Top Mobile App Development Trends That Are Dominating The Market


Top Mobile App Development Trends That Are Dominating The Market

The mobile applications industry is on a continuous flow of emerging every day. There are a lot of things that have impacted mobile app trends to come into action, such as consumer demands, technology advancements, and a broad range of other aspects. During this pandemic, many businesses have gone through serious losses, which made them look at other options to connect with customers. Unarguably, mobile applications seemed the best alternative at that time to stay connected with customers and continue their operations without violating any safety measures. It can be a software house UK or the USA; the importance of advanced technology is valued everywhere.

One thing that pandemic taught everyone was the importance of staying up to date with the latest technology. Businesses that adopted the latest technology were seen to be on the edge of success. This is how the world was introduced to the latest mobile app development trends. The primary reason was always keeping customers and businesses connected. As of today, more than 5 million mobile apps existing in the market are more than enough to know the demand they have. Their nature of making complex tasks quite simple for users is what makes them interesting and attractive.

This top-notch technology and great minds of professionals helped the following mobile app development trends to come to life.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration


Yes, IoT is far beyond being something new for you, but how mobile apps are changing it to become something more is just astonishing. The opportunities that IoT today have because of mobile app integration are quite essential. It is no surprise to see people getting accustomed to using technology in their daily life, making things seamless and smooth.

Internet of Things represents the network of connected devices rapidly growing in the market on the internet. Customers now have control over the usage of such devices through their smartphones. The emerging smart home automation technology is something you can consider falling under this technology.

How smartly mobile apps have been integrated with this technology is remarkable. More connected devices are now being integrated with smartphones which are increasing the demand even more. This mobile app development trend will grow even more in the coming years.

  1. Mobile Applications For The Foldable Devices


If a couple of more years had passed, the foldable mobile phones would have become a thing of the past. The influx of smartphones entirely threw foldable phones out of the picture, and it kept this way for many years. Phones with touch screens were taking over the market at a fast pace. However, in the past couple of years, we saw the return of foldable mobile devices, and things changed.

The release of foldable smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr, and Huawei Mate X made people remember this technology. These smartphones have the ability to expand and compress according to the preference of their users. You can make a call on a compressed screen and watch a video on an expanded screen. On the other hand, mobile app developers need to work on the existing apps and new ones to ensure that they run smoothly on these devices.

They have to stay responsive as the screen folds and unfolds. Yes, currently, this trend is not that popular, but shortly it will be all over the market.

  1. 5G Technology


The wonders of 5G technology will impact mobile app development trends significantly. For mobile app developers, creators, and resellers, things can change drastically about the way how mobile applications are created and used. Every professional mobile app development company realises the benefits 5G has to offer. But how will it impact mobile app development?

Well, it will improve speed and efficiency to the level where you will forget what these terms mean. A 10 per cent decrease in latency is what attracts many young lads, which is clearly observable. Moreover, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, which is enough reason to see its greatness. This much speed and decreased latency will surely have some impact on mobile apps running on your smartphone, right? Mobile app developers will be able to add more features without the fear of the app performing low.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)


Augmented reality having a broad range of uses for mobile applications will only make it trend upwards in the market. It was Pokémon Go that grasped users’ attention on the wonders of this technology, but today, we see more practical uses it can have. L’Oréal Paris implements augmented reality for their app called Style My Hair. This app utilises AR to showcase various hairstyles and different shades of colour on the user’s hair.

L’Oréal also has an entirely virtual makeup app using Augmented Reality, which helps users in seeing which makeup suits them the most. Other than this, Google Maps also introduced a feature of a live map where you can see turn-by-turn locations in real-world imagery. You just have to point a camera in a particular direction, and the app will let you know where you are. The coming time will have even more surprises ready for you to see in this field.

  1. Predictive Analysis


This trend has been shaking things up for multiple businesses and companies for a good time now. Using AI and ML, the app can analyse the data of your customers and make the user experience better for them. Giants in the market like Netflix have been using predictive analytics and making things easier for their users.

It recommends what to watch next based on what you have already watched. Other than the streaming services like Netflix, many eCommerce mobiles apps have been utilising this trend. They can lure the user into buying something that he finds interesting. The keywords he searches for and the products he visits can help the app know what he is looking for. The  have been working tirelessly to make this even more accurate so that it benefits the businesses.


The constant changes seen in mobile app development are proof that you should stay relevant all the time. The trends from the past couple of years will not be helping you to stay competitive today. It is mobile apps and their success to make or break your brand in the market today. All the above-mentioned mobile app development trends can help your business bring things up a notch. You can have them implemented accordingly based on the type and demands of your business to help it get more customers.

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