Mistakes Your Freelance Web Designer is Making

Mistakes Your Freelance Web Designer is Making

Mistakes Your Freelance Web Designer is Making

In this modish era, technological advancements have revolutionized the world and so the businesses. For keeping up with the fast-paced world, now the businesses have to make sure that they have a proper online presence, which is unique and as per their target users’ needs. Without the website, your existence will doom away.

There are many freelancers who are ready to make your websites for you at economical rates. There are many companies that are hiring these freelancers for web designing over professional agencies for cost saving. This is good but there are some really tense risks involved in it and the freelancers are likely to make huge blunders that might risk your company’s growth and profits. We, being a website development agency, believe that freelancers are a great option, but if they don’t have a professional attitude and their designing techniques are not as per the latest market trends, than pilling your money over them can be of no use to you. Following are a few terrible mistakes made by freelancers.

Less Talking About the Company Services

One of the most common mistakes a freelancer makes is less talking about the business and more talking about achievements. The visitors always look forward to that information to which they are more interested, they are least interested in other achievements. There are some unprofessional freelancers that present your website just like a resume, saying, here’s our services, these are our awards, we are too great, etc.

It is good to bash about yourself but too much kills! Sharing testimonials and awards is great but keen focus on them is useless. Your website must show only that content which the visitor wants to see. If he came to find why to choose you for their specific needs, you must have an accurate answer and solution to their problem.

No Suitable Content or Childish Words

One of the most dangerous mistakes a freelancer makes is in writing the content of the website. In professional agencies, there are professional copywriters and content experts who write after effective research. But a freelancing web designer has only expertise in making a website and hence he would not be able to write effective content for your web.

The content on your website should be unique, plagiarism free and as per the user’s interest. Writing non-specific words, using childish vocabulary, this all leads to loss. If the words are not specific, then how the user is going to search for your company, as search engine needs keywords. If your site instead of words is filled with picture demonstrations and videos than Google can’t interpret it well for what you are offering, resulting in bad SEO for your company.

Usage of Jargons instead of Normal Language

No one is asking to use complete layman language, but still, it should be effortless to understand. This is also a common mistake where the freelancer might use heavy jargons that are not understandable. The user will never use a dictionary to get the meaning of your written context. Using fancy language is not a good idea and this marks negative perception about your business if the user is not able to understand what is written.

No Call-to-Action

Your website is not a mere brochure about your company and what services you offer. Instead, it is a powerful tool for generating a lead for your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you will not provide directions to your users that trust us, they will not do anything. You need call-to-action spaces where the user will know how they can get in touch with you. It is also evident that your call-to-action button must have some directions in it, delivering the benefit.

Example: Schedule a meeting today and get a dedicated pest control officer on your doorstep tomorrow!

Too Many Call-to-Action

Get our latest updates today, follow us on social media, sign in for the newsletter, read our case studies. These are too many call-to-action buttons that when bombarded to the user, he might get confused and will not do anything at all. There should be relevant CTA’s that not only attract the users but are only interactive for them.

3rd Party Themes

Many freelancers use 3rd party themes for website designing. Though they are beautiful, but they have some problems with them too. Such as lots of blots making the site slow, heavy images that increase the loading time, even the theme gets hunches and problems later on with these 3rd party design providers.

Cheap Shared Hosts

The freelancers usually use cheap sharing hosts that are slow and not good for your site. These hosts do not have regular backup options and there are major chances in losing the data and information easily. This can bring catastrophe to your business.

No Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Many freelancers are not well-versed in Google marketing tools and hence they are not able to integrate your website to Google Analytics. Without analytics, how are you supposed to find out the performance of the site, behavior of the users, how the target market is interacting and reacting towards your website and tracking where they exit the site. Even without a conversion tracking system, there is no use of CTA than, because without tracking how many leads you got in the week and how many were nurtured for you, running a successful business is impossible.

No SSL Certificate

When your site starts and it has HTTP instead of HTTPS, this means you don’t have any SSL certification. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is known as the standard security protocol for launching encrypted links amid a web server and the browser.

If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, Google will mark it as not secured browser and all your users will see that. Recently Google has officially stated that if your website has an SSL than it is a positive in ranking signal.

Image Size Optimization

If the images are too heavy and are not optimized than the website will take a lot of time to load and the user will get frustrated. The ideal time for page loading is known as three seconds or less. But if the images are not optimized than it might take a minute or more.

Too Many White Space

Yes, it is good to have white space in your web page for adding freshness. But, if the white space is too big and too large then it becomes less attractive. Colors in a site have their own significance which cannot be ignored at all.

No or Bad Title Tags

Title tags play a pivotal role in your website, giving a shortest summary about what you are. If you are a painting agency than it must show something like, Incredible Paints that are Painting your World. This is clearly explaining when you offer. But instead, if it is showing Home, it indicated that your freelancer has missed title tag. Title tags are basically shout out to Google, telling it what you basically is.

No or Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions clearly define what your business is about or what services you are offering. It is found on search engine result page, under your page title. If your meta description is creative and well-written, there are greater chances of higher click-through rate, leading you for more leads.


If your freelancer is doing such mistakes than it is pretty obvious that he lacks in professionalism and industry related knowledge and expertise.

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