Top Social Media Trends for Ecommerce in 2019

Top Social Media Trends for Ecommerce in 2019

Top Social Media Trends for Ecommerce in 2019

Have you not started yet to strategize your social media marketing plan? Don’t worry, it is not too late yet! It is evident that 2019 is all about technologies, strategies and tactics that can help you in staying on top or become a leading brand. The recent reports show that the average time an individual spends on social media platforms is 2 hours and 15 minutes a day, which is rapidly increasing. Therefore this is sure that neglecting the power and importance of social media can never lead your e-commerce business anywhere, except with the passage of time it will just fade away like it never existed before.

All those brands who are going to capitalize on their time on social media will get a better opportunity of recognition, building stronger customer relationship and will get a boost in their sales. Nearly 70% of Americans are using at least one social platform to discover the latest trends, information, interacting and engaging with friends and loved ones. Therefore targeting social media platforms can be fruitful for your business at any cost. Social media is a low-cost platform where you can market your business at low cost and get more eyeballs for your brand in less timeframe.

With a team of specialized professionals who are providing e-commerce web development solutions, we have gathered the most crucial social media trends that every e-commerce business needs to follow in 2019 are listed below.

Create a Video

In the fast-paced world, the demand of social media customers are changing and evolving but the demand for more video content remains constant. It is evident from past years of experience that video has the ability to offer a more certain and specific experience that just images cannot deliver. It is crucial to keep your customers engaged to your brand’s offerings and its story by forming long and interactive content in terms of video.

There has been a significant increase in the demand of episodic content, all thanks to the revolution of Netflix. If you are planning to place an advertisement instead of a dedicated video, then this is a wrong choice. Majority of the customers tend to skip an advertisement to watch the video. According to a recent survey, the digital advertisement tends to be indiscreet and/or obnoxious to watch for people of all ages. Therefore there is a keen emphasize to create an inspirational video, delivering every aspect of your e-commerce business with perfection, engaging the viewers with interest. It is even studied that all those brands who will use episodic content for their promotion of the brands are going to have a more competitive edge in 2019.

Go Live

Live video streaming is regarded as one of the most powerful tools for marking the appearance of your brand. In order to build customer trust over your brand, create a buzz with the help of live video streaming. Due to advancement in technology and influx of live streaming option in social media, the world is moving towards live sessions and interactions with customers to gain their confidence in their brand. Since the customers except for direct and open communication, rather than offline information gathering, going live is not just trendy but an important aspect for your business survival.

With highly energetic live streaming, get fully engaged with your views and customers and drive tons of traffic to your site. It is unmistakable that content marketing and SEO is not just costly but also requires a lot of time and effort, but being in the market with low cost and fewer efforts can be achieved through going live on social media platforms. According to a recent dialogue with Facebook, a huge amount of people spend triple of their time in watching live Facebook videos and interact as compared to the posted videos, that are not live. Therefore, it is advised that in 2019, be more active and have interactive sessions on your social media to engage the large audience with ease.

Time to Get Personalized

It is the time to nurture customer relationships and maximize your conversions by getting personalized with personalized content and enhanced the shopping experience. In this advanced era, the demands of customers are getting much higher and so the competition is also getting intense and tough to compete. It is found out that in 2019, all those brands who are working on personalized experience and are focused on customer-centric approach are going to get a boost in their business, leading to success and benefits.

Influx of Personalized Content

If you haven’t adopted a personalized content mechanism yet, then work on it now, before you lose your competitive edge from your competitors.

What is ‘Personalized Content’?

Personalized content is that text that is tailored to a specific audience based on some explicit factors such as their demographics, their target audience, consumer of the product etc. To be a partner in customer’s journey, get personalized content that can help in leveraging and defining the customer’s expectation, helping in better interaction with the brand. It helps in being associated with the brand on the basis of past experiences and demands. Sharing that sort of content where you are aware your customer will enjoy reading them, will help you in getting close to their hearts, making you as their top priority.

How to Create Personalized Content?

The foremost rule is to be social and interact with your customers directly to know how they feel about your brand. Using a social media platform for interacting with your audience will help you in the better understanding of their psychological behavior and their specific needs.  You need to identify which social media channel they are using more and what sort of content they find more exciting to interact with.

Use your personalized content to keep the conversations ongoing, helping you in getting the insights with ease. Form valuable connections with existing as well as loyal customers by personally corroborating their personal interests.

Be Authentic

It is crucial to provide open and honest information to your customers to build trust and a sense of faith in your brand. In fact, it is studied that more than 81% of customers tend to believe that it is the responsibility of the businesses to be transparent in dealing and providing information, specifically when posting something on social media platforms. Therefore try to be more authentic and genuine while providing with reliable information to your customers.

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