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Project Overview

UrAudits, is one of the leading audits digital solutions running in the best interest of its clients to provide daily audits, report generation and specialist guidance. UrAudits gave us the opportunity to provide a digital solution that can easily run on web and iOS and Android mobile devices ensuring all the details were looked in depth. UrAudits envisions providing the best digital auditing services with a quick and easy onboarding process with simple interfaces.

UrAudits is what it is today after accomplishing the challenges in setting up all the necessary features with a unique approach, different from that of our competitors. You no longer have to wait to achieve your goals. You now know where the problem is and you correct it at that moment. No longer waits for the auditing. It can be done anywhere at any time. The site allows you to make your own checklist. You can now record and snap evidence to conduct audits regularly.

UrAudits– Vision

UrAudit’s vision is to work on its process automation by automating repeated everyday tasks and ensuring a disciplined approach to audits with the robust auditing process. We believe audits to be the main factor behind any company’s success through better team collaboration and in-depth analysis of your business. You can make your own checklist and we will upload it for you. Taking action and generating instant reports was never this easy with digital audits working for you at all times.

UrAudits – The Solution

UrAudits is the solution to a hassle free, lower auditing cost, efficient and better decision making auditing world. Not only this but it fits all sizes of company ecosystems. Our app features multiple product standouts giving ease of use anywhere, at any time.

User-Friendly dashboard

UrAudits application has an easy navigation dashboard that allows you to move through the information swiftly and smoothly. Just slide your fingertips on the information and everything will be in front of you with all the details. It allows you to monitor and check the progress.


Custom Checklist

UrAudits doesn’t require an auditor to prepare you checklists, rather it allows you to make your own checklist about the things you think are important for your company or you can select any template from a public library that serves different industries and can be used plus modified to your business needs. Long tiring auditing days are gone with the paperwork auditing. We gave the users an option to make their own checklist for regular inspections to avoid bigger blunders in the future.


Generating Reports

The web and mobile app allows users to get instant reports instead of waiting for weeks. Not only this we all allow you to verify the report from various sites and even provide expert feedback on the report after analysing it.

All of this requires no work. You can get the report in any format of your choice.

Once you submit the work for auditing an automated report is created which then goes to authorized people for in-depth review. It allows real-time access to your audits to take corrective actions.

Our UrAudits app allows the users to share reports to management.


UrAudits – Major Features

Personalised checklist

We incorporated a custom checklist where users will be able to make their own checklist for better check and balance at all times according to the company.

Smart Forms

We have added the smart form section for our users to show or hide different fields resulting from the previous answer.


It focuses on managing the assigned tasks from the app by keeping a track of the work and monitoring your employees closely for a smoother workflow.


Team Collaboration and sharing features

Our features allow you to stay connected to your team making sending, receiving and discussing easy. It makes sure that all the messages and actions are brought to knowledge.

Quick actions

We incorporated this feature to assign different actions to different employees. It allows you to add and schedule them to the tasks. It helps in increasing communication.

Attach, annotate and assign

Our UrAudits app features allows you to record and take pictures as evidence for fast action. Not only this but it allows you to annotate and sign your name easily.


Live video capturing

We have given this advanced option to allow users to have video evidence attached to the auditing checklist to take quick action.

Advance scoring system

We enabled individual audit templates to make their own scoring system by focusing more on flexible scoring for individuals. You can add or remove scores according to your choice.

Management dashboards and Real-Time Reporting

The live updates and smooth navigation feature allows users to conduct audits at the same time and take action. We have given UrAudits users the opportunity to access from any device ensuring quick and error-free reporting with in-depth analysis to make better decisions.