Sitespect And Contentsquare: A Match Made In Heaven

Sitespect And Contentsquare: A Match Made In Heaven

Sitespect And Contentsquare: A Match Made In Heaven

If there were ever two companies that needed to integrate, they were SiteSpect and ContactSquare. If you don’t know, SiteSpect is the industry innovator in optimization and personalization. ContenSquare is one of the leading analytics platforms for all digital experiences. What they do is help businesses of all sizes enhance their customer journey which leads to more conversions. Both the companies are at the pinnacle of their own industries. Now, that they have integrated, you can expect nothing but the best digital experience for your brand. This integration brings you the best of optimization, personalization, A/B testing, as well as for analytics. With this amalgamation, you can expect to get a much better understanding of your customers’ journey and their behaviour.

When SiteSpect’s VP of Product, Justin Bougher was approached, he said that SiteSpect and Contentsquare coming together was a natural fit for integration. Both these companies provide all types of businesses with an enhanced user experience. The benefit is that both the organizations do that across multiple touchpoints and now they can bring all those together and to achieve the same goal. If you are an app development company, a fast-food delivery business, or any other type of business, you can gain a lot of valuable insights into your customers by contacting the above companies.

Justin also commented that as time is changing, the responsibility of providing a better user experience to customers is not only on the marketing team or the user experience team but also on all the other teams and departments of a business. This can include the development department, analytics team, merchandising department, and others. The entire overall team has to come together to ensure that the customers get feature-rich, personalized and customized services. This means that not only do these departments and teams have to work individually towards a better user experience, but they also have to see this as a holistic endeavour. Both SiteSpect and Contentsquare are capable of providing this to businesses.

This is especially true right now because user behaviour has changed drastically over the last few months due to the pandemic. Businesses that provide app development services or any other type of services or products have to shift their practices according to those behavioural changes. This is the only way they can survive in the current economic situation.

When Gilad Zubery, the VP of Global Business Development and Partnerships at Contentsquare was contacted, he said that in the past few months, the brands that survived had to navigate through the murky waters and the troubled times with an innovative and creative mindset and the tools that matched. What this means is that only those businesses survived who continuously kept an eye on their customers and their behaviours, and optimized their business practices accordingly.

To optimize your business, again and again, based on the customers is not something that a business can do easily. Businesses need to be agile and make smart decisions to do that. Now that SiteSpect and Contentsquare have integrated, this is exactly what they are offering to all businesses.

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