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Project Overview

Playing games has always been an integral part of our lives, helping people to take a break from their busy schedules to relax their minds. Have you ever thought about the fun activities you take for granted that can transform into an advanced learning platform too? Sky Potential recently developed an immersive mind-focused game for our client. Our client stressed creating puzzle and intellectual games that challenge the users to strive to do better by putting their brains for a workout. We developed KipWords that develops the user’s interest with its attention-grabbing design, sound and outlay, encouraging spending time playing vocabulary-enhancing games rather than sitting idle.

We developed a game that suits both kids and elders with different difficulty levels, enabling them to focus and use their brains to solve the puzzle. It not only improves mental function but prevents mental aging. Our game leverages users to have fun while increasing their vocabulary through a mind-challenging game. Sky Potential’s games are people who accept challenges while enjoying themselves to reap the maximum benefits out of our learning gaming solutions. The KipWords improves memory, decreases response time and lets users optimise their cognitive abilities. The highly engaging and interactive UI and UX design powered by a cross-platform framework create immersive gaming experiences.

KIP Words- Our Vision

Developing cognitive abilities by improving the mental focus with intellectual games has become a need in a rapidly advancing world. Hence, to give a fun workout to our users’ brains by increasing their vocabulary with intellectual games, we developed KipWords.

KIP Words- The Unique Solution

The mind-oriented game, KipWords facilitates users to utilise their time in the best possible manner. Our mobile app games challenge users with unique puzzles every time, letting them exercise their brain by thinking about the possible answers and coming up with new words to complete the puzzle. Sky Potential integrated modern tech platforms and tools in the game mobile app development, keeping the users spellbound with engaging games when tired from work. Our game contains 1million+ puzzles letting the players compete with all age groups.

KIP Words- Features

  • Level 1 Puzzle (with ads)
  • Level 2 Puzzle (with ads)
  • Timer
  • 2 Player Tournament
  • Hints

An Incredibly Intriguing Game Layout

  • Sky Potential added a multi-user feature in the gaming app, allowing users to compete in the healthiest way and improve their vocabulary.
  • 1million+ clever puzzles to keep the users entertained and excited throughout the gaming.
  • We facilitated players with hints and challenge features to increase user engagement.
  • Our developer’s gaming app lets players upload profile pictures on their standard profile and compare game scores on the main user panel.

Our Futuristic Gaming Technique & Approach

  • Sky Potential implemented a learning approach with an engaging gaming solution to polish the cognitive abilities and logical reasoning for enhanced user experiences.
  • Our user-engaging platform provides entertainment through intense mind challenging games, leveraging players to think out-of-the-box to complete the puzzle.
  • We increase the target base with every game the user wins, letting them challenge their abilities to perform better than the other player in a set timeframe.

Immersive Entertainment with an Attractive UI and UX Design

  • Sky Potential created a highly engaging and responsive UI/UX design for KipWords, providing similar iOS and Android browsing experiences to maximise user satisfaction with a faster market reach.
  • Our customer-centric, captivating game layout with high engagement provides a complete entertainment solution for users.