Generation Y Vs Gen Z Understanding Today’s e-Commerce Consumers

Generation Y Vs Gen Z

Generation Y Vs Gen Z Understanding Today’s e-Commerce Consumers

Due to the wide range of internet users, it is often difficult to map and track every consumer and their preferences, but this way of segmenting consumers by age groups has increased the chances of getting the right estimations for digital marketing. Having the right understanding of your consumers can increase the quality of their shopping experience which directly increases your sales and revenue. Most of the e-commerce consumers belong to the age group of Gen Y and Gen Z. Gen X market is not too strong and they’re considered secondary targets along with Baby Boomers and Gen A. These age groups are either consisted of consumers who are too old to understand latest technologies and e-commerce or too young to earn for themselves, hence making them a consumer group with low buying power.

When we filter through online shoppers, we find it to be mainly saturated with Gen Y and Gen Z consumers. As these two age groups are both tech-savvy and have stable buying power, this makes them primary targets of many e-commerce retailers. It’s not like one segment is too different from the other that they can’t even understand each other but there sure are a range of characteristics that vary them from each other and require a slight difference in your digital marketing strategies.

Know your audience to elevate your digital marketing by targeting the right audience with the right approach.

Generation Y Vs Gen Z

These statistics give a clear idea about which approach should be used to target millennials and which one would go better with centennials. For example, if you’re sending your promotional emails to Gen Y consumers, make the layout text-friendly but not too text-heavy, keeping a balance between image and consumer review integration. Adding your featured products, customer remarks, and direct pricing would interest a millennial more as they’re more price-sensitive and don’t mind switching brands for a better value of their money.

Similarly, while approaching Gen Z consumers, make your marketing campaigns a little more social media savvy with a cool appeal to them. Centennials are more interested in brands with better consumer experience and the latest technologies. Make them comfortable with your social presence and add in more emoji in your text posts to keep the tone cool and frank. Centennials love videos! They spend 80% more time on YouTube than previous generations. Take advantage of this trait by adding video intro on your website’s landing page with the help of affordable e-commerce website design services.

Quick Tips to Remember for Your Ecommerce Website

  • Whether your primary target is Gen Y, Z or even baby boomers or Gen A, always make your website mobile-friendly. Nowadays, everyone owns more than one device for their online activities. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Hire affordable e-commerce website design services for cross-platform designs.
  • Strike their emotional strings with storytelling and emotional advertising campaigns. Both Gen Z and Gen Y are impulsive shoppers, providing content in a narrative manner will get them hooked on your brand and also help you stand out from your competitors by making a unique brand image.
  • Always ask for reviews and customer engagement on social media platforms.

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