Skills UI/UX Designers Should Have In Development

Skills UIUX Designers Should Have In Development

Skills UI/UX Designers Should Have In Development

Often people believe that User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is the same, but in reality, they are not. There is fine line difference in both the concepts and treating it as the same can lead to the failure of a website. UX design is something more technical and analytical whereas UI design is more referred to designing the layout, such as Photoshop and Illustrator work. In other words, User Experience is somewhat measuring and optimizing for creating a novel user experience of ease whereas User Interface is more about the presentation of the website, its overall feel and looks.

What a UI designer is capable of, there are chances that a UX designer won’t know and vice versa. Since a career in UI and UX designing can be frustrating but there a few required skills that can enable their smartness and efficiency throughout the development phase. Highlighting a few crucial skills every website development Company from slough or anywhere expects from their UI/UX designers.


Visual and Non Visual Communication

This is one of the most important aspects of designing where the designer should be able to provide communicable designs to the website. Being a designer, you are supposed to be a storyteller, telling every aspect of the story with your creative designs and visual context. Every design needs to be concise and simple, easily understood by the customers and conveying all the information required to understand the motive of the website.

The designer is required to be proficient in tools, software and programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Python, PHP etc. These all are believed to provide solutions to all the problems of the users. The designers are expected to communicate the message through his creativity, able to transform the ideas into wireframes and highly interactive prototypes. As long as the content is providing a useful meaning, which tools are being used just don’t matter.


Lean and Agile Software Development Skills

Almost every organization has abandoned the old traditional methods of building, developing and designing software to the latest agile and lean software development solutions. As a UI and UX designer, it is important to understand the modern tech art and work with brilliance and innovation. A good designer should be able to work in a new environment with the same efficiency and with the required development skills.


User Advocacy

A User Experience and User Interface expert is the backbone of any company. They know what the users are looking for and how they can enhance their website up-to-the-mark as per the expectations. The UI and UX designer must have the expertise and continuous reach over new market concepts and requirements. Their minds should be creative and their thinking pattern should be out-of-the-box.


Rapid Prototyping

There was a time when the software latest version used to come in years. But now, in this fast-paced technological world, new versions and latest updates come within months. Therefore a UI and UX designer must not only be creative but also quick in evaluating the latest changes and updates and iterate the new design. But iteration without a prototype is confusing and frustrating, both at the same time. Hence, the User Experience designer and User Interface designer are expected to rapidly create prototypes and communicate their innovative designs with ease.


Persuasive Designing

It is not enough today that the designed application looks good to view. It is important that the designs are also persuasive with innovation and ingenious designing techniques. There is a need for psychological techniques and ideas that can help in social proofing, scarcity and reciprocity designs.


Business Skills

There was a time where a UX and UI designers were responsible for designing web pages for greater user experience as well as the responsive user interface. But, as the time is changing, the needs of businesses are also evolving, where there is need of strategic writing, business cases, quality presentations, now the designers must possess exceptional business skills too.



Revising Skills

Today the concepts on designing are changing rapidly as so as the wants and desires of users. The users tend to search for such websites that not only provide them with the solution they are looking for but as well as innovative and interactive for the excitement of the eyes. Therefore, the UI and UX designers are required to be in up-to-date knowledge, understanding the changes and designing those changes continuously for making the designs as a modern piece.


Responsive Designing Skills

With the new technological advancements, there are now new and different screen sizes the user is using to view your website. Therefore, your website should be designed in such a way that be it a desktop or tablet or any screen size smartphone, your website opens seamlessly with perfection.


These are some UI and UX skills every designer must have to be part of the modern technological system with innovation and creative ideology.

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