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Compass Slough

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Project Overview

Compass Slough wanted to make a dynamic Web Application that developed on Laravel framework and MySQL that can empower their community members. As the client offers housing resettlement, physical health, employment, education, voluntary work, training, mental health, money management, wellbeing and debt to the community, so it needed an innovative web application to create a centralized record system for enterprise functional units.

We offer easy navigation to end-users through customer-centric design. Our specialized web developers take every measure to ensure that the web app consists of all user-friendly features. In a nutshell, Sky Potential diverse team of professionals helps them to achieve it by creating an easy to access web app for its community database management.

Enhanced Visibility VIA a Result-Driven Design

  • The Compass Slough central purpose was to help its community to access a wide array of services innovatively.
  • With the help of our skilled team, we eliminate process bottlenecks as well as bring efficiency via a cost-effective and smart web application.
  • We fulfil all the needs of Compass Slough community robustly to keep them up with an innovative and single source of the information management portal.
  • Our team set up a user-friendly interface that helps to offer an extensive number of services within the community in a hassle-free way.
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Optimum Engagement for Maximum Rate of Investment

  • With a result-oriented design, our passionate team offer high levels of customer engagement over the Compass Slough web application to achieve their desired goals.
  • After a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, our team developed a core business support system for Compass slough that manages the entire services precisely.
  • From patient referral to enrolment, health planning, Improvement cycles, and patient treatment, we involve every element that drastically helps to enhance user experience.

Latest Functionalities to Satisfy the End-Users

  • By adding a highly-functional admin panel, we enable the client and the end-users to access dashboard and leverage all services in a proactive manner.
  • Our professionals build a customized digital database-powered web application to track clients’ records through multiple forms.
  • We offer a hassle-free experience to Compass Slough site users to meet all the goals of the client.
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