Ways to Avoid Designer Burnout & Fatigue In 2019


Ways to Avoid Designer Burnout & Fatigue In 2019

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you feel like your life has been sucked out of you. This exhaustion is mostly for designers who have to work creatively, coming out with innovative designs, thinking out-of-the-box and being unique every single day. For them, designing is a never-ending process, that continues for a number of hours per day, non-stop. Burnout is a state of complete exhaustion and overtiredness that affects you not only emotionally, but also mentally and physically. It happens for pushing yourself too hard or being stressed for a longer period of time. Wherever you are working, it is evident that burnout evaporates all the motivation from you.

Avoiding the fatigue and burnout is not achieved from any sort of luck, it is a deliberate decision to be taken. You have two choices, either wishing to avoid burnout or actually avoid it. For this, you need to give yourself some space, time for your mind to heal up, your muscles again gaining energy and your emotions stop tearing you apart.


Evaluate your Stress Level

There comes a time in your life where your career goals are crashing badly with your personal life situations, leading you to complete disaster. This will lead you to the high level of stress that might be changed into depression and anxiety if not handled with care at the right time.

There can be a situation where your boss would be expecting the project to be delivered in the next few hours whereas you have some important commitment side by side in your personal life too. What to choose, how to prioritize, where to make a compromise? This all seems a genuine concern at that moment, pushing you towards a dead end of burnout. Or you have a close deadline nearby and have an emergency in your family all of a sudden. Choosing your career or family looks painful, but stop stressing, your mind will burst.

It is not necessary that this stress is personal life vs work, it can be work vs work too where you have to look into two departments simultaneously like designing the layout along with its front-end development! Sometimes this could be too much for your brain leading you to complete disaster.

Stress, heavy workload and responsibilities cannot be overlooked nor avoided but protecting yourself from complete burnout is not impossible anymore. Give yourself a chance to inhale and then exhale with patience and look for stress management activities to help yourself feel better.


Avoiding the Painful Burnout

Here is a checklist for you to provide you with some relaxation ideas to avoid this burnout and let yourself be with proper mental health always.


Stand up & Walk Away From Your Desk

The most essential point is to schedule a time to leave your desk and take a break. It is not necessary to take a break at the ‘lunch hour’ only, you can take a while from a whole day to soothe your nerves, refresh your mind and come back to work with more energy and strength.

Most companies give an hour-long lunch break where employees not only eat their meals but also can chat or gossip. But if your company doesn’t provide you with an hour-long lunch break, then you can ask them to provide you additional time to relax and unwind in peace. There are certain things you can do to make yourself feel comfortable and relax like take a walk outside, listening to your favorite music, going out for lunch with a friend or reading some motivational stories.


Peaceful Distractions

Working and working all day long can make your mind slow as well as reducing your productivity. You need some distraction that can help you reenergize and refresh again to start working along with increasing the level of productivity. For this, you can watch videos that are either funny or listening to meditating music that can revive your tired soul back to life.


Participation in Designing Challenges

Time to move out of your comfort zone and engage yourself in challenges. Tackling challenges and thinking-out-of-the-box, not as per the client or your boss is also relaxing. Get yourself engaged in theme designing challenges where for a certain time period you can work with your own style, with your own set of theories and ideologies, this way you can bring out a more creative person hiding inside you. Try some fun challenges such as Daily Logo Design Challenge or Sharpen Design Challenge or Daily UI Challenge that will help you in reshaping your skills as well as helping you compete with many other online users to sharpen your skills.


Schedule Vacations

This cannot be done every day but when you will do this, you can get a divine refreshing feel for months! Every employee gets some annual leaves from their company where they can get time to be themselves only and spend time with the people they adore. No one asks you to waste those leaves while sitting idle at home and watching television while munching your food. This can be refreshing but the fresh flares won’t end up long. Planning a vacation with your friends and family can be really relaxing to unwind with nature and excursion places and enjoy every moment and every bit with happiness and gratitude.


Be Kind to Yourself

Every human body needs an appropriate amount of sleep and relaxation which can never be neglected. If you keep on burdening yourself, then there are most probable chances that you will wear out soon. Always remember to eat right, sleep tight and exercise divine. Without these, you cannot find peace within you at all.


Be Sociable

Working in a website development agency means to be a person with a strong mind who is ready to take challenges. But it also teaches to be a good communicator, hence without good communication, you can never be successful. For hand on experience of being a good communicator, be sociable. This doesn’t mean to be online and talk and chats with friends, no don’t be a keyword typist at all! Meet people in real life, talk to them, excavate about them and learn new things to build confidence in yourself.


Learn to Say ‘No’

Yes, it is 100% ok to not be ok! If you don’t feel like working for a longer hour today or this week, don’t feel like talking to someone, just say a big NO! Simply turn down a project you don’t feel like working right now. And then use that time to do something that feels right to you, even though if it is a peaceful nap.

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