"Drive Transparency with Blockchain in Supply Chain" l 2021.
Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions



Control assets with our rationalised processes increased credibility and end-to-end encryption.


We provide an outclass supply chain solution for real-time encrypted tracing and transparency to improve business authenticity, compliance, visibility and business value.

Sky Potential, the pioneer of permissioned blockchain in supply chain for the financing of your business to make better decisions with less risky and cost-effective transactions.

Our team at Sky conducts supply chain operations and finance products directed towards the global trade finance market, including buyers, sellers, banks, intermediaries, etc., to streamline your business administrative functions for regular compliance checks.

The blockchain builds an immutable decentralised record of quality, prices, location, etc., to manage your business supply chain platform more effectively.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions


End-to-end Encryption of Supply Chain Networks
Sky potential, the supply chain company, tracks and verifies your business transactions without conducting manual audits to detect frauds, damages or risks to take proactive actions, preventing failure beforehand.

Streamlines Process for Supply Chain Disruptions
Our developers provide efficient supply chain security blockchain solutions to speed the businesses processes with immutable transaction records, decreased loss and improved visibility for enhancing the organisation’s position. Thus, it leads to decreased costs and traceability problems.

Tokenization Supply Chain Strategy
Sky’s blockchain supply chain services leverage tokens or digitise assets for complete ownership to process secure, seamless and transparent transactions, increasing business value.


Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Supply Chain Transparency

We pledge to keep your supply chain blockchain records and transactions transparent to stakeholders facilitating your customer’s easy access to make better decisions with smooth operational flows.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Smart Contracts Supply Chain Technology

Our intelligent contracts let your business automate workflow processes with technology in supplychain management, such as payment releases, recording data entries, etc. while using blockchain data for assessing and verifying transactions.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Security with Supply Chain Services

At Sky, we provide blockchain and supply chain solutions allowing limited verified participants and encrypted transactions for business operations to avoid potential risks and improve performance.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Enhanced Coordination with Supply Chain Tech

Our blockchain supply chain data and strategy leverages seamless communication and collaboration with contract verifications, document exchange and digital signatures.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Automotive Supply Chain for Record Keeping

We provide our participants blockchain copies and electronic signatures with our technology in supply chain services to review transaction status, sign blocks, identify errors, and record them on the blockchain.

Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

Supply Chain Operations Management

The advanced blockchain technology in supply chain decreases paperwork and cost with the automation of business processes, engaging stakeholders for complete compliance, verification and certification.


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Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

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Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

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Enterprise SupplyChain Solutions

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