Essential Tips for Android App Developers

How to be a Better Android developer Tips for Android Developers

Essential Tips for Android App Developers

With the widespread popularity of Android mobile users, it is a premium choice to make your career in Android app development. Much fresher are seeking their career in this field. To be an emerging talent you need to excavate your hidden capabilities and the abilities that can help you in standing out the competition.

In today’s face paced world, it is not difficult to become an Android developer, but the real concern is to become a successful Android developer who is famous for his robust designing and development skills. There are no shortcuts for being a successful developer, you need to be persistent, passionate about your work, dedicated towards development and honest in his dealings. With these efforts, surely one day you will be successful.

To become a better Android developer, we have compiled 8 professional tips that can help you in gaining more experience. So before jumping to the decision to become a successful Android app developer, work on these tips to reshape your future with brilliance.

Be Aware of the Latest Trends

With the tremendous popularity of Android has received in just a few years, every day a new application is being updated on Google Play Store. Keep a firm eye over every application and check out their features, their add-ons and the reviews the users are writing and the suggestions they are giving. These suggestions are really important as you can get straight requirements of your target audience, helping you in designing such an app that is complete as per their requirements.

Never Underestimate the Power of Design

According to Branagan, “Your application must impact the users the moment they first see it on Google Play Store”. Nearly 2.2 billion applications are there on Google Play Store, to make your application prominent you need to design it with precision. To be a visual trendsetter, create the first impression of your application worth seeing with a design that stands out. For mobile app development, a design that is not appealing is never going to get the desired traffic.

Participation in Communities

The famous Palomar stated that “For learning and teaching about a common interest, communities are the perfect place to start with. Who knows, you might find an opportunity or a partner to start your own project”. Therefore participate in communities, talk, discuss and learn new tricks and tips of polishing your Android app development skills.

Believe in Your Own Idea

If you believe that your idea for application development is not just brilliant but also as per the user’s demand and can help you in earning money, then go for it. After thorough research, determine what you wish to do and how your idea can be successful.

Be Your Own Critics

Always believe in yourself, but, also be the first one to criticize your own work. Why someone is going to install this app? This must be your most crucial question to yourself as a developer. And after you have designed it, think is anyone going to install this app? If you find the answer as yes, then go for it. If the answer is no or you have ambiguity, it is a clear indication that you need to revise your design.

Build a Portfolio

Either you are working as a freelancer or looking for better job opportunities, it is crucial to exhibit your work samples. This will not only attract new clients for you but also help to generate more revenue and polish your skills to a greater extent. Though it is evident that your portfolio should also be designed with appealing streaks. Remember design is what that attracts.

Understand the Market

Android has more users as compared to any other operating system in the world. Android is leading whereas iOS is competing in the second position. Research the Google Play Store, mainly the top apps are of games as people love to download games more than anything else. Then comes fitness applications and educational applications. Get your stats straight before diving into any opportunity.

Research Your Competitors

Get back to those applications that are either similar to your idea or exactly the same to your concept. Peek inside the apps, learn their strong points, scrutinize their weaknesses, check the user’s ratings and their reviews to learn about their suggestions and recommendations. Use every possible way to make your app shining brightly on the play store.


Even by completing the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam, it can help you get a unique competitive edge with more understanding about the market. Just remember that becoming a developer is easy but to become one of the finest developers is hard and need the patience to achieve. Groom yourself professionally, take every piece of constructive advice, positive suggestions and learn from them every day.


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