A Guide To Mobile App Development: Does Your Brand Need An App?

A Guide To Mobile App Development: Does Your Brand Need An App

A Guide To Mobile App Development: Does Your Brand Need An App?

Does my brand need an application to be successful? Can the application leverage my brand to the next level? These are some of the questions every business thinks before planning to make a mobile application for their brand. The first and foremost thing to understand is that an application is not a mere distribution medium, instead, it creates a communication channel between the brand and its customers to interact and engage with high efficiency. It is already studied through a lot of researches that users use their smartphones to this extent to find the meaning of any word they use their cellular phones instead of desktops and laptops. Since the usage of the smartphone is at this extent, it is crucial for businesses to understand that customers would love to get to their brand through a phone only, not a desktop PC. It is predicted that by the end of 2025, the usage of desktop PC would be almost obsolete from the homes.

Let us peek inside some stats to illustrate the opportunity that lies in application development. At the end of the year 2018, there were 2.1 million apps available at Google Play Store whereas 2 million apps at the Apple App Store. If we match the stats of the year 2016 with the ending stats of the year 2018, there has been a rise of 75% of consumers spending via apps. It has generated $101 billion worldwide and it is predicted that by the end of the year 2020 the estimated generated revenue through mobile applications will exceed $194 billion globally.

To clear the doubts, we agree that websites have their own charms and benefits that strengthen the brands and customer experience, but having an online presence is no more sufficient in 2019 anymore. Brands need to think beyond it. Therefore we are presenting a complete guide demonstrating is your brand really needs a mobile application and what can be the benefits to your brand with an application in the upcoming future.

Indications your Brand is in Need of a Mobile App

To target the customers in a more personalized way, many companies are shifting towards mobile app development. From any place and at any time a mobile application that is built with effective strategy can help the brand communicate with efficiency. We are not emphasizing that a company must make a mobile app as customers are spending more time on their smartphones, instead what we mean in that, through a mobile app you can offer such value to your customers that you cannot offer from the website. Let us interrogate the crucial indications that translate that your brand actually needs mobile application development.

Observing Massive Mobile Traffic to your Website

Alright, this is pretty obvious. If your brand is receiving a lot of traffic through the mobile phone, then it is the perfect time to consider developing a mobile application for you. You need to analyze the behavior of the users that what actually they are trying to do. If they are visiting your site through a smartphone, it is a clear indication that your brand needs to offer a more personalized experience that can only be offered through a mobile application.

Younger Demographics are your Customers

According to a report by comScore, people who fall under the age bracket of 18 to 24 years are heavy users of mobile phones, whereas people falling in the age bracket of 25 to 34 years are moderate mobile users. Another study indicates that more than 50% of people love to shop through a mobile app whereas 27% use retail shops to purchase. Through these stats, it is clear that if younger demographics is your customer, they would appreciate if you offer a mobile app to add convenience for them.

Your Business is E-Commerce Based

Even if your website is able to close huge sales, it is still important to consider those who love to shop through a mobile phone. It is studied that companies experienced 20% to 35% hike in their sales through a mobile app. With push notification, special offers, personalized deals, a mobile app can easily help in boosting your profitability index. Therefore if you have an e-commerce store than it is must to have a mobile application for it.

You Own a Brick and Mortar Store

Even if you own a brick and mortar store, it is observed that shoppers are using applications for the purpose of comparison of prices, reading reviews and product recommendations. If you consider developing your own mobile application, the shoppers will use your mobile app to locate the items at your store, will spend more time in searching new discounts, read reviews that are on your site, instead of reading misleading reviews from other sites.

Business Rivals have Mobile Application

In this saturated era, coping up with intense competition is a must for your survival. It is never too late to get a competitive edge from that of your competitors. If your business rival is offering a mobile app than it is an alarming situation. Eliminate their competitive edge by launching your very own mobile application that is more customized and personalized to win over him.

Crucial Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Let us scrutinize how a mobile app can benefit the overall image of your brand.

Enhance the Customer Experience

By building an app there are vital chances that you can reshape customer experience. An application that is designed as per the company’s core business function can provide a frictionless experience. For many customers, a mobile application is a catalog of products and through this catalog, they try to understand the value of the brand. Through leveraging a mobile application, you can enhance not just customer experience but also ad unique brand experience as well.

Increase Brand Visibility

It is studied that if a customer is seeing an app of the brand continuously on their phone, there are significant chances that brand will stick in their mind. For any need, they will get back to that application. Through offering loyalty points, customized deals and promotional offers, these notifications can excite your audience and influence them to shop. This cannot be done through a website as you cannot review offers unless and until you land on the page, but if your customers have an app of your on their phones, through push notification you can always stay with them.

Boost Customer Engagement

Through a mobile application, you can easily trace the likes and dislikes of your customer. You can provide them with a personalized experience by offering them deals on those products that they are in need of. How to find that out? Trace the flow of the customer on what products they are spending more time and what they are searching throughout. This way you can track their likes and needs and then offer the deals in the same domain. This way you can engage your customers more and more with your brand in the long run.

Generate Additional Revenue

All those brand who are seeking to generate additional revenue while boosting their sales rate must get to app development. Through mobile app, they can push the users towards purchasing engaging them more with additional benefits such as discounts and offers.

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