Tips for Perfecting Your Product Photography

Tips for Perfecting Your Product Photography

Tips for Perfecting Your Product Photography

The e-commerce world is revolutionizing day by day and it has become wide, overwhelmed and competitive with a lot of competitors selling the same product as that of yours. Now, for having a cutting-edge from that of your rival, it is not to have lower prices as compared to them, but, there requires a whole science of latest marketing efforts, new branding, innovative designing and an ingenious way to reach out to the customers. It is the time for the customers to know that they are not just getting a good price and value for money, but they are also dealing with a legitimate and professional site.

There are pretty a lot of ways to optimize your website as per the needs and desires of the customers. There are some large scale changes, whereas there are some minor minute changes. But among them, one of the most exceptional and worthy change is to display your products and services offered with images that are redefining your item upside down. Product photography plays an eminent role in the selling of any product online, therefore the seller must be reminded every time that his products and services need high-resolution images that are defining your website with brilliance.

 What is Product Photography?

It is well known that when a customer is viewing a product page, through the image they are trying to visualize the offered quality and value for their money. Through eminent product photography, you can deliver such exceptional visualization effect that can create an impact on the customers. But what product photography is basically about?

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography, which is solely about precisely and appealingly presenting a product for acquisition. It uses some specific techniques and tricks to show your products in such an eye-catching way that leaves the spectators and visitors of your website with the urge to purchase that specific product.

Therefore it is evident that product photography is one of the most essential parts for both advertising phenomena, be it online or the offline advertisement. Prodigious photography is indispensable for any catalogs, brochures, magazine ads, billboards or online ads to be successful. When it comes to the company website, through incredible photography, it becomes easy to sell your products to direct customers.

Why Prominent Product Photography is Obligatory?

According to studies, 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brain comes in visual form. Therefore, no matter how sophisticated your traffic is and how mature your website visitors are, the first thing they are going to notice is the photograph or image of the product, before reading the written content. It is clear that the photos are believed as a key part in shaping a consumer’s decision-making process, eventually influencing the conversion rate as well as the retention rate of the customers. There are numerous aspects that are provoked through perfect product photography, among which few are:

Enhancing visualization for more conversion: 93% of customers believe in images and hence shaping their purchase decision. Therefore your image should be visually attractive to enhance the attention span on your product page, resulting in more conversions for your business.

Creative branding: Add images to your online store as it develops and reconstructs your brand and its image. Images grab the attention first, instill trust and invite customers for a future deep down look. Be it the image, color, the saturation, everything should be in uniform voice resonating a feel of the brand to your target audience.

Inculcate Trust: Through images communicate trust to your customers. It is evident that through images, the customers feel confident for what they are about to order or planning or a purchase decision.


Essential Product Photography Tips for Boosting E-Commerce Sales like a Pro

It is must for an e-commerce web development solution providing company to articulate to its customers and teach them for the importance of brilliant e-commerce product images that are real and are not stock images. Here are a few tips for proper photography.

 Use Right Equipment

The foremost step to take extravagant images is using the right equipment for your photography needs. Using a digital camera is good and allowed but it lacks some crucial features that can add elegance and sharpness to your image. There is a need to find such cameras that have optical zoom lenses with the ability to synchronize with the detached light source. Using a professional DSLR camera is the ultimate solution, aided with the ability to swap lenses, shoot in multiple camera modes, have larger storage capacity, and can work brilliantly in flash or natural lightening setups. Lastly, there is a need to get a light source using a soft box for enhancing the image value and adding the required details precisely.

Usage of White Backgrounds

Your product photography should focus on the product only, nothing more than that and nothing less than that. Adding corners, wall, colored backgrounds can add distraction, resulting in the elimination of the sole aim of the product image. Your product photo should be clearly visible with added details such as proper lighting, colors, saturation, hue etc. but there is no need to add anything else that can be a disturbance for the customer.

Diffused and Soft Lights

The goal of product photography lighting is to cast even, soft light with diffusion, marking soft shadows as much as possible. If the lighting is high then there will be bigger shadows cast behind or near the image, giving a bad impact to the photography. The more the shadow is soft and lighter, the more your image would be brighter and easy to understand.

Sense of Scaling

One of the biggest drawbacks of an online store vs brick and mortar store is the inability to visualize the size and dimensions of the product. Since it is the image only, they are not able to either feel or touch the product in physical. Therefore it is recommended that if the product is too large, add a door or an adult average height chart to give your customers a visual sense regarding the size of the product.

Large Image File Size

It is evident that only a 72dpi image can be displayed on the web, but it is essential to take a large sized image for this. Taking a direct 72dpi image will result in low-resolution and blur image on most of the devices the customer is using to view your website. The ideal way is to take the image in large size and later crop and resize it to the desired size. This way the image will not be pixelated at any device.

Multiple Views from Different Angles

Taking an image from the front position is definitely the most crucial thing but adding other viewpoints are like adding a cherry on the cake. It is great to add images from different angles, like from the bottom, showing how the product looks from the bottom, all the side views with clarity and the top view for a brief look. Adding the front and back image is always necessary, but adding the images from all the angles makes your customer feel confident about your product and the level of trust increases significantly.

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