Five Essential Things You Need to Know About Internet of Things

Five Essential Things You Need to Know About Internet of Things

Five Essential Things You Need to Know About Internet of Things

Connecting with customers is becoming more seamless with IoT services with new opportunities and challenges for the internet savvy world. It is becoming important for the customers as well as the marketers with the passage of time.

There are some surprising facts about the Internet of Things that will unravel some hidden facts about this amazing technology. Let us dig in deep to excavate some essential things about IoT you ought to know.

The First IoT Device

Even though the internet of things sounds futuristic, but it was used to connect over the internet in 1981, when the www browser was first launched.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”Proverb

The reason or the motivation for this innovation was for Coke vending machine. The motive was to find out whether the drink is cold or not and is it available or not. For this, there were sensors that were connected to the machine through the internet and a text-based interface was used to interrogate the concerns. Through this, anywhere in the world, it was made accessible to know is the drink available and is it cold or not.

Since there was a need to analyze the availability of a cold bottled drink, therefore internet of things took inception. This was the first time when IoT technology was used in the world.

More Connected IoT Devices As Compared to People

Since 2008, surprisingly, there are more devices that are connected through IoT as compared to the number of people. Internet of Things is truly emerging internet application that has been there before the internet itself took over the world with a storm.

According to a Cisco IBSG report, calculating the number of devices that are connected to the internet is significantly exceeding the number of people being connected in 2008 and is still increasing every single year. Current estimates signify that there are around 10 billion devices being connected in 2018 which is for sure going to double by the end of the year 2020.

‘Smart City’ Devices Has the Largest Share of the IoT Market

As a marketer, we get to hear a lot of information about the wearables, consumer-oriented applications and beacons running with IoT concept. But talking lately, according to GrowthEnabler report, the IoT market is subjugated by three sub-sectors with perfection: Smart cities (26%), industry (24%) and health care (20%).

It is important that the marketers must strategies their IoT strategies as per these statistics. It is important that they seek the opportunities that can help them in integrating their brand’s services and offerings into the Internet of Things devices while consuming all the three major sectors with accuracy.

‘Powerless’ IoT Devices are now in Development

Internet of Things deployments must require a wired connection from a power source or a battery to be attached with; it is crucial because it is the limitation of IoT that it needs sensors to collect data and then deliver it via the internet, hence requiring electricity.

Since the technology is revolutionizing every now and then, therefore the scientists are working towards powerless IoT sensor development, which would not be requiring the function of electricity or the batteries. For the powerless module, it would work on the science of light such as heat, vibrations and radio frequencies to operate.

It is important that the IoT services company keep their eyes firmly on these developments and come up with highly innovative ideas to get the sensors free from bounded electricity sources.

There Is an IoT Hairbrush

One of the interesting IoT devices is a hairbrush that is designed by L’Oréal. It is an internet-connected hairbrush that uses some microphones to detect the patterns of hair-brushing along with the sensors that analyze these patterns crucially. Through this, the habits of the user are collected for brushing hairs, and its typical usage.

After every brushing session, hair audit session is held to measure and later correct the brushing patterns and recommending or suggesting shampoo or conditioning brands for nurturing the user’s hairs. Though this product has been announced at CES 2017, we are still waiting for this wonder product to launch.

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