Technology Trends That Are Going to Change the Shape of Mobile App Development in 2019

Technology Trends That Are Going to Change the Shape of Mobile App Development in 2019

Technology Trends That Are Going to Change the Shape of Mobile App Development in 2019

The world is changing rapidly, from the importance of accessing the internet via desktops and laptops has drastically shifted to smartphone browsing. As per the latest report based on global digitization, there are more than 5.135 billion people using smartphones all over the world. The truth is mobile app development is not a piece of cake, it took years to get into the trend and after several years of struggle, today, smartphones have almost competed out the desktops for internet access.

Mobile application development is thriving since last few years and it is predicted it will keep on flourishing in upcoming years as well. According to a survey from Statista, by the end of the year 2020, mobile applications are expected to generate around $188.9 billion globally. Today, due to modern technological advancements, enterprise-level applications can now address any complexity or challenge with ease and sturdy behavior. Since it is now 2019 and this year is regarded as a year filled with technological reshipment and modifications, therefore we are going to discuss some latest notice worthy technological changes that can reshape mobile app development along with several benefits.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Due to its high technical advancement, today, be it the real estate or farming industry, the retail industry or the fitness sector, every part of the industry is excited to embrace this revolutionary futuristic technology. The IoT-enabled application is working as a bridge amid the smartphones and connected devices, making it an integral part of our ecosystem. Not just the entrepreneurs but the customers are all geared up to use IoT technology. There is still a lot of room for IoT development and all those companies who will embrace IoT concept will definitely make more IoT based applications, making future a reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are creating a huge impact on mobile app development and it has already dug in deep into mobile apps that we just can’t ignore now. With the influx of machine learning algorithms, the enterprises are able to collect data and make analysis with convenience, enabling personalized experience to every application user. Artificial intelligence is making its statement with chatbots, where Siri and Ok Google are surely hit spots where humans are conveniently interacting with bots to make their lives easy.

Starting right from adding automation for improving customer experience, till the reduction in human error, artificial intelligence is already playing a crucial role in the core development of next-generation enterprise-level mobile applications.

More Interaction

For improving technological interaction with enhanced user experience, applications involving AI, IoT and Blockchain are recommended. Since every time a mobile application development company comes across complex and diverse user requirements, the companies need to come up with a technological solution in terms of advanced applications to satisfy their needs.

Security Trends

This is a known fact that since ever mobile apps have remained an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, during the development of the applications, the companies are required to focus on the stability of app security. Especially in the business module where the users have to provide their personal information and financial details such as credit card info,  ML and AI Services are proving as a helping hand to detect any fraud or suspicious activity. With the integration of these techs in the mobile app, the level of security can easily be increased. For saving the valuable date from the hackers, facial recognition and end-to-end encryption are providing more security.

New Domains with New Ideas

In 2019 more new entrepreneurs from different sectors are inclining towards making mobile applications for their businesses. Business ideas such as cultural concerns, art-related domains and cooking culinary sector are planning for dedicated app development. This would be interesting to see how mobile app development companies are using the advanced technology and integrating that for the development of these sectors applications. Well, it is evident enough that in coming times, every sector and industry will look forward to an advanced mobile application to reach out to their target market with ease.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

The interactive game, Pokemon Go proved that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and already taken leaps and bounds in the industry. These technologies are not just bound to games and other interactive apps, it is expected that many industry domains will embrace these technologies soon. Statista predicts that the revenue AR is expected to make is 90 billion USD by 2020, which would be three times higher than VR. Therefore we can also predict that AR is going to be more popular than VR in the coming years.

Wearables will be Mainstreamed

Wearable devices are progressively gaining importance and attention across the world. Through this, a rise in wearable app development is expected to be observed. Though the full potential of wearable technology is not yet utilized, it is expected that in the upcoming years, we will be seeing a boom in this area too. By the end of 2019, a hike of 35% is predicted in the wearable market, said by the officials of the Business Intelligence report.

Both the iPhone and Android device makers have brought a revolution in wearable device domain and will be continuing its trend in the coming future. Due to this, the mobile app developers will be making more applications to facilitate their inventions.

Blockchain will prevail

It is evident that Blockchain services and solutions have progressed ominously in a couple of years. Today, blockchain can be a favored choice for the BFSI sector due to its enhanced automation and security position. Through the influx of Blockchain, the application development process can conveniently integrate artificial intelligence for a much higher level of security as well as augmented reality for an immersive futuristic experience.


These emerging technologies are changing the face of mobile application development and with its advanced technologies, they can ensure a safer and secure future. Either it is iPhone app development or Android app development solutions, these trends are going to create a momentous impact for 2019 and will keep the pace for the upcoming years.

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