Top PHP Influencers You Need on Your Radar in 2019

Top PHP Influencers You Need on Your Radar in 2019

Top PHP Influencers You Need on Your Radar in 2019

The widely accepted technology in the world is PHP, which is famous due to its professional look. If you are looking forward to create a dynamic content website, than PHP is a perfect pick. Be it portal websites or the educational forums, be it designing portfolios to the corporate portfolios, the efficient cloud technologies or be it web tools, with the revolution of PHP you can design almost everything on web infrastructure. After the release of PHP 7.3, the community is growing much faster than ever.

If you love PHP community and what to keep track of their contributions, ideologies and achievements in the field of PHP, than there are certainly a lot of influencers than are going to influence you in 2019. There are many great influencers but among them there are a few who are worthy to be followed in 2019.


Cal Evans

With more than 20 years of working experience, Cal Evans is the CEO of E.I.C.C inc, partnered with his wife Kathy Evans. Cal has worked with PHP, MySQL on Linux OS and windows for the past 10 years with brilliance and dedication. He is the author of the wonderful book, PHP Architect’s Guide to Programming with Zend Framework that is a sensational book for PHP developers, guiding them in the world of PHP.


Davey Shafik

The author of brilliant books, Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide: A PHP [architect] Guide published in 2006, The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks published in 2007, PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code published in 2011 and the latest book published in 2019 PHP Pocket Reference: PHP in Your Pocket and plentiful magazine articles, are written by the famous Davey Shafik having more than 12 years of experience in PHP development. He is not only the pioneer of public speaking but also attended several conferences as an attendee to keep on learning around the world. It is also the contribution of Davey that the core features of PHP 5.3 named as PHAR were written by him. You can follow him on his website and learn his more research on the PHP.


Chris Hartjes

Chris is not just a simple developer but also referred to as the champion of PHP. It is his contribution that he has developed several applications of every size and still reshaping PHP since 1998. With more than 20 years of experience, Chris is currently Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for Mozilla. He is also hunting his very own info-product empire named as grumpy-learning. He is also co-organizer of the True North PHP conference.


Lorna Mitchell

Lora is the real head behind IBM Cloud Data Services. With her timeless contribution to PHP, she is an open source database technologist. Her books, PHP web development services and PHP Master has not only all the information on PHP but are completely inspiring for all the people who wish to excavate more on PHP. She is an engineer, author and a speaker, you can follow her on her own website.


Keith Casey

The platform team leader at Okta, Keith is a co-author of A Practical Approach to API Design at Lean-pub. He is too fond of working with APIs and possess exceptional information on their true identities and authenticators. With his aim and vision, we are seeing and expecting a lot of research in the API field. Follow all his blogs to learn more about his theories and API approach.


Chris Cornutt

With more than 17 years of professional experience, Chris is the author of two PHP sites, namely, and He is the shining star and organizer of Dallas Lone Star PHP Conference. Chris is not only an active member of the PHP community but also a senior editor and application security engineer at many technological forums.


Elizabeth Marie Smith

The inspiration for many individuals, motivating them to start development, Elizabeth is simply not just a public speaker. With all her real-life responsibilities as a married woman, she is still there to help individuals, mentoring them for a new program.


Matthew WeierO’Phinney

Matthew is currently the project lead of Zend Framework and with his timeless contribution, his time and efforts helped in building up Zend technologies. He is also an active member of Zend Education Advisory Board. With this group, he helps in authorizing theZend Certification Exam. He loves to learn and dig in more in the field of PHP and you can read his inspirational blogs for understanding him more.


Michelangelo Van Dam

Michelangelo is a proficient PHP expert, with years of hands-on experience. He has not only offered his services to Zend but also has been part of many government and large enterprises. Being the president of PHP Benelux, he has been a speaker at many national and international level. Currently, Van Dam is the member of Coder Dojo and Secretary of Web Alliance.


Eli White

Eli is the pure lover of writing codes in PHP. He creates conferences for his living, whereas he teaches individuals how to make perfect and clean PHP codes. For him, working on PHP is one of the most soothing things he ever experienced.


These are a few of inspirational PHP influencers you need to follow in 2019 and get latest updates of PHP community from them. Follow them and excavate a whole new world of PHP. Need some PHP advice? Contact us as we are one of the leading website development agency.

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