The Web Design Trends Brands Need To Prepare For In 2019

The Web Design Trends Brands Need To Prepare For In 2019

The Web Design Trends Brands Need To Prepare For In 2019

Believe it or not, 2018 is almost over and we are about to enter 2019, the final chapter of this decade. Since the past 10 years, i.e. the previous decade, the internet has grown and changed a lot. It has reshaped the lives of the people, emerging technologies that are saving the lives of people and helping them paving the way towards prosperous tomorrow. With many changes, web designing and user interface have also changed to a great extent. Back then, customers needed only simple layouts so that they can get the information they were looking for, but now, customers are seeking for enhanced user experience, creating a moment for them. This doesn’t stop here, with the new decade, we are pretty sure this will take new twists and turn, making it more powerful than ever before.

This is a harsh reality that the website that is looking trendy and sleek designed today, within a few months’ life, the same will look outdated and tasteless. Therefore it is always important to keep your website updated as per the latest trends every now and then so not falling prey to getting lost in the saturated market. Hence, in this modish era of technological revolution, updated user experience and innovative website design is not unique at all, it is definitely expected phenomena by every customer. There are a few new web design and development trends that must be kept in mind before making a new site or updating your existing one in 2019.


Mobile First

Website speed is not the only thing that Google is monitoring. In 2015, mobile searches conveniently took over desktop searches. It was concluded by the end of the year that customers are likely to search for different websites via mobile phone as compared to desktops. Due to this, now Google prioritize and give a better ranking to that website who have proper mobile sites as compared to those who are not mobile friendly at all.

But this doesn’t mean that you simply need a mobile site, no it is not that easy. The site should be user-friendly, properly scaled and compatible for every platform, be it smartphones with different screen sizes or tablets. The fundamental focus is on the website design that has to be for desktop or laptop, but it mobile version should also be same and as smooth as the desktop version, mobile-friendly layout and perfectly responsive design throughout.


Rotating Animated Layout

What could be the biggest strategy that keeps customers visiting your page every now and then? There are a few tactics named as rotating animated layout on your website. Whenever the visitor refreshes the page, a new and interactive brand video can pop up on the homepage. There can be some animation and movement or flickers on the brand name or taglines, helping the visitors engage with your website for a longer period of time.


Attention Grabbing Titles with Classic Fonts

In this fast-paced world, users don’t seem to happen a lot of time to navigate a website for a longer period of time. Due to this basic reason, along with exclusive design, the main heading fonts should be large, bolded with to the point short messages, so that visitors can quickly read it and easily convert into your customers. The bigger and bold typefaces tend to mark their effect more as compared to smaller fonts with unclear style. Crystal clear communication is always praised and supported.


Enchanting Colors

For proper standout, bright colors are more appreciated and will continue in 2019 as well. Clean and clear graphics with every minimal detail added with perfection is bound to create an impact on the visitor. But this doesn’t imply everywhere, sometimes too bright becomes too irritating to gobble up. Therefore it is important to keep a contrast of nice bright color along with softer colors to balance the website with readable font size for a quick review about your services or products in lesser time and giving extra time in providing leads.


Blazing Speed

The research reveals that more than half of your potential visitors run away from your website as it is taking long to load, the interface is shaky or the link is broken. Therefore it is important that your website speed is properly optimized. The speed is crucial not only for visitors but also important for better ranking in search results, especially the popular search engine – Google. It is not that you need to shorten the length of your website or reduce the content on it to increase the speed, instead of with proper broadband make it easier to open heavy pages within three seconds and less time in loading. It is worth considering the Progressive Web App (PWA) for speed purpose for the applications.


Design Containing Gradients

When the popular social application Instagram changed the color of their logo, it becomes prominent and highly noticeable change. Therefore it is figured out that all those brands who are looking for rebranding should consider adding gradient color for adding a crisp, subtle and elegant feel of the website.


Ingenious Designs Encouraging Interactive Session

It is found out that visitors are likely to spend more time on the websites that are interactive and engages the customer in it, enhancing user experience. With the interactive images or panels or content, not only visual experience increases but also the time on website page also increases creating brand resonance and awareness.


Time to Take Your Web Design to Next Level


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