Designing Trends of 2019: A Complete Perspective

Designing Trends of 2019 A Complete Perspective

Designing Trends of 2019: A Complete Perspective

Designing trends are always different from that of last year, as the trends, ideas and notions keep on changing. With more technological advancements, the customers keep on expecting new and cutting-edge solutions with ingenious layouts. New and more unconventional user experience and user interface creating a whole new science and revolution of technology. With deep down analysis based on color, typography, sizes and the shapes, we are going to scrutinize and examine the forthcoming and imminent trends in the digital design world.

General Trends

  1. Bold Colors

In 2018, designers used vibrant colors that were catchy to see. This trend is just going to get bigger and better with more courageous and vivid colors complemented by supersaturated color tones. For making your business stand out, use bright and vivacious colors to add brilliance to your website.


  1. Asymmetry

Asymmetry is not just lack of balance in your website design and content, but it is something more beyond it. In 2019, use asymmetry to create harmonization and balance to the whole composition of your website by intentionally adding irregular typography, some geometric shapes and 3D designs for creating uniqueness.


  1. Small Animations

Small animations play a vital role in the attraction of your website. By the mid of 2018, websites were using animations where, when you hover over the image it will come to life. But, after that, the trend shifted to little animation on its own. Now it is 2019 and visitors are expecting the websites to add full animation when you scroll down, without any hovering.


  1. Gradients

By 2017-2018, gradients made a huge comeback, which is still prevailing in 2019. With leading names like Apple and Instagram, using gradients for their branding has proved that it is still a part of great success.


  1. Natural Looking Images

The trend of stock images are almost gone and it is the new trend where designers are adding more natural looking images to their websites.


Trend of the Year – Custom Made Illustrations

As per the recent survey, it is found out that illustrations that are custom made can convert 7 times better than any of the stock images. A good illustration with bold and vibrant colors are surely going to capture the attention in 2019.


UI / UX Trends

  1. Mobile First

While Google is indexing mobile responsive websites at their priority, it is evident that the designers have to pay severe attention in mobile designing first before anything else. All the website design agency need to prioritize the mobile version of the website first in 2019.


  1. Illustrative Icons

The icons that are associated with services or products are now trending to be customized and the designers made these illustrations by themselves. Instead of downloading the icons from any website, users are expecting the designers to make those icons themselves.


  1. Fluid, Geometrical & Asymmetrical Shapes

Fluid shapes are undoubtedly not new as we have already seen them in 2017 and 2018 but what is unique in 2019 is the excessive use of it with more creativity accompanied with bold colors followed by intense gradients.


  1. Video Background

The conversation rates dramatically increase with a video, which is a proven fact. The video is capable of delivering your message and ideology behind the brand in a matter of few seconds. But make sure the video doesn’t start to play all of a sudden once the visitors land on it as it makes a bad impact.


  1. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are the smallest animations that are typically used in mobile versions of the website. Like animated search sign on the search bar, flip back or home page icons of mobile etc. In 2019, we are going to find all the possible ways to enhance the UI element of the mobile version.


  1. 3D Illustrations

3D illustrations have made great progress in the last year and it is continuing in 2019 with a boom. Now users are expecting more visual appeal using 3D effects and illustrations for a captivating and more detailed interface.


Trend of the Year – Enhanced UI/UX Using Adobe XD

Since the launch of amazing and competitive new software designs by Adobe, it is now offering a community for the free-with limitations. For creating a brilliant UX/UI designing solution, Adobe XD has created the experience for designers helping in designing, prototyping, sharing and engaging user experience. With new and advanced updates, the team of XD is excited to introduce their animation features and enhanced user interface elements.


Typography Trends

  1. Bigger the Better with Boldness

When talking about typography, the trending one is bigger fonts that are bold in nature with better refined visibility. But this doesn’t mean bulky text with overlapping words.


  1. Minimal Sans Serif Fonts

Time to talk about the introverted sibling of the bold and bigger typography; simple sans serif fonts. It is a font without serifs with the little feet on the corner of each of the letter. If you are simplicity lover and admirer then this font is a perfect addition to your website for making a smooth message, delivery visually demanding and powerful message.


  1. Custom Made Fonts

Many bigger brands are producing their own fonts, completely customized and unique in nature. This increases their chances of a better outcome, where the visitors will enjoy a new font with a new dimension.


  1. Nostalgic Vintage Fonts

The more you move into the future, the more past looks glorious and enlightened. In 2019, there are a lot of chances to intimate the past vintage fonts to draw the attention of the visitors. Using vintage font can help especially in logo designing where the design looks more elegant and sophisticated with deep meaning in it.


  1. Outline Fonts

If you are looking for a sleek header with the simple notion, grabbing vast attention then outline fonts are a perfect choice for you in 2019. For adding a feeling of smoothness, add or highlight the content. This modish way highlights your brand and provides a brand-new mature look.


Trend of the Year – Quirky Fonts Accompanied with Messy Fonts

For 2019, it is the time to add a clumsy rough look that still looks amiable. Quirky fonts are the new sensational hit, loved by everyone due to its unique typography. Along with, there are bold, serif and script fonts in trend too that don’t follow any pattern, still look outstanding. These messy fonts abandon all the rules and add a modish look to your message.


Branding & Logo Design Trends

  1. Working with Color Channels

Playing with colors is always entertaining. Give a revitalizing look to your content while working with color channels and get creative results for your site.


  1. Illustrations in Branding

A perfect illustration can undoubtedly bring life to art poster or a branding identity or even printed collateral. Make sure to add vivid colored illustrations in your branding to make it stand out with perfection.


  1. Animated Logos

Animated logos are new in trend. Vibrant colored logos that are animated as well are sure going to add spark to your brand with brilliance. Following the animated logo designing in 2019 to add cutting-edge to your brand from your competitors.


 Trends in Motion Graphics

  1. Grain Effect

Adding random optical texture while using small particles to move is grain effect. It is mostly used in 2D animation but with its refinement and advance working, it is now being used in 3D animation as well.


  1. Flat 2D Animation

Flat design is replaced with a semi-flat animation that has depth with shadows and ravishing gradients. 2D animation creates movements in a two dimensional way, adding elegance and brilliance to your website.


  1. 3D Illustrations Animations

In 2019, 3D animations are trending while providing spectacular cutting-edge to your brand and business. Due to its ability of high conversion rate, 3D illustration animations with vivid colors are born to make your website look remarkable.


These are some new trends that are either preceding from the last year with some modifications or they are completely new. It is the time to update your website as per the recent trends of 2019 and mark your appearance with a spark and clarity for the users to recognize your brand wherever they see. Welcome new trends with happiness.

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