How to Connect Xbox One Controller On Android?

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How to Connect Xbox One Controller On Android?

In today’s tech-savvy world, the Xbox One controller is the most popular gadget for the smart gaming experience. Whether you want to upgrade your gaming experience or you want to learn everything about Xbox, ensure to read the information shared in this post to make the most of android devices.

Fortunately, in this post, we’re going to talk about how to connect your Xbox One controller to Android in a hassle-free manner. Let’s have a look below to play all your favorite mobile games on android devices with no regret.

Connect an Xbox One Controller

Connect Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller: How To Connect

An offers a fantastic experience to control Android games. By connecting the Xbox One controller to your desktop PC, you can enjoy the features of a newer model controller. Before connecting a controller, make sure it is fully charged to avoid any hassle. Start by switching your Android device into a visible mode to connect with the controller. The custom software development company offers the Sync button on the Xbox One controller to pair it speedily.

Do keep in mind that the bottom controller with a plastic Xbox button supports Bluetooth so that you can connect over it wirelessly or use USB OTG.

Connect Xbox One Controller to Android USB

Android USB Connect With Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller: Connect to Android USB

One of the best ways to start playing games on Android devices is to grab a USB controller. Ensure to purchase a USB-OTG cable to fit in your phone or tablet in a speedy manner. The OTG-USB cable would allow you to connect USB devices to Android without any hassle. Do remember to purchase a USB-C or micro-USB connector that is appropriate for your phone.

Simply connect the USB-OTG port as suggested by mobile application development company, then connect the USB game controller to revitalize your gaming experience. Games on your phone with controller support would automatically detect the attached controller and you’ll be ready to play.

Connect a Bluetooth Controller

Bluetooth Controller: How To Connect
Connect With Bluetooth Controller

Suffice to say that Android games experience could be boosted with the help of a controller. No matter you’re playing a game on your phone or tablet, by adding up a controller you can experience more stability than touch controls. This is the main reason users are preferring Xbox one controller and Standard Bluetooth controller more on android devices.

So if you want to double your excitement level then you must connect a quality controller with your android gadget. Or else you will miss out on a great option to make the most of cutting edge technologies like a blockchain services company.

Connect a PS4 Controller

play Android games with a PS4 controller
Connect With PS4 Controller

Sony has developed Bluetooth controllers for years to enable users to play Android games with a PS4 gamepad. Anyone could easily connect PS4 with an Android device by turning it to discoverable mode. By doing this the device will sync the controller to connect with the PlayStation. Wait for the controller light flashes, or watch out for the Controller name on your Android device.

Once a blue light flashed on the PS4 controller it proves that it’s successfully connected with your android, iPhone or S8 device and ready for use.

In the end, it could be concluded now that the above information is best for people who want to connect cutting edge, 360 controllers, with their mobile or desktop device for a seamless experience.

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