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Shapeup 4 life

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Project Overview

The popular health solution provider SHAPEUP4LIFE connect with our multi-skilled team to build a mobile app that is easily accessible anytime from anyplace. The valuable client demanded a highly functional and easy to navigate mobile application on react native framework to offer innovative modern online weight management services. The central objective of the client was to provide extensive knowledge to end-users by health specialists. Sky Potential team creates a customize feature-rich mobile application powered by world-renowned cross-platform framework and tools for them from scratch.

We enable users to organize and manage their health activities though a personalized plan, pre-defined goals, dairy management, progress recording and tracking.

High-End Functionalities with an Artistic Design

  • With a diverse team of react native app developers on board, we add new-age features in the SHAPEUP4LIFE mobile application.
  • Our professionals ensure that both the mobile app and web-enabled solutions components must be integrated with each other to support the overall business strategy.
  • We added custom features for health management process that starts with user registration for a 12 weeks’ plan.
  • We involved Lumen on REST API Layer along with Laravel Framework for server-side management.
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Boost Visibility for Maximum Conversions

  • By creating high-end health management react native mobile application, we allow SHAPEUP4LIFE to meet their desire objectives.
  • Our professionals assist them to offer their multi-disciplinary program based on extensive knowledge successfully to the worldwide audience to drive maximum return on investment.
  • We develop an innovative admin panel to manage every user accounts like a standard profile so that users can easily land on the required pages of the app to seek an expert’s assistance.
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Increase Engagement with User-Centric Features

  • Through customer-centric functionality and user-friendly design, we support the client as well as end-users to meet their desired goals.
  • With react native platform, we not only help clients to engage users from different devices but also help the clients to lose weight.
  • With a user-friendly dashboard, we enable clients to track the performance of marketing campaigns and help to drive maximum engagement to meet the business targets.
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