How AI Can Transform the Way of Digital Marketing?


How AI Can Transform the Way of Digital Marketing?

There was a time when Artificial Intelligence was just something that we saw in movies. The most famous Ai-based system that we know and love is Jarvis, Tony Stark’s right-hand man(?). but in the last decade, Artificial Intelligence has really made its way into our lives. It started as a luxury, something that you might run into at a high-tech firm and now it has become something that we use daily. 

Artificial Intelligence is starting to affect every industry in the market and the same is true for marketing. A lot of us may not know what AI can do for marketing; especially digital marketing, but a lot of firms are already taking giant steps towards it. Companies are working closely with one or the other Artificial Intelligence service provider to help them get on the AI bandwagon and become trailblazers instead of followers.

Here we are going to discuss some of the things that we can do with the help of AI. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

What is machine learning? It is exactly what the name suggests. You use machine-based processes to analyse and solve problems. The more problem the machine solves, the more it learns and the better it becomes. Every problem adds to the machine’s database. As far as marketing is concerned, there are several use cases where we can use machine language to make our marketing efforts more effective and easier. We can use machine language for audience targeting, lead generation, and even search optimization, among others.

This will help us free our time so we can spend it doing more creative work. It will also make sure that we don’t have to do tedious and monotonous tasks again. As the machine keeps learning, it will keep on getting better and better. You can contact the best AI solutions company and create the type of marketing process that you want.

Focusing on Consumer Behavior

Focusing on Consumer Behavior

As we discussed earlier, Artificial Intelligence is all about data and the work we can do with it. When we use AI, we get the ability to extract data from various resources and have it analysed at a fraction of the time that it used to take us. AI can handle much more than what we were capable of. Based on this data, we can make much more informed decisions and don’t have to rely on gut feelings or predictions anymore.

Today, marketing is all about personalization. The more personalized experience we provide for our customers, the more chances of a sale and the more chances that they will come back. When we use AI to manage their data and analyse their behaviour, we come closer to a more personalized and unique experience for all our customers.

This will not only happen for us but also our customers. They will be shown products based on their previous shopping behaviour and preferences. 

AI-based IoT Services

AI-based IoT services

As far as the Internet of Things is concerned, it is still in its infancy age, just like Artificial Intelligence. We are now seeing IoT management platforms that we can use to control all the devices or appliances in our homes and offices. No more need for additional staff to take care of things like attendance, monitoring, or anything else. Now, we can control all the devices in our offices like printers, mobile devices, lights, and more through an AI-based system that will remember what we prefer and adjust everything accordingly.



Chatbots are another way we can leverage the power of AI for our marketing purposes. Chatbots are automated tools that we use to interact with our customers. Right now, if we want to offer a 24×7 service to our customers, we need people who can monitor our social feeds 24×7 and respond accordingly. Thanks to chatbots, we don’t need to do that anymore. Chatbots are adept at answering basic questions and fulfilling the needs of the clients on their own. No matter what industry you are in or what size your company is, you can benefit from chatbots as they are easy to implement and really helpful in communicating with your customers. Many businesses have already started using chatbots and they are seeing growth in user engagement as well as in customer loyalty.

Content Creation and Curation

Content Creation and Curation

When you view a video on YouTube, you see a list of videos that you would like to watch on the right-hand side. That is what AI is capable of doing. AI can learn from the preferences and the history of the user and show them relevant and curated content based on their likes. This means that your users will always get personalized service no matter when they come to your website. They could visit months after their initial visit and they will still see content that they like. The content for each client will be unique. Another great example of this is when you log on to an eCommerce site and you see products similar to what you searched earlier.

AI can also be used to gather data on things like sports, weather, finance, market information, and then reported to the users who want to see it. 


Whether you are a fan of AI or you think it will take over the world; the fact of the matter is that AI is here to stay. And the benefits that it is providing to businesses means that you either integrate it with your business systems or you lose out to your competitors. So, what are you going to do?

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