Are you making these 15 website design mistakes?

Are you making these 15 website design mistakes

Are you making these 15 website design mistakes?

Your website is the face of your business, it elaborates who you are and what you are doing. It is a lead generating machine for your company, helping in bringing in the business for you, generating profits and becoming successful in the long run. It is evident that a website is the first impression of your company that is made on your prospective customer, via this impression it is evaluated either your enterprise is going to get a lead or lose a business opportunity.

With the online platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace, there a lot of companies who are trying to make their websites on their own. This sounds easier for them while saving a lot of money and capital pilling over other IT companies to help them in creating their online presence. But being a newbie and naive in website designing, you can easily encounter with technical issues, such as posting of sliders, posting some videos or making it a responsive site. Therefore in this blog, we are going to highlight the top 15 mistakes that your website design can have.


Prominent Name Display

When a visitor visits your website, they simply want to know what the site is about and the services they offer. It is important that the logo of your website should be prominent, business name and the products/services you offer are clearly displayed on the homepage. If your home page information is ambiguous and the prospective visitor feels confused, there are higher chances that they will leave the page instantly, rather than browsing further.


Blazing Speed

How much time your website is taking to load? Three seconds or lesser on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. As per recent survey from Kissmetrics, nearly 47% of consumers visiting a web page expect the page to load in three seconds or less, whereas and 40% of consumers visiting your website will abandon the web page if it is taking extra time to load and open.

Therefore it is evident that if the web page is slow, there are enough chances that you may lose the potential customers that can help you in growing your business.



It is important that your website performs exceptionally across all the devices. Not only on the desktop but also on the tablets and especially on smartphones. It could be worst if the visitor viewing your web page has to zoom in to read the content, surf across the device to open any link. This frustrates the visitor and they tend to leave the page, instantly. Whereas, a responsive layout website that adjusts as per users screen size and helping in optimizing browsing experience, visitors tend to surf it with peace and are most likely to leave a lead for your business.


Contact Details Issues

The details regarding contacting you are priorities of your business as well as the visitor. But if the contact details are hard to find and the visitor has to dig in deep to find out, they will eventually become frustrated and leave the site in the instant. Therefore it is crucial that your contact details are easily visible or has proper linking to your details. After all, your website is basically a sales tool and it is meant to generate leads for you, not just a mere display available online.


Simple Navigational Concerns

It becomes really hard for visitors to navigate across your website, but if there are proper navigational tabs that tell the visitor on which page he is and how to trace back from the page he started. Visitors hate to click on go back tab on their own and sometimes accidentally if the page goes back twice or thrice, they tend to leave your website due to lack of simplicity. Therefore make sure your website is simple and you have proper navigational tabs for the visitors’ convenience.


Readability and Legibility

The readability of your text is crucial to your website success. If the text written in either too small or too big, it makes a bad impact over the visitor. This doesn’t mean to put some fancy fonts with unique styles! Make it simple and enjoyable. For providing the information that what you do, your history and other important data that are pivotal for your survival, must be in readable text size with simple graceful fonts.


Easily Scan-able Pages

Here, scanning doesn’t mean the actual scanning, but the visitors scanning of the information on your web page. The information on your website should be simple, meaningful and straight to the point. When a visitors visit your site, the text must be captivating enough that he is bound to read it, it should not be too long that they leave it nor too short that they couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.


Error-Free Website

The content on your website plays a significant role in making the audience understand about you. But this is one of the major concern where the content has grammatical errors, punctuation problems and no existing tabs, links and broken links. Your online presence must be free from errors and the visitor doesn’t assume you as a newbie and leave your website without understanding your business. A perfect QA of your web page is the must.



It is not necessary that on your website, each and every page of yours is colored and finally looking like a colorful platform. Too many colors or no color makes your website look unattractive or hard to read. There must be elegance throughout, for example, lighter tones with the contrast of brighter tones that are friendly to read. There must be some whitespace in your webpage, giving a refreshing feel and relaxation to the eyes.



Branding is too important and can never be neglected no matter what. It is important that your website colors purely matches to your logo. If your logo is completely black and white and you fill too many colors on the web pages, the vision of branding will fade. Make a mark with the color, font, elegance and exclusiveness for your website and ensure proper branding.


Searching Option

Does your website have a search bar? It is important that your website has a searching panel where the visitor can search directly what they are looking for. It is important for visitors who don’t have time and wish to complete their search immediately. This helps your business in getting more leads and gives an overall classic impression.


Automatic Video Playing

This is the biggest error! If a visitor lands on your page and instantly the videos start to play, the visitor will not wait for another second and leave the page instantly. The reality is when visitors visit your website, they are not there to listen to soundtracks, therefore make sure your website is simple and elegant with no abrupt sounds. There can be video playing options which the visitor can play himself.


Illogical Reading Pattern

Don’t fill your web page or load your website with tons of information altogether. Your website needs a clear and concise voice but if you load the page with too many details, a lot of colors, different boxes together, all at once, the visitor will become too confusing to read anything and leave the page. If the visitor is confused, trust us, your profit and long-term survival will be a question mark for you. Bombardment of anything is always dangerous.


Lead Generating Forms

Along with the texts, lead generating forms are also too important. But they should be precise and straight. If you are asking too many details such as ID number, landline number, second address etc. the visitor will become totally frustrated and leave. This way you will lose a potential customer essential for your business. Make it short and simple, ask the most important details only.


Orphan Page

If there is a page on your website that is idle and is not interlinked with any page, it will lose the importance. This mostly happens with Terms and Condition page or Support pages. The visitor has to search for these pages themselves and they are most likely to be on the footer, in small fonts. We all know, these pages are important, but if the visitor is tend to search himself and read, this is nearly impossible. Always interlink all your pages together.


Final Verdict

These errors are needed to be rectified if you wish for profit maximization and capturing every opportunity for your business. We are the leading website design agency and have years of experience, never letting our clients experience these 15 website errors.

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