Top 4 Trending Artificial Intelligence Technologies

5 Top Business Sectors That Will Transform Through Artificial Intelligence

Top 4 Trending Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology providing facilities to several sectors. The best definition of artificial intelligence is to make machines smarter enough to perform human-like tasks. This technology is growing every day and multiple applications are being introduced transforming the way business operations are performed. It has made everyday lives of people much easier helping them to perform complex operations within just a few minutes. Innovations are being made to the technology, several techniques and algorithms are implemented to enhance the functionalities.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence has expanded to a great extent making it the most powerful technology of all time. Let’s have a look at the top 4 trending artificial intelligence technologies that are benefiting businesses across the globe.


1. Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chips

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chips

 AI-enable chips are the latest technology in artificial intelligence. Its popularity has recently increased making it reach an estimation of approximately $91,185 Million revenue in the next five years. Several businesses have already introduced AI-enabled chips and it’s expected that all the smartphones generated afterwards will contain this technology. It requires extra hardware and specialized processors to perform complex computations. These AI-enabled chips make sure that technologies like natural language, facial recognition, object detection etc. are faster enough to perform specific tasks. These chips boost the performance of mobile applications that relies on Artificial Intelligence. It takes Artificial Intelligence app development efficiency to the next level with improved real-time AI-translation, virtual assistants etc.


2. Autonomous Things

Autonomous Things

This is another advanced AI-based technology that is modifying an artificial intelligence future. As machines and robots are taking the world by storm, autonomous things are bringing these modern innovations to life. This technology is able to perform tasks without the involvement or guidance of humans. One of the artificial intelligence examples with this technology includes self-driving cars which are automated and don’t need control of a driver. According to researchers, autonomous machines will occupy the entire market performing all the tasks efficiently. Autonomous things are of great advantage and can be used in different industries improving the operations and saving time of individuals.


3. Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning also comes on the trending artificial intelligence technologies list. Organizations are shifting towards this powerful technology due to the vast benefits it offers. Automated machine learning allows complex algorithms to be integrated into the apps to learn based on the experience. It doesn’t require the guidance of any human and learns automatically, expanding its knowledge with each experience. Several tools are used to train high-quality Machine Learning models. The trending technology has increased the demand for data scientists that expertly handles large data sets. They perform operations on those data and decisions are made based on ML. Algorithms are implemented in real-world problems used to discover hidden patterns.


4. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Latest innovations in artificial intelligence based custom software development company have grabbed everyone’s attention. One of the strongest AI-based technologies is facial recognition that identifies and authenticates your face. Companies all around the world are using this technology for security purposes. It is used in order to give access to certain things without getting hacked. Using facial recognition gives tight protection to sensitive data and doesn’t allow any other person to access your information. It is the safest way to protect huge amounts of companies and personal data, preventing others from stealing it. This technology uses digital images and patterns to identify the features of human’s faces.



In this artificial intelligence article, you get to know about how this powerful technology is transforming operations. It is the most useful technology the world has ever come across. Basic to complex tasks are now automated with the help of Artificial Intelligence and its latest trending technologies. Some of the most popular technologies are defined above that are being integrated by business into their mobile and web apps. These AI Based solutions instantly improve the performance and user experience of the entire application.


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