a 12-month loan, increase credit score, iDraft, etc. Cashplus is the safest online banking solution that has transformed the banking process.

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